Thursday, April 2, 2020

It Hurts! (The Truth About Homosexual Behavior)

" ... [L]ike shoving a straw up your nose to drink." -- Dr. Thio Li-Ann, Singapore MP, describing anal sex
It's shocking to me the lengths that homosexuals will go to expose the broken, destructive aspects of their behaviors.

Consider this tweet:

This man tells the whole world that his boyfriend purchased sanitary pads, or sanitary napkins, to place in his underwear because he's "leaking".

Why is he leaking?

Sodomy involves one man's penis penetrating another man's anus. These behaviors damaging the disgestive system, including the excretory parts, i.e. the anus.

Dr. Thio Li-Ann, who served as a member of the Singapore parliament in 2007, shared these points about the negative health consequences of homosexual acts:

Sir, public health and safety is a legitimate purpose served by the 377A ban on homosexual anal and oral sex. Both these practices are efficient methods of transmitting sexual diseases and AIDs / HIV which are public health problems. These are not victimless crimes as the whole community has to foot the costs of these diseases. 
Anal-penetrative sex is inherently damaging to the body and a misuse of organs, like shoving a straw up your nose to drink. The anus is designed to expel waste; when something is forcibly inserted into it, the muscles contract and cause tearing; fecal waste, viruses carried by sperm and blood thus congregate, with adverse health implications like ‘gay bowel syndrome’, anal cancer. ‘Acts of gross indecency’ under 377A also covers unhygienic practices like “rimming” where the mouth comes into contact with the anus. Consent to harmful acts is no defence – otherwise, our strong anti-drug laws must fall as it cannot co-exist with letting in recreational drugs as a matter of personal lifestyle choice.

Indeed, homosexual behaviors are inherent;y disordered and destructive. When someone says that LGBT behaviors are another form of "love of love", they have to explain to the public how anal penetration, oral sex, and other disgraceful behaviors somehow demonstrate love, affection, or respect for the other partner.

Such behaviors are harmful. Love is not supposed to hurt! Sex is not supposed to be a painful, but a pleasurable experience, allowing a man and a woman (not two men or two women) to express intimacy.

Bobby Lopez (right) talks about the physical damage
caused by homosexual acts

Beyond the tweet shared above, or the clinic statements offered by Dr. Thio Li-Ann, let's consider what Robert Oscar Lopez, a former homosexual himself and currently a writer and research, shared about his same-sex experiences on the Eric Metaxas Show:

"I didn't know if I really liked this [homosexual acts with older boys] or not. There was a part of me that said 'There was some pleasure involved'. And there was a part of me that just felt disgusted by the whole thing. 
"So I got into a habit of going out and seeking out the activity myself, and I never liked it."

There you have it. Homosexual acts are aberrant, deviant, but now even homosexuals themselves admit: It doesn't feel good.

And Bobby Lopez shares more:

"But I kept on seeking it out. It became a compulsive behavior. And sometimes, when I accepted money for it, that kind of made it OK in my mind. because it made it seem like it wasn't what I was doing. It became very self-destructive."

Then Lopez added:
"The LGBT ideology is based on a couple tenets, which through a combination of investigative reporting, scholarly research, and personal experience, I believe are false. 
"One of them is that you're born gay. 
"Another is that you know from a very young age. 
"[The Third]: There's nothing wrong with the sex act. That there's nothing more objectively difficult about engaging in homosexual activity"

WOW! Bobby Lopez tells it as it is!

And he provides more information:

"The sexual behavior you [the homosexual] is engaging in is physically damaging to you."


"Acts of homosexual intercourse are very dangerous."

Then he went into greater details:

"The kind of things that men do together when they are alone, they are things that are more damaging to your body than normal sex between a man and a woman. They have long lasting effects. Some of the effects you don't know at the beginning because with repeated misuse of your body, the damage slowly becomes evident."
An example?

"You have difficulty going to the bathroom."

Final Reflection

Former and active homosexuals alike cannot hide this truth: homosexual acts are destructive and aberrant. They harm the individuals who engage in the behaviors, and as Dr. Li-Ann shared in her parliamentary speech, they harm the public as a whole.

