Friday, July 14, 2017

When the Grassroots Defeat the Machine: Hawaii and Maryland

Voters, pundits, political wonks are in many cases convinced that the ordinary guy on the street cannot fight city hall.

Just as an FYI, yes you can!

Check out what happened when pro-enforcement activists raise their voices against the corrupt Huntington Park City Council--the same city council which had appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions two years ago:

You can see what angry constituents did to this very wobbly assemblyman in the South Bay section of Los Angeles County, too:

In city councils when the presiding officer becomes rude or hostile, there is no nee to stay silent and put up with it, either!

So, how else have we seen We the People take on the Democratic hegemony in other states and WIN

Let's see what happened in Hawaii.

Unlike California, where assisted suicide legislation passed despite some strong pro-family resistance, Hawaii's ultra-Democratic legislature killed the policy possibility.

Citing a “lack of specifics” and the absence of safeguards to protect vulnerable people, the seven-member Hawaii House Health Committee tabled a “Death with Dignity” bill.
Thursday’s conclusion in the committee on the Senate Bill 1129 was exactly the opposite of the state Senate’s embrace of the “Medical Aid in Dying Bill” where it passed easily. The vote came two days after supporters and opponents testified for three hours.
Just like in California, the state assembly has been the house of opposition to these far-left proposals. Keep in mind that there are only five Republicans in the State General Assembly, while at this time there are no Republicans at all in the Hawaii State Senate.
That's how badly disorganized the conservative opposition has become in the Aloha State! The Republican Party is falling apart and cannot stand its ground at all. The leaders have even told their members and inferior county leaders not to take clear stances on any issues at all.
Is it any surprise that Hawaii Republicans are not taking over the state legislature?
Assisted suicide has fallen into legislative limbo in another blue state: Maryland.
Check out this report from Representative Szeliga:
The physician assisted suicide bill was withdrawn from the Senate. That means the bill is dead this year. The House bill will not move out of committee if the senate bill did not get any traction this year.

I fully expect this bill to be back next year.

Keep in mind--this is deep blue Maryland, where Republican registration dwarfs California.

But the movement in house and throughout the state was strong enough to stop this attack in life.

There are more reasons to rejoice in Maryland, too, standing up to the left and stopping destructive, anti-conservative, anti-liberty policies. How about sanctuary state policies? How have they turned out in other states? Are they getting clear and convincing passage of any kind?

Did you know that Maryland was flirting with legislation to turn the Old Line State into a sanctuary state?

A proposal to turn Maryland into a “sanctuary state” by limiting local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities died in the State House on Monday after lawmakers withdrew the bill — which had garnered a veto threat from the governor and a rebuke from Trump administration Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The pressure from the federal government but also from the Republican governor clearly drew a line in the sand for the legislature.

But that was not all. After all, legislatures can override a veto. Check out what the legal immigrants, many of whom were registered Democrats, did to stop sanctuary state Maryland:

Legal immigrants helped to defeat a bill that would have made Maryland a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, says the New York Times, which admitted their “voices have rarely been heard in the long debate over how to fix the nation’s immigration system.”

Maryland Coat of Arms

Notice why they raised their voices against this terrible bill:

Foreign-born Maryland residents who worked hard to become law-abiding, U.S. residents were particularly incensed by the bill. The Times notes that supporters of the sanctuary bill had labeled them as “white-collar professionals whose personal struggles could not compare” with illegal aliens. 

That really bothers people, doesn't it? "I worked hard to enter this country legally, and now you want to protect people who broke into our country?!"

It is offensive, but it also shows the power of the grassroots to stop bad legislation, even in deep blue states.

We in California are working very hard to ensure that California does not go sanctuary. From the southern border all the way to Ukiah, men and women who demand the rule of law in the Golden State will not rest. We have harassed and harangued our legislature to stop these terrible bills.

Assisted suicide passed because the lawmakers called a snap special session, which caught activists like me off guard. Not anymore! No sanctuary state, no single-payer.

Let's fight to make the power of We the People great again!

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