Thursday, July 27, 2017

Media Press Release: Fundraiser Cancelled, Police Called on Constituents Protesting Gas Tax Hike

Ontario California, July 27, 2017.

California citizens are furious about the Cap and Trade "Deal", orchestrated in large part by California Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes (R-Jurupa Valley).

Mayes was scheduled to attend a fundraiser at the New York Grill in Ontario California.

Angry protesters arrived to shame the Minority Leader and one of the 6 other Assembly Republicans who had voted for the Cap and Trade/Gas Tax extension, Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga). Upon arriving at the restaurant, a notice in the window announced that the Mayes fundraiser had been cancelled.

"Assemblyman Mayes owes his constituents an answer for this corrupt bargain. He should step down as minority leader and resign," Arthur Schaper, President of the Beach Cities Republicans, declared.

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 Following the protest outside of the fundraiser location, the same contingent of protesters arrived at Assembly Marc Steinorth's office.

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Instead of getting clear answers and a proper meeting of demands, the office staffers called the California Highway Patrol to remove the angry constituents.

Upon leaving the district office, California citizens were met with 25+ California Highway Patrol officers, including a parking lot crowded with police cruisers and a helicopter flying overhead.

"The overwhelming police presence which arrived at the Assemblyman's office was unwarranted and unjustified. The waste of police resources and time cannot be explained away, especially since we as constituents and taxpaying citizens of the state of California have had enough of politicians breaking their word to taxpayers," Schaper added.

“It is both outrageous and frightening that not only Mayes and Steinorth violated their pledge and party platforms to support the Cap and Trade deal, but now they hide from angry constituents and call for law enforcement to intimidate them and try to scare them off.”

View this video for more information:

For more information please contact:
Arthur Schaper--President, Beach Cities Republicans
(310) 793-8647
Other contacts are available upon request.

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