Monday, July 10, 2017

The Left Eats Its Own: Gay Activists Behaving Not So Gay

Great Britain's Gay Pride Parade in London was not so gay.

In fact, the pro-gay forces trying to promote the event met a vivid, vocal backlash from the militant homosexuals for all the banners.


They were "pro-straight", heterosexist, and seen as demeaning to gays, trans, etc.

Oh brother! The social justice warriors are in full flex and flux over demeaning and destroying everyone who disagrees with them, or gives even a hint of sympathy to other views.

Here is the complete pro-gay UK campaign, which ended up getting pulled because it was too straight, and for some strange reason anti-gay.

Here were some of the "offensive, homophobic" tweets:

and this one

Oh this one is so heterosexist!

Oh gosh this one is so offensive, so anti-gay!

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