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Canada MassResistance: Father Forced to Allow Transition of Daughter Speaks Out Against LGBT Tyranny in Home Country

Canadian court prohibits father from interfering with 14-year-old daughter’s “sex-change” medical treatments. Father now faces punishment if he even discusses it!

Read the shocking interview father gave to MassResistance! 

Media in Canada censored on this story.

Is this ghoulish oppression coming to America?

February 16, 2020
ALT TEXT Robert Hoogland, the father in British Columbia, spoke with us via Skype.
In Canada, transgenderism has become a state-sponsored ideology. It is fueled by out-of-touch politicians, fiery protesters, judicial activists, and aggressive lawyers looking to push this agenda at all costs. Is this what’s coming to the United States and other countries?
In a series of decisions over the past year, a Canadian court in British Columbia has ruled that a 14-year-old girl who believes she is “transgender” can go through medical procedures to “change” her sex to a boy – despite her father’s fierce objections.
These procedures include puberty-blockers and opposite-sex hormones. According to the hospital’s own consent forms (which the father refused to sign), these drugs are experimental and will cause sterility and other dangerous side effects, such as unhealthy bone growth. The effects are irreversible. But the court is ignoring those dangers. At this point, the father reports his daughter is already growing facial hair and has a deepened voice.
The court has severely clamped down on public reporting of this. The father is prohibited from discussing the case with media (or anyone else who might publish his remarks). He is banned from mentioning his own name, his daughter’s name, or the names of any of the doctors involved with the medical procedures, in regard to this case. Anyone in Canada who has posted articles or videos that disobey that ban has been ordered to remove them under threat of arrest.
The case has made national news in Canada and is celebrated by the liberal media, which have no problem abiding by the ban and edit their articles appropriately.
But MassResistance is not going to be silent on the details of this terrible perversion of justice and state-sponsored child abuse.

A father loses his daughter to the State

The father, Robert Hoogland of Vancouver, British Columbia has been through an incredible nightmare.
This goes against all the normal laws in Canada (and most other countries) regarding parents and their children. A few years ago, Rob and his wife went through a divorce. But the terms of the divorce give the father and mother equal say in the daughter’s medical decisions. According to reports, at first the mother was against these experimental treatments. But now LGBT activists and “allies” have persuaded her to not to contest it. However, the father continued to adamantly oppose the treatments. And the judges arbitrarily took the decision out of the parents' hands completely.
Over the past year, the father has gained the strong support of pro-family groups in British Columbia, including Kari Simpson of CultureGuard, a major Vancouver-based organization. Kari  has been at his side at every court appearance.
On Feb. 8, 2020, Rob agreed to be interviewed by Arthur Schaper of MassResistance, to tell his story.
This father’s courage should be commended, celebrated, and emulated by parents around the world!

Our Interview with Rob Hoogland

MassResistance: How did you find out about MassResistance?
Rob Hoogland: A MassResistance activist based in British Columbia contacted me. That was a year ago.
We share the same goal of stopping the abuse of children. For too long, doctors and legal professionals have been allowing young people to consent to procedures that are hurting them, and you guys oppose it.
MassResistance is a great resource because you have such a great audience, and because I haven’t been able to talk. You are a great outlet for my voice, explaining what has been happening in Canada to the United States. Canada is pushing state-sponsored child abuse.
MR: How did you daughter start thinking that she was a boy?
RH: It started with the counselors in her elementary school, Brooke Elementary School in Delta, British Columbia. I don’t know the names of the counselors.
Then she saw this doctor, Wallace Wong, a psychologist who is attached to the local high school, Sands Secondary School in Delta, BC. So counselors had apparently been telling my daughter that she was a boy for years. The schools have these SOGI [Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity] policies in which the counselors do not tell the parents when children come to them confused about their sex.
ALT TEXT Psychologist Wallace Wong runs a notorious “gender” clinic for children in BC. According to reports, “Wong explained that parents should exaggerate the severity of their child’s condition to get them "transition" treatment - . even using a suicide threat. (See also The Federalist.) Note his book: "It's so Gay and it's Okay."
MR: Did you notice anything at home?
RH: She cut her hair really short. After grade 7, she asked us to start calling her a different name. The school counselor gave her this new name. It’s hard to know which counselors were indoctrinating my daughter, because the SOGI policy which has infiltrated the schools and the curriculum also has the counselors transferring from one school to another a lot.
MR: When did this case start?
RH: It started in the provincial courts in British Columbia in December 2018.

