Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Desperate California Democrats: Suing College Republicans?!

The California Democratic Party is falling apart, fast.

They are desperate to hold onto power, but they are fraying from within and flailing from without.

The California Nurses Association has declared war on Speaker Anthony Rendon. One of the state senators Josh Newman, is the target of a successful and growing recall effort.

President Trump's policies are forcing the illegal aliens to flee the state of California.

More good news: Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen's gas tax repeal has made it onto the ballot for the November 2018 Election.

The California Democratic Party is facing the populist revolt in-house which had propelled President Trump into the White House last year!

Check out what the creepy, evil Democrats in Sacramento are trying to pull now!

From the desk of Carl De Maio:

Friend– In the past three weeks we have seen the most outrageous abuse of power by Sacramento politicians to try to stop our effort to repeal the car and gas tax hikes - and these desperate antics only tell me that we are winning.  Here's the latest stunt they pulled:

Sacramento politicians are actually suing three college students who signed the initial paperwork to trigger the Recall effort with the hope of pressuring them to rescind their sponsorship of the effort.  They are college students after all - with no financial resources to afford a legal defense.  This is pure harassment and bullying and that's why our campaign coalition is mounting a vigorous legal defense for these college students. 

Unreal yet true. Of course, they filed the legal challenge in Sacramento County, since that means that they students will have to exhaust further resources by driving, commuting, etc at least six hours to go to court.

Or they have to pay lawyers to do it, I guess. How pathetic can one get?! Now "The Democracy" harasses young people. They just can't it through their heads that California citizens are fed up with being treated like second class serfs who have to pay for the hoity-toity elite to party on our dime.

Not any more.

Will you stand with these three colleges students against these bullying tactics?  Please contribute whatever you can to our campaign today at this secure link.

Fortunately, every time the Sacramento politicians have attacked us, we have prevailed - but only with YOUR help.

First the politicians hired "blockers" to intimidate and harass our volunteers collecting signatures - but with YOUR help we hired college students to collect almost 100,000 signatures to qualify the initiative!  Then the politicians passed a law that in-effect strips citizens of the right to Recall politicians in a timely manner, but with YOUR help we got our signatures in before the law went into effect.

I was there at one event to push off the hateful anti-recall bigots. One of them refused to explain to me why it's OK to tax poor and working Californians who barely make ends meet as it is:

Sacramento politicians are desperate with these abusive tactics.  They know two things: 1) Our campaign will strip them of the two-thirds majority they need to raise taxes without a public vote.  2) Our car/gas tax repeal measure will be on the ballot in November 2018 and it will become the focus of California's political debate and will negatively impact their re-election efforts.

The winning never stops!

Thank God for this movement. This is the kind of fight we need to see more from grassroots activists and elected officials. Too many Republicans refuse to right. Too many of them have played nice with the Democrats, and what has it given us?

More debt, more corruption, more waste and fraud, and more destruction within our once beautiful state. Democrats have to go, but so do the RINOs who go along with the corrupt program.

Our campaign strategy is working - and is the only viable effort we have to take back California!  Please stand with us today by making a contribution so we can continue our record of success in overcoming the abusive tactics of Sacramento politicians.  Contribute here.

Thank you so so much!


Carl DeMaio

Chairman - Reform California

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