Sunday, July 16, 2017

Upcoming Cap and Trade Deal in Sacramento: Has the Deep State Taken Over?

California State Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Chad Mayes is a total loser.

This man is going through a nasty divorce with his wife, who will not leave him a penny.

Rumor has it that he had an affair in Sacramento with someone --although I can't say at this time with whom ...

This man is a bed of personal problems, and his weekend has gone from bad to worse since he showed his cards to the Governor and plotted to sell out the entire state of California for this corrupt Cap and Trade vote.

People on the left as well as the right are absolutely opposed to this legislation!!

But now, more questions are coming to light for me. How can this be possibly happening? Why is Mayes acting like such a liberal coward?

I have more and more questions about this whole business in Sacramento with this minority leader in Name only ...

1. How is it possible for Chad Mayes, who is facing a messy divorce while dealing with a rumbling, furious caucus able to maintain any kind of control over all the goings-on in Sacramento?

2. I have to wonder ... has Mayes turned over control and supervision of the Cap and Trade deal to someone else, what I will call "The Deep State of Sacramento", aka the DSS?

3. Who is this DSS? The chiefs of staff? The lobbyists who connect with the chiefs of staff? From what I understand, these staffers and legislative analysts, etc. are also allowed to have outside income. Or are they?

4. If such Deep State saboteurs exist, are they required to disclose their income from outside sources? If so, how can anyone of us get this information?

If anyone out there has this information--or can answer these questions for me ...

Please feel free to contact me at ...

Or call me at (310) 793-8647

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