Friday, July 14, 2017

More Winning for the Maine GOP: Democrat Hatemonger Hamann Loses Committee Assignments

The Democratic Party all over the country is following apart.

They are embracing violence and hatred, including vicious invective.

One of state reps in Maine wanted to kill President Trump, and he went on a Facebook rant filled with that violent rhetoric.

Even though Rep. Scott Hamann apologized, the damage is done, and the state Democratic Party and leadership had to engage in comprehensive damage control.

This is incredible news, especially since Republicans have been the ones on the run from the media for the last three decades. Every time they made a mistake or said something wrong, they would have to go through the self-hating kabuki theater to make amends. Oftentimes, whatever the Republican had said was not really that bad to begin with!

Certainly not to the level of Hamann's death threats.

The Maine GOP released the following statement about Hamann:

For Immediate Release: July 14, 2017
Contact: Nina McLaughlin, 

Maine GOP Statement on Rep. Hamann Committee Removal

AUGUSTA- Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage issued the following statement in response to Representative Scott Hamann’s removal from his committee appointments:

“It isn’t often that I find myself in agreement with the Portland Press Herald, especially the Editorial Board, but I believe that they have hit the nail on the head with their response this morning to Rep. Hamann’s scandal, even before the action taken by Speaker Gideon.

“Speaker Gideon’s removal of Rep. Hamann from his committee assignments does not fix the problem, but is an attempt to silence the public outcry. It is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t go far enough.

“Representative Hamann is reportedly being investigated by the Secret Service. Let that sink in. Is this what we want in our legislature?

“The Portland Press Herald also brings up a good question: How can we expect Rep. Hamann to work with people he so vehemently opposes?

“We have no faith in Rep. Hamman's judgment following this scandal, and we have heard from people across the nation who are amazed that he hasn’t been called on to resign by his party leadership.

“In closing, I will echo the Portland Press Herald’s Editorial Board, the onus is now on Rep. Hamann to make it right or resign.

Speaker Sara Gideon has finally taken an action in this matter, but Rep. Hamann still has a choice to make.” 

"What? You want me to go away?!
Can you imagine Democratic Party leaders having to push one of their members to resign after issuing a hateful rant to kill someone?


All I can say is "It's about time!"

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