I took the schools to court, along with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Delta School District, the Delta School District Counselors, Dr. Wallace Wong, as well as Dr. Brenden Hursh, a medical doctor [pediatric endocrinologist] at British Columbia Children’s Hospital does the cross-sex hormone therapy for children.
Then this lawyer named Barbara Findlay sued me back. And the judge ruled in Findlay’s favor instead of mine.
MR: This Findlay person, who is paying her legal fees? Who hired her to represent your daughter?
RH: I have no idea who’s paying her. Technically, she wasn’t allowed to be on this case, because as a minor, my daughter needed parental consent to have this person as a lawyer. The judge said it was fine, though.
This lawyer is so crazy. She’s a sex activist lawyer. And she writes her name only in lower case names and letters. If you write about her with upper case, she will sue you for that. She made a big stink about this in court last year when I wrote her name with upper case letters!
ALT TEXT Barbara Findlay, the radical lesbian lawyer allowed to represent Rob Hoogland’s daughter without his permission.
MR: What happened next?
In December, 2019, the case went to the British Columbia Supreme Court.
We were in front of Justice Gregory Bowden. In February, 2019, he ruled that my daughter [then age 14] had to be addressed by her preferred pronoun. She could legally change her own name, which she did. She is now in charge of her own medical care, so she immediately began taking cross-sex hormone drugs like testosterone. (See the full Bowden ruling here.)
Brenden Hursh, MD at BC Children’s Hospital who administers cross-sex hormones to children. The Hospital told Rob Hoogland that his opinion regarding his daughter’s treatment didn’t matter.
I was told that as the father, if I did not abide by these rules, that I would guilty of “family violence” – which technically is what a parents are guilty of when they kick their child in the head or they beat them in some way. “Misgendering” my daughter would get me convicted of family violence! That is a criminal offense.
I was also told that I had to essentially cheerlead this whole process, though they are taking a healthy body and mutilating it. If I did not support this process, then I would also be guilty of family violence. I was told I could only talk to two people about this whole case: my two lawyers. And the only thing that I was allowed to have beyond that were my own thoughts, since they could not police my thoughts.
ALT TEXT British Columbia Children's Hospital is very open about giving puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children, as well as other "services."
Within days, I did an interview with The Federalist. I had decided at that point: “I am not going to respect the ruling.” A girl is a girl, that girl is my daughter.
After that, I was hauled in front of Justice Marzari, another BC Supreme Court Judge, in March 2019. Because of the Federalist story, I was convicted of family violence in that courtroom. I was handed a protection order by Justice Marzari, which stated that if I were to violate the ruling of Justice Bowden again, I would be arrested and thrown in jail without warrant. (See Justice Marzari’s April 2019 ruling here.)
BC Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari. She is hardly impartial, having formerly has served as counsel for the radical feminist, pro-transgender group West Coast LEAF.
I didn’t talk about this case for months, because I did not want to breach the protective order before my next court appearance which was in September 2019. It was before the British Columbia Court of Appeal, which is higher than the BC Supreme Court. From there, most appeals go to the Supreme Court of Canada, the federal court.
