Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beach Cities Republicans; July 20th, 2017

The latest BCR meeting went off without a hitch.

First, there was bittersweet news for our club and for the BCR Board.

First Vice-President Omar Navarro announced his resignation.

His efforts with the Congressional campaign have become so effective, and they have achieved repeated national attention, all of his time has been consumed with his campaign against corrupt and senile Maxine Waters.

He announced his resignation from the BCR Board.

In his place, Cheryl Wendel will serve as the new First Vice-President for the Beach Cities Republicans. Omar Navarro's campaign has received recent coverage not only from, but also Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh's radio program, too!

He will be hosting his next fundraiser with the famous, celebrated, and outspoken Trump advisor Roger Stone!

Our next guest was Dr. Kenneth Wright, who is running again against Lyin' Ted Lieu.

This time, he affirmed to the audience that the electoral factors are much stronger in his favor to unseat the dismissive, lying Congressman:

He was very optimistic about his chances for Election 2018.

His presentation provided more of us a window into his background, his plan for the district, and his proposed agenda should he get elected to serve in Congress:

I was really impressed with what he shared with all of us.

He has an incredible background in his field: pediatric ophthalmology. He's the premier expert in the field, plus his incredible contacts with voters all over the district.

He went to South Torrance High School.

He work at Cedar-Sinai Medial Center.

His office is located in Marina Del Rey.

Incredible! This man has contacts and connections with every section of the 33rd Congressional District!

Something else that I like about Kenneth Wright?

He was the only Republican candidate in the South Bay area who announced boldly and unswervingly that he supported Donald Trump for President. All the other locally competing Republican candidates ran away from Donald Trump or ignored him completely.

I really appreciated that kind of courage. He has my vote--again!

Our next guest was Fred Sottile, a leading member for the National Coalition for Issues Reform.

His non-profit group raises funds and then delivers broadsides and postcards to constituents in specific districts. They present the votes on the major issues which the legislators in specific districts have voted on. They focus on taxes, sanctuary cities.

His targeted mailings help voters know who--and who not--to vote for in upcoming elections.

Here is his extended presentation:

Here's a sample postcard which gets mailed to constituents in a district.

This campaign is targeting Jacqui Irwin in Ventura County:

Check out the second part of the presentation:

This meeting went particularly well since members from the audience had the chance to ask multiple questions to our guests.

They did a great job!

Then came our third guest, David Hernandez of Valley Village in the city of Los Angeles.

He has run for office a number of times before.

This time he is targeting the Lieutenant Governorship, and he is developing a significant following throughout the state of California.

He has outlined a clear platform in line with Trump's agenda to Make California Great Again:

He was not afraid to take uestions from the audience, either!

We had new people as well as welcome veterans attending the meeting, too!

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