Friday, July 21, 2017

RPLAC Married New Majority--and We're Paying for It!

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County needs new leadership and membership.

Or it just needs membership to recognize that they are the real leadership.

It's about the citizens, not the corporate buyers.

And one of them is Andy Gharakani, whom I like to call "Gimme-Candy" --- or should it be "Gimme-Gimme"?

He is some kind of big-wig financier.

What does he do for a living?

He is the executive director for New Majority Los Angeles.

But, guess what?

He is also the Finance Director for RPLAC, too.

80% of the money for the Republican Party of Los Angeles County comes from ... the New Majority.

How do I know this?

Before he completed turned on me. Gary SCMA-inoff told me all about it!

Brother, how dense do these people get?

Not only that, but these two "entities" are within blocks of each other:


So the limp-wristed New Majority is paying all the bills for the Republican Party of Los Angeles County.

No fundraising.

No interest in building the brand.

No desire to hold the elected officials accountable.

No wonder they hardly make a difference.

As for the New Majority---they are a small group of rich people who write a few checks and go to high-class cocktail parties.

Nothing more.

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