The British Columbia Court of Appeal issued its final ruling on January 10, 2020. And the ruling scaled back much of the bad stuff. I am now allowed to dissuade my daughter from transitioning, but I still have to use her preferred pronouns.
But also, the ruling said that a Court cannot decide what is in the best interest of the child — only a doctor can decide that. Still, it’s not the parents, but a doctor. In addition, they said the doctor must do what’s in the best interest of the child, not affirm what the child thinks is in his or her best interest.
MR: That’s an important ruling, isn’t it?
RH: This now opens up for all of these kids to file malpractice lawsuits against the doctors. The children, when they grow up, can say to the doctors: “My body is ruined now, I’m sterilized, because of you. You said that it was in my best interests do to this.”
There is a lawsuit happening now, but it’s not in Canada. It’s in the United Kingdom. [Click here for the story.]
MR: Are you still under a gag order?
RH: I am under a “conduct order.” I cannot talk to media. But I can talk about this with others. They can’t arrest me at this point. They will probably go after me civilly.
MR: Who have you spoken to already about this?
RHThe Federalist. I also did a recent interview with Frank Vaughan, who has a commentary podcast based in Ontario. He ran in the People’s Party of Canada for federal parliament. He received a letter within 24 hours of posting his interview with me. The lawyer who sent him the letter is Barbara Findlay. [That video was later taken down.]
I also just finished a detailed interview with another pro-family activist, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. [Note: That interview was ordered by the court to be taken down. However we have re-posted it below.]
MR: Have you received any legal notices after speaking out recently?
RH: Strangely, I have not.
MR: Are you prepared to go to jail or get sued for doing this?
RH: I want to get my story out to as many people, as many parents as possible. They need to understand what is happening to their children in the public schools. The children are being brainwashed into believing that they are something that they are not.
MR: What else are you doing?
RH: I am working with a local pro-family activist to start a foundation to serve as a resource for parents and the children who are detransitioning. We want to provide information as well as support for parents to know their rights and know what rules and resources they have to protect their rights. Later, we want to take these doctors to court for harming these children.
MR: Where is your daughter now?
RH: The last time I saw my daughter was Christmas Eve. Since then, she has been kept from me.
She still lives with my ex-wife, who actually supports what my daughter is doing. She is only there with my ex-wife because of this court case. I will be going to court to rectify this. I have lost my lawyers because I chose to go public, even though I have received a conduct order not to speak with the press. I am looking for an attorney because I am pretty sure that this case is heading to the Supreme Court of Canada.
We won’t know until the next phase of this case takes place on March 10, and until then I will keep telling my story until I can’t!
What I like about MassResistance is that you share the same mentality that I do, that we can win this. There a lot of people who feel like they're up against a brick wall, and that we can't win this LGBT fight. And there are so many people who are always on defense. But you guys are on the offense, and I like that.