Homosexual conduct hurts! It should not be promoted, and anyone with any sense who wants to put a stop to this perverse behavior must demonstrate the boldness, the courate to speak the truth about the sexual acts themselves. They are harmful, not loving. They are demeaning, not enhancing. This is not about "love is love", but rather damaged individuals seeking love in someone of the same sex, only to find more hurt and pain.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Victory, Not Containment: The Pro-Family Movement Must Tear Down the LGBT Wall

The year 2019 was the 30th Anniversary of two pivotal moments in the fight against Communist tyranny. The first is The Tiananmen Square Massacre, a protest-turned-brutal reminder that Communism was unsparing in its malevolence. Chinese citizens protested Beijing’s communistic despotism, expressing the natural, fundamental longing to be free. They protested for democratic reforms. One man with a briefcase blocked a phalanx of army tanks, showing ready courage to resist communist tyranny.  In response, the Chinese military stormed the public square, slaughtering thousands. That day, the world could no longer ignore the obvious: the free world could not coexist with Communism and hope for détente. Like a virulent cancer, Communism needed to be exterminated, not accommodated.

In contrast to those June protests, November 1989 witnessed a stirring victory against Communism. Germans celebrated the collapse of the Soviet Union and demolished the Berlin Wall. Generations young and old embraced a new future, one in which the horrid divide between the Communist East and the Free West came crashing down in front of them. As travel restrictions between East and West feel, freedom fighters scaled the hateful Berlin Wall, vaunting the victory of liberty over tyranny. For thirty years, citizens of the Eastern Bloc had rushed the Berlin Wall in their attempts to flee Communism tyranny, only to be gunned down by Soviet turrets. That day, no one could stop the Germans rushing from East to West. With welcome glee, Germans on both sides took picks and axes and began breaking down the Berlin Wall.

All of a sudden, the symbol and substance of Communism came down, but the blows that brought down the Berlin Wall started much earlier in a debate half a world away. In 1967, then-California Governor Ronald Reagan was discussing with US Senator Robert F. Kennedy the United States’ role in fighting communism. Reagan declared: “I think the Berlin Wall should disappear.”

Reagan: "I would like to see the Berlin Wall Disappear"

 Europeans in general, and Western intellectuals in particular laughed. For them, Communism was a fait accompli. Everyone just needed to accept it. Rather than fighting back to eradicate that evil ideology, Western powers placated communist regimes and contained its spread as best as they could. That weak, ineffective approach didn’t cut it for Reagan. He wanted to consign Communism to “the ash heap of history,” not just stop its spread. He was committed to that vision until the day he was chopping off bits of the Berlin Wall’s bricks.

Today, the Pro-Family Movement is acting like the vast majority of Western leaders during Reagan’s day in regards to Communism. Instead of fighting against the LGBT onslaught to win, pro-family groups settle for failure and weak-kneed containment. Only thirty years ago, the LGBT lobby had peddled the lie that people are born gay, and therefore to oppose gays was total bigotry. Despite ample evidence proving otherwise, pro-family forces have given up fighting for what is right.
And what has been the result? First, pro-family have capitulated over and over:

 “We won’t throw you in jail for homosexual conduct, but keep it in your bedrooms.”

Then came the gay pride parades.

Gay Pride Parade in Toronto (notice the naked men around children in plain sight)

“You can have your gay marriage, but let us have our religious liberty!”

Then came the lawsuits against churches, charities, and small businesses.

“You can have your sex change operations, but don’t do it to my kids.”

Then came the court orders which forced parents to allow their children to undergo these horrendous, mutilating procedures. And now everyday people are begging for their liberty, only to face criminal prosecution for speaking out against homosexuality, transgenderism, and other paraphilias.

To succeed, the anti-LGBT movement must regain Reagan’s foresight and conviction. Reagan understood that Communism was a global ideology committed to world domination. Communist dictators were never going stay with their own borders, so Reagan knew that Communism needed to be crushed. Yet today the pro-family movement naïvely and cowardly believes that the LGBT Movement can be tolerated, as long as it remains within fixed boundaries. But the LGBT agenda has spread by force, ignoring the will of voters in the United States, throughout Europe, and now in South East Asia, where millions of Taiwanese voters supported natural marriage, but the government imposed gay marriage anyway.

