Sunday, July 9, 2017

Huntington Park Still Won't Post July 5th, 2017 City Council Meeting

The Huntington Park City Council is gone from scared to petrified.

Whatever they had hoped to accomplish, they are not succeeding.

They tried to shame and silence We the People Rising.

They failed.

They reached out to immigrant and amnesty groups to shut out patriots fed up with illegal immigration.

They are not coming in large numbers anymore.

Then on top of that, they arrested me and tried to threaten other members of We the People Rising with police force or legal action.


The latest meeting, July 5th, turned into an epic disaster for the city council.

They were caught picking and choosing who would be called out of order, and who would get away with making noise, shouting out, disrupting the meeting.

First, Janice Montgomery called them out.

Then I shouted them down.

I could not believe they would brazenly attempt to play that game. Did they really think that we would just roll over and let them get away with it!

No way.

It's been five days since that meeting, and I have been checking their  Granicus page to see the video of the meeting.

That file has not been uploaded yet.

I wonder what they are afraid of. Normally, it does not take five days for a video recording of the meeting to be uploaded. What is their problem?

Check it out:

They are already preparing for the July 18th meeting, but they have nothing posted for the July 5th meeting.

What are they waiting for?

What are they afraid of?

What indeed?!

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