The following week: February 12 court hearing to remove Thompson’s video interview, etc.

When the daughter’s LGBT legal team found out about the video by Laura-Lynn Thompson, mentioned in the interview above (and shown below), they immediately summoned Thompson and Rob into court.
At the  hearing in Vancouver on Feb. 12, 2020, Justice Michael Tammen ordered Thompson to take down her recent interview from everywhere on the Internet that it was posted. He instructed Thompson and all other media that they may talk about this case in general terms, but not with Hoogland. The Judge ordered that neither the media, Hoogland, Thompson, nor anyone else may mention names of doctors or counselors, or even Hoogland’s name, in regard to this case.
Furthermore, Hoogland was reprimanded by the judge for calling his daughter “she.”
B.C. Supreme Court Justice Michael Tammen reprimanded Hoogland for "misgendering" his daughter - calling her "she" instead of "he." (Vancouver Sun photo)

Laura-Lynn Thompson’s video

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is a Vancouver-based journalist and pro-family activist. As mentioned above, this hour-long interview with Rob was done a few days before ours. It includes more detail about his case. Although she was ordered to take it down by the Canadian court at the Feb. 12 court hearing, we are providing it here.
VIDEO: Powerful Interview with Rob Hoogland

Final Reflection

In the U.S., a number of state legislatures are introducing bills to prevent ghoulish gender-transition drugs and surgeries for children. And there are growing numbers of people who have used these methods to attempt to “change” their sex — and now regret it tremendously.
Nevertheless, the LGBT movement is relentless in supporting these procedures – even with children – and aggressively attacking and demonizing anyone who disagrees. Unfortunately, as we've seen with the rest of the LGBT agenda, most of the pro-family movement has been afraid to fight back with anywhere near the aggressiveness and intensity that the other side uses.
As we said above, Rob Hoogland’s courage and willingness to fight back should not only be commended but emulated by parents around the world!
MassResistance will be there fearlessly for all parents who want to push back against this tyrannical transgender agenda to protect their children, and all children.
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Please help us continue to do our uncompromising work!
Our successes depend on people like you.
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There But For the Grace of God Go All of Us: Drug Addicted Porn Star

A few days ago, a friend of mine shared with me a video posted on YouTube which featured a porn star meth addict.

This featured video from National Geographic focused on the spread of the methamphetanie crisis throughout the state of California.

This woman, pictured above, is a porn star. She does her own movies in her home in the Hollywood Hills area. The segment above opens up with the porn actress gettingh ready for her shoot. But before she can "perform", she needs to smoke meth. She has to get high so that she can debase her body before a camera without suffering too much.

She has to "feel good" in the shoot, so to speak.

The next segment of the video records the comments focused on the drug dealer. He is preparing the  meth for his client, the porn actress. He can sell a few grams of this poison for thousands of dollars, but he gives the porn star a discount: $400.

She finally gets her drugs, gets high, gets ready for her porn shoot, and then the narrative pans over to San Francisco. There, drug use is at an all time high (no pun intended), especially in the gay sections of the city. The statistics are particularly shocking: 1 in 9 homosexuals have used meth.


Here's what stood out for me, though, when I was watching this segment.

I felt sorry for this woman, and I saw her as a lost, decrepit woman. She is a drug fiend. She is dependent on a chemical just to function through the day. She gives away her body in front of a camera. She is a sex fiend, a sex addict. She sells herself to debase herself, and then she sells herself yet again.

It's a cycle of defeat, of shame, of loss, of more defeat, then shame yet again.

But then something else hit me: Am I really any better? Can I say that I am any better?

If anyone were to pry open my flesh, my mind, my feelings, they would see that I am addicted to things. They would see sexual perversions percolating throughout.

Paul was unsparing in how fallen our flesh is:

"For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not." (Romans 7:18)

I remember a comforting word which Pastor Joseph Prince had shared with a congregant in his church some time ago. This man had served time in prison, and before that he was placed in a foster home for at-risk youth. He had failed, fallen, sinned in so many terrible ways. Because of all the sins he had committed, he felt that he could not really come to God, and that he was in a worse-off position than the pastor.

Pastor Prince responded: "You think that I am better than you? The only difference between you and me is that the sin in you came out. The only difference is that the sin in me (i.e. in his flesh) had not come out."

And that just about says it all.

Everyone of us born into this world is a great sinner. We are all dead in Adam.

We can become alive in Christ, set free from sin, reckoning ourselves dead to sin, and alive in the Son!

"11Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

12Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof." (Romans 6:11-12)

If the world could see what was running through my mind, through my flesh, they would see far worse than what that porn star was doing!

There but for the grace of God go I. 

This revelation has become even more powerful and moving because I now understand fully what Abraham, what David, and what Paul the Apostle of grace shared with the Romans:

"1What shall we say then that Abraham our father, as pertaining to the flesh, hath found? 2For if Abraham were justified by works, he hath whereof to glory; but not before God. 3For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. 4Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. 5But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.

6Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works,

7Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.
8Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin." (Romans 4: 1-8)

I am made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus because of what Jesus did. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with me. When I understand that this gift has been given, and that I am invited to receive--and keep receiving!--this gift, His life is able to flow through me.

There is no longer any desire to sin, since under grace "Sin shall not have dominion over you." (Romans 6:14)

When I realized that inside, in my flesh, I am no better than the drug addicted porn star, I had such peace. When I realize that I was great sinner, dead to sin, I could receive His Life, His Righteousness. No more pretenses, no more pretending.