Today, the LGBT Movement’s ruthless domination cannot be ignored. Major corporations celebrate Pride Month, shoving the corrupted six-color rainbow in consumers’ faces. Social media platforms celebrate all things LGBT and shut down anyone who disagrees. 

Drag Queens force their LGBT ideologies onto unwitting children in taxpayer-funded libraries. Parents cannot opt their children out of learning LGBT History and sexually explicit behaviors in government schools.

Only now is it finally dawning on people what MassResistance President Brian Camenker declared in 2013 said about the LGBT Agenda: “The slippery slope is real.”

"The slippery slope is real." -- Brian Camenker
Check out "What Gay Marriage Did to Massachusetts" video for more info

Like President Ronald Reagan confronting communism with the express intent of eradicating it, pro-family activists need to wake up and defeat the LGBT Agenda.  We have to strike at the core of this Big Gay Lie and knock it down. Consider what President Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev right in front of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin: "Tear Down This Wall!"

Reagan did not worry about diplomatic platitudes. He didn’t play nice and say: "You can have your Communism on that side of the wall. Just don't bring it to our side." That weak, accommodationist containment strategy of the previous three decades gave the world Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, Che Guevara, and Tiananmen Square. Reagan’s bold, relentless conviction tore down the hated Berlin Wall, and with it the entire bloody fraud of Communism.

Today, the Pro-Family Movement must stop accommodation the LGBT Agenda, but tear down the LGBT wall. The whole agenda is a prison which has kept victimized millions, and now billions are forced to accommodate this tyranny or pay the price.  Communism is a lie. The LGBT Movement is rife with lies. The only way to stop lies is to fight them with the truth. Let’s follow Reagan’s example to consign this LGBT agenda to the ash heap of history.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New World Order Coming?

I received this extended email earlier today.

What are your thoughts? Let me know. Email me at

New World Coming

God's Word tells us that in the last days scoffers are going to appear. Jesus says these mockers will ridicule all doctrine that Christ is returning to establish a new kingdom. They fear hat this kingdom, rather than the one they would establish, would be a kingdom of righteousness.

Those that scoff Christianity loudest are those trying desperately to establish what is called  a 'New World Order.' What they do not realize, or maybe they do, is that Satan realizes that his time in being allowed to, "roam the earth," is short.

The New World Order sought by men is supposedly a world managed by a select few who are to control every aspect of the lives of remain after they 'cull' those they choose to rid humanity of by all means within their purview. This 'culling' is to include wars, starvation, purposeful pestilence, radiation poisoning, chemtrails,  executions, and by any means whatever to reduce the numbers of those not in their 'elite' clique. Truly Satan is in their actions.

There is, emphatically' a New World coming. As we live and breathe that New World is dawning. Factually the New World is actually the return of Jesus Christ wherein He will establish His Holy Kingdom. It is not what is envisioned by those under the control of Satan.

Every nation, and I mean, 'every nation, will come under our Lord's righteous rule, and those attempting to mount any opposition to His rule will become His footstool. Scoffers will have no part in Christ's new kingdom. Only the righteous are to inhabit the New Word He establishes.

2 Peter 3:13 But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.       

As far as scoffers are concerned,

Revelation 21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars--their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."

If you compare the wishes of the New World Order as seen by men of greed to what will be is plainly opposed. That New World Order seen and seeking to be established by men will fail. That New World Order is a world wherein all guilt and condemnation will vanish, that their sinful deeds will not haunt them, and that they will be able to freely indulge in the most perverse of sexual pleasures. Again, it is doomed to abject failure.

Peter set down the realities to be faced by those that scoff. Rather than enjoying their New World, this is what will be their fate.

2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.

The New World established by Christ will be a world of righteousness.

Brothers and sisters what must be realized is that the earth we live on is transient. All material things held dear by so many will vanish. Things obtained by those desiring control of other men will dissolve. All things of man's labors will cease to be.

Many Christians have missed this biblical truth. Their whole focus has been to build a world of comfort in this present life. Their hearts have been captured by notions of prosperity, acceptance and recognition. In truth this is contrary to God's plan and His wishes for His children. 