Such freedom! Amen!

I was addicted to many things. Most recently, I shared that I was addicted to diet soda, and that nearly killed me. But God is very good. He works with us even when we are still struggling with sins in our minds and bodies.

He guides us by His grace, and His Spirit continues to transform us from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:17-18).

If we are all honest with ourselves, any one of us would stumble into the same sins. If we rely on our own goodness, if we think that we are "better than", we would fall into the same perversions, as well.

There but for the grace of God go all of us. Anyone one of us could become porn stars, drug addicts, lost in a sea of sin and shame, if not for all that Jesus accomplished for us at the Cross.

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Populism, Tucker Carlson, and the Student Loan Debt Crisis

About Student Loan Debt:

Populism is certainly quite popular, but sometimes the best policies remain--and often will always be--unpopular. It's important to bear this in mind.

Tucker Carlson has been talking about the student debt/student loan crisis for a number of years. Granted, I think it's welcome that more pundits are calling out the crass, corrupt political class on both sides of the aisle which has enriched itself at the expense of all of us, making themselves God while dismissing our natural rights and constitutional authorities as citizens.

However, there are some failings, some crises which are of our own making, so to speak. Individual student debtors cannot lay all the blame on Washington DC or even private universities for taking on massive student loan debt.

Debt is debt, and it is neither just nor fair to make the government defray the student loans for every college student.

1. First of all, it would not be a populist move at all, since the majority, if not vast majority of student loan debtors, are upper middle class, privileged people. This is not a move that helps the poor or working classes, since many of them could not have afforded to take on any form of debt at the outset.

2. Second, how is there any restoration or respect for the power of the people if the people at large are forced to pay off the debts of others? How does that restore natural right?

3. Pundits like Tucker Carlson need to recognize that any government-subsidized bailout of student loan debt will only enable more moral hazard, i.e. more prospective college students will take on massive student loan debt, and more universities will drive up tuition and housing costs.

4. Here's an idea: pay off your student loan debt yourself! The economy is roaring like never before. Everyone who wants a job, can get a job.

5. God is very much in the miracles business when it comes to debt. Instead of looking to the government, how about resting in the grace of God Almighty? Consider the account in 2 Kings 4:1-7.

The woman and her sons faced a debt so crushing, that her creditors were about to sell her sons into slavery to pay off the debt. The prophet Elisha, a picture of our Savior Jesus Christ, told the woman to collect as many empty vessels as she could from her neighbors, then start filling the vessels with the little bit of oil she had left. She ended up filling everyone of the vessels with oil, and then she sold the oil to pay off the debt AND live off the rest!

God is in the debt-defraying business, and He does a better job than the government can ever do! I know -- because He did it for me!

God Doesn't Use Goody Goody People (Because None of Us Are): Trump, Zaccheus, Kanye

I have been learning so much about the gift of righteousness that we receive from Christ Jesus because of everything that He did for us at the Cross, and everything that He continues to do for us as He is seated at the Father's right hand.

It's amazing how often we can look at the failures in other people's lives, or the failures that people have made of their lives, and then wonder why God would use this person or that person.

Case in point, I have heard so many people complain about Donald Trump as our President because of his disorderly past private life. They see him as a great sinner who has no business representing anyone. They are further shocked that evangelical voters in particular and Christian, Jewish, other religious voters in general supported him, too.

Yes, he had affairs, cheated on his wife.

Yes, he said unkind things about other women (and men, too!)

Yes, he said uncouth things in private.

But let's be honest here. If we are transparent about our inner or thought life, none of us are any better.

The only difference between outlandish sinners like Donald Trump and the rest of us is that many of us keep our ungodly thoughts and feelings to ourselves and do not act on them. We don't hold back because we are good. We hold back because we fear what other people will think of us, or we fear criminal sanction. That's not true holiness, though.

Consider Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, in which He restored the perfection and inevitable condemnation of the law:

"21Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment: 22But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire." (Matthew 5:21-22)

and then

"27Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: 28But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." (Matthew 5:27-28)

So there yo have it. Guess what? Sin is sin, whether inside or outside. If we are honest, all of us are--and for those who believe on Jesus, were--great sinners. We all need a Savior.

God did not send His Son to goody goody people, because if we are really honest, none of us are "goody goody". Besides, "goody goody" people don't need saving, do they?

And there's more! Our sin doesn't stop God's Son from coming to us, ministering to us, serving us, and working through us. Consider how Jesus honored and blessed Zaccheus, the thieving, tax-collecting sellout (cf. Luke 19:1-10). Salvation indeed came to Zaccheus' home, and from that point on the greedy tax collector became the most generous man in touch, giving half his wealth to the poor, plus a pledge to repay fourfold anyone whom he had cheated.

In a similar vein, see how God took a vain, philandering real estate broker and turned him into a patriot, freedom fighter, and defender of the Faith, in charge of the greatest country in the world!

When we just come to Him, without pretense, without arrogance, without self-righteousness, He can bless us and address all our needs and failings. That perfectly describes how God is using Donald J. Trump, too. It's God's great sense of humor that He has lavished such grace on our President, and this promotion of honor and glory so frustrates, to humiliates, so infuriates the secular and religious Pharisees of our time.

Consider what Kanye West declared after coming out as a Trump Supporter: "Ever since Trump won, I knew I could be President." And now Kanye is preaching the Gospel!

And guess what? So is President Donald Trump!

It's amazing what the LORD can do through any of us when we get rid of our self-righteous pretenses or our self-efforts to be "goody goody", and instead just let God be good to us and through us!

West Virginia MassResistance Stops Horrible Drag Queen Program Before It Starts!

West Virginia MassResistance stops a horrible “Drag Queen” event from taking place in liberal Morgantown’s public library

Former state legislator leads the charge!

The Left reacts by spewing hate, viciousness, and lies.

Our side is not intimidated.

February 7, 2020
ALT TEXT The Morgantown Public Library and its advertisement for the Drag Queen event - which then got cancelled!
The event was all ready to go – then suddenly it got cancelled! It's a great lesson in hard-hitting pro-family activism.
In Morgantown back in November, our West Virginia MassResistance chapter helped a relatively small number of pro-family activists stop a particularly horrible “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) from happening. The event was organized by the library staff and strongly supported by a very large, local pro-LGBT contingent.
Although the state of West Virginia is relatively conservative, Morgantown (located just south of Pittsburgh) is dominated by West Virginia University and other local colleges. It has become a center for LGBT activism in that region.

 “Drag Queen” event comes to Morgantown Library

Cindy Frich of Morgantown was elected in 2003 to represent her city and the district in the State House of Delegates (similar to the House of Representatives in other states). She has been elected on and off since then, and her last term ended in 2017.
Since leaving office, she has been very active in fighting for faith and family in northern section West Virginia. She ran for office again in 2018 but lost to Danielle Walker, a left-wing activist.
On Nov. 3, 2019, Cindy discovered that the Morgantown Public Library had scheduled a Drag Queen Story Hour for November 16 – just two weeks away. She immediately began getting the word out to the public on social media.
Texas MassResistance leader Tracy Shannon noticed Cindy’s posts and forwarded them to our team. Arthur Schaper, our National Organization Director, contacted Cindy and offered to help – an offer she gladly accepted. We have activists scattered across West Virginia, as well as other activist contacts from past projects. It wasn’t a large group, but everyone got right to work.

MassResistance reveals who the “Drag Queens” really are!