Jesus spoke words that really tells us of what is expected of us and what the coming world will be like.

Matthew 24:46-47 It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns. 47 I tell you the truth, he will put him in charge of all his possessions.

What Jesus was saying is that those servants in obedience would be made rulers and given an eternal appointment over any others.

When Christ's New World is established there will be countless multitudes of saints with Him. Many will be the millions of children that died well before their time. Those that were starved, aborted, or died by other means were carried to Paradise in the arms of Jesus. We, as His obedient servants will be witnesses to those children's happiness.  

Where those trying fruitlessly to establish man's New World Order name men they consider lesser than they, "eaters, slaves," in truth those Christians are, "in training to rule with Him when the New World comes". 

Although it may sound foolish and not well thought out Peter actually asked that we earnestly desire an end to the present world.

2 Peter 3: 11-15 Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12 as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming. That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. 13 But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness. 14 So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him. 15 Bear in mind that our Lord's patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him.

As true Christians I ask that you have no fear, but hear the glorious words I say to you. You are among those that will be preserved and live in the coming world!

Psalm 121:7-8 

The LORD will keep you from all harm-- he will watch over your life; 8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Psalm 145:20 
The LORD watches over all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy.

It is our Christian duty to remain worthy of His preservation. The coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ must find us blameless having sought His forgiveness and worthy of His presence.

Thessalonians 5:23-24 
May God himself, the God of peace,sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.24 The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.

God has given His children a promise and He always keeps His Word.

2 Timothy 4:18 
The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

As a Christian you must realize that He will not only protect you, but will keep you under His wings.

 He is more powerful than anything one could ever imagine and will not allow evil, as created by Satan, or man, prey on you! 

His New World is coming and will be a far cry from that sought by man!


(Closing prayer)

Almighty Father, Creator of  all there is and all there is to come, we offer You our praise and ask that we be allowed to worship You . You are our God and we worship You in Spirit and in Truth.

Lord, we thank You for the messages given us in Your Words which we call our Bible. Though others may scoff we bow our heads in a show of respect for You and all You have done.

As You know, there are those that seek to do us harm merely for our belief in You. We ask that you, as our El Gibbor, lend us the strength to stand strong in the knowledge that You are with us at all times. Should evil befall us, please know that we are weak and it is only by Your strength will we bear up before the world in which we live. Your promise of Paradise will bear us through. Please be with us.

Abba, there are evil men and women that would enslave us and offer us evil disguised as good. Grant us the gifts of discernment and truthfulness to see that which is good and the ability to relate to others Your divinity and truths..

Father, we ask that You thwart the evils sought to be brought against us by evil men and women and protect us as we stand fast for You and all Your Glory.

In Jesus' name we pray, who is One with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever,
Amen, amen and amen.

Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr

More Winning: LA Pride Festival Postponed (Forever?)

I wanted to write about this development, as well, but did not have the time until now.

Check out the other major Pride Festival that was shut down this year because of the Coronavirus problem:

LA Pride festival postponed amid growing coronavirus concerns

Los Angeles’ annual gay pride celebration has joined a growing list of events across the country that have been postponed, canceled or suspended amid fears of the coronavirus pandemic. The LA Pride Festival and Parade, now in its 50th year, will be pushed back to a yet unknown date from its traditional mid-June kickoff, organizers announced Thursday.

Let's pray that that unknown date becomes no date all.

These gay pride parades need to be shut down for good.

LA Pride
Due to the concerns of COVID-19, CSW will postpone all events related to the 50th Anniversary of LA Pride that were scheduled for June 2020. Organizers are assessing the situation. More information to be provided around the postponement as details become available.

This Coronavirus problem has provided a number of much-needed solutions to put an end to this LGBT insanity being forced into the forefront of our culture.

Los Angeles used to be a teeming, lively, thriving city. Now it's turning into an absolute spiritual wasteland. Homosexuality and transgenderism should not be promoted in any way, shape, or form, yet here we are dealing

I think it's worth our while to report at length as often as we can that homosexual promotionalism is falling away more and more in the United States, even if it's due to exigent circumstances like the Coronavirus problem.