Tracy Shannon’s research on the “Drag Queen” who were scheduled to read to the children – Paul Liller, aka “Dimitria Blackwell,” and another whose stage name is “Robin Hearts-Love” – quickly uncovered a very disturbing social media trail of photos and other depraved homosexual and transgender posts of events they were part of.
ALT TEXT From the library's advertisement of the event.
Tracy and her Texas MassResistance team posted the dossier of “Robin Hearts-Love” and “Dimitria Blackwell” online for the public to see.
ALT TEXT "Robin" posts this of himself.
ALT TEXT "Dimitria" posts this of himself.
ALT TEXT This is a more honest depiction of their lifestyle.
ALT TEXT Disgustingly anti-Catholic.
Among other things, “Dimitria Blackwell” was advertising a depraved looking “adult” show he was performing in the night before the Nov. 16 Drag Queen event.
ALT TEXT Note in upper right corner: "18 to Cum, 21 to Swallow." Is this really what the library staff thinks is appropriate for small children - or anybody?

Plus … Convicted of theft!

And it gets worse: Like so many other Drag Queens we’ve looked into, there’s a criminal record involved. Tracy discovered that Paul Liller (“Dimitria Blackwell”) had been convicted of theft in 2016. He pleaded guilty to stealing money from, of all groups, an LGBT “community center” ” – the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland – where he held leadership positions. 
Arthur Schaper filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the records of any background check the library made for “Dimitria Blackwell.” They were forced to admit that there were none.
Role models? It’s always amazing that the LGBT activists continue to claim that the Drag Queens in libraries are “role models for children.” Virtually every one of them has a trail of horrible depravity and/or criminality connected to him. And we’re lectured that we must accept all this under the guise of “tolerance and love.”

Stopping the event – the pro-family campaign is successful!

Armed with this extremely disturbing information, pro-family people began a campaign of contacting the Morgantown Public Library, the City Council members, and the Monangalia County Commissioners – and demanding that this program be stopped!
They also announced that parents would be coming to protest outside the event.
The library staff seemed unconcerned, and sometimes hostile toward those objecting. But the politicians were taken completely off guard. Many had no idea this was even happening. And they were certainly not prepared to defend the obscene findings from West Virginia MassResistance.
On November 15 – the day before the scheduled event – Arthur received a phone call from one of our activists. She informed him that the Morgantown Library had officially cancelled the Drag Queen Story Hour!

Library staff uses phony “threat of violence” excuse for cancellation

Arthur immediately contacted the Morgantown Library to confirm that the event had been cancelled.
They emailed him back this dishonest message, which they also posted on social media:
The Morgantown Public Library System (MPLS) regrets to announce that, due to multiple threats of violence against the volunteer readers, Drag Queen Story Time scheduled for November 16 is cancelled. MPLS remains committed to fostering a love of reading for all ages and interests and to serving a diverse community.
Especially when talking to the media, the librarian went to great lengths to blame opponents of the program for calling in death threats and other harmful remarks. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. LGBT activists and the Drag Queens who put on DQSH events will often claim that death threats or vile attacks came their way, and thus they were intimidated into cancelling the program.
In fact, the LGBT activists do not want to admit the real reason these events get cancelled: That the libraries are getting so much heat from the public. One report indicated that over a hundred pro-family protesters were heading to the Morgantown library the day of the event. That could have led to a very embarrassing situation for the city.
Arthur Schaper then filed a series of additional FOIA requests to get to the bottom of these alleged death threats:
First, Arthur requested all records the Library had of any threats directed at them regarding the DQSH event. They answered him that, “There are no records responsive to your request.”
Then Arthur requested copies of the emails sent or received by library staff regarding the DQSH event. The emails he received revealed that the library staff definitely worked closely with the LGBT activists to set up the event, and they strategized on how to deal with opposition to it. The emails rather casually referenced cancelling the event because of “death threats” but did not mention what the threats actually were, or what they might have said. It appeared to be a tactical move.
Arthur also requested copies of any police reports regarding threats directed at the library regarding the DQSH event. According to a police report, one of the social media posts of the DQSH event by Cindy Frich had some comments below it by someone else that “could be perceived as veiled threats.” (Not actual threats – those are commonly made on social media targeting conservatives by the Left.)

The local “fake news media” covers the DQSH cancellation

The news of the cancellation was covered in a particularly dishonest way by the local Morgantown media and even the Associated Press. They posted lurid headlines about “violent threats” and got quotes from sobbing LGBT groups (but no pro-family groups). They didn’t bother to even minimally investigate whether there actually were any threats, or what the threats said. (If it were pro-family groups making that claim, the media certainly would insist on details.)
ALT TEXT A Local TV station in nearby Charleston, WV.

LGBT activists rally in front of library to support cancelled DQSH

On November 16, the day the DQSH had been scheduled, nearly 100 LGBT activists gathered in front of the Morgantown Public Library in a rally in support of the cancelled event. Even State Delegate Danielle Walker came and joined it and posted a video.
This is very revealing about the mindset of these people. After all the depraved things that were revealed about these “Drag Queens,” as well as Liller’s criminal conviction, these activists believe so strongly that these two should be reading books to other people’s children that they’re willing to come and hold signs in front of the library about it. Translation: They don’t care about children as much as they care about their twisted agenda for society – which clearly includes grooming little children for the “LGBT lifestyle.”
ALT TEXT Pro-LGBT activists rally outside Morgontown Public Library on Nov. 16. [Photo: WV Public Broadcasting]

A torrent of LGBT hate and filth directed at Cindy on social media

The vile LGBT movement does not take defeat gracefully. They did not expect any serious opposition to push back on their program in Morgantown. When Cindy announced that we had successfully shut it down, they went after her viciously on social media.
We’ve collected screen shots of quite a bit of it from both Facebook and Twitter. It is also an interesting view into the minds of the “LGBT community.” The things that these “adults” write are not only hateful but unbelievably sickening, graphic, profane, and disgusting. No normal people would think that way, much less post it on a public forum.
Here are a few that are less profane:
Here's an example of one of the actual threats against Cindy (which we had to edit a bit). Of course, the media isn't interested in threats against conservatives.
But as so many other pro-family people who have experienced the same thing will tell you, that is par for the course for “LGBT” activists. No matter how heated the discourse may get, no other group reacts that way.
The good thing is that this time, LOTS of people came to Cindy’s defense on social media, and confronted the thugs. And like most classic bullies, they are very mean when they think people are afraid of them, but tend to wilt when people fight back.
This was a great victory by a stalwart pro-family bunch against a big enemy. And, no, the DQSH hasn’t come back to the Morgantown library since then!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

BREAKING: Another Drag Queen Sex Offender Exposed

Special thanks once again to Texas MassResistance Chapter Chair Tracy Shannon for bringing this to everyone's attention.

As reported last year, MassResistance exposed not one, but two sex offenders reading to children at the Houston, Texas Drag Queen Story Hour program at the Freed-Montrose library.

Two sex offenders. The library and the city staff in general refused to do their due diligence to ensure that these sexually deviant entertainers would not pose any further risk beyond their risque, inappropriate conduct and entertainment.

Then MassResistance discovered that a third drag queen, this one reading to children in the Austin library area, was a convicted male prostitute. Will wonders never cease?

Now yet another sex offender drag queen has been exposed, this time in Jackson Township, Ohio.

Here's the Facebook post, as revealed by Mad Momma Bear Tracy Shannon:

Notice also that this guy works at a school! WOW!

Check out the full report on this guy getting busted trying to solicit sex with a 15-year old here.

Of course, this guy has some other interesting photos on his Facebook page:

Drag queens are not role models.

Drag queens are not for kids.

Drag queens are not for adults, for that matter, and they have no business trying to normalize their perverse behaviors among the mainstream public.

For the last five years, these sexually deviant entertainers have been trying to gain access to children through "Drag Queen Story Hour" programs.

And now we have yet another drag queen BUSTED for soliciting sex with a minor.

It's time to close the book on Drag Queen Story Hour. They need to "Sashay Away" into a jail cell!