In the Beginning, God Discriminated

I received this tweet earlier today:
I was writing about the fact that people in this country are getting tired of being reminded, prodded, shamed, and reprimanded about the so-called hardships of "transgendered people".

Seriously, why are we expected to feel sorry for people who are in bondage to a mental disorder, and then insist that the rest of us should feel sorry every year? This idea of "Transgender Visibility Day" is absolute nonsense.

In fact, when parents are molding their children to change their sex, it's nothing more than child abuse!

So, this pro-tranny activist shamed me because of how discriminatory I was. She wanted to bring God into the mix, and she/he/it (who knows!) made it seem as though my thoughts on denouncing transgenderism were unbiblical, unholy, unkind.

Well, she ought to open the Bible, and she will find that In the Beginning, God Discriminated!

First, let's provide the defintion of discrimination:

"recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another."

Granted, there is another definition which touches on prejudicial or preferential treatment for one category or thing versus another, but let's focus on the main definition provided above.

In the Beginning, God Discriminated.

Consider the first verse of the Bible:

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)

God created, no one else did. God created the heavens and the earth. When the earth became without form and void (following the fall of Satan and one third of the angels), God would clear distinguish, or discriminate between the heavens and the earth again:

"6And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 7And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. 8And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day." (Genesis 1:6-8)

Notice that God divided the waters, so that the heavens and the earth would emerge as distinct entities. That's the essence of discrimination.

Before separating the earth and the heavens among the waters, God brought forth Light:

3And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 4And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness." (Genesis 1:3-4)

God literally said "Light Be", and light was. This Light is not the sun, but His Son, Jesus. As He declared during His earthly ministry:

"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." (John 8:12)

At any rate, light stands out clearly and starkly from the darkness: more discrimination. There is darkness, and there is light. Light is called to be the focal point, as well. God is light, after all, and in Him is no darkness whatsoever (cf 1 John 1:5)

There one sees both types of discrimination. God gives precedence to the Light over the darkness, not just merely distinguishes the light from the darkness.

And that's the way it should be:

"17And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. 18And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence. 19For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;" (Colossians 1:17-19)

In the beginning, God discriminated.

He distinguished heaven and earth. He distinguished light from darkness. He created fish from the sea, mammals from the earth, as well as grass and herbs.

He then created man, and He created man in His likeness or image (Genesis 1:26-28).

Man is qualitatively different from all the other creation.

Why, because God said: "31And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day." (Genesis 1:31)

When God made man, He declared His work finished (another discrimination, finished before unfinished), and He called all of it "Very good" as opposed to "good."

These distinctions are fundamental, essential, and inescapable.

In the Beginning, God Discriminated, and It was Good. It was Very Good.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Chronological Snobbery: Media Reaction to Victory for Section 377a in Singapore

"[T]o say a law is archaic is merely chronological snobbery." -- Dr. Thio Li-Ann

The courts in the Republic of Singapore have upheld Section 377a, the statutes which criminalize homosexual offenses.

To say that the mainstream (read, liberal and pro-LGBT) media is not taking this news well would be an understatement.

Certainly, the pro-gay news sites in the world are foaming at the mouth.

Pink News reports:

Here's what they had to write:

The Singapore High Court has dismissed three separate challenges to a law that criminalises sex acts between men.

Gay and bisexual men in Singapore will continue to live as “un-apprehended criminals” under Section 377A, an outdated law colonial-era law.

Section 377A defines sex between consenting men as “acts of gross indecency” punishable by up to two years in prison. This also extends to anyone who abets, procures or attempts to procure such acts, but does not apply to lesbians.

Last year three separate challenges against Section 377A were launched by three Singaporean activists, including an organiser of the Pink Dot rally.

Prior to this there had been two unsuccessful attempts to repeal the law in recent years, but the trio petitioned the High Court to revisit its earlier decision in light of new evidence.

There is no end to the demands. The homosexual activists won't quit until pro-family and anti-LGBT activists work hard enough to break their will. They need to know that we are not playing around, and we have no interest in seeing this perversion become widespread.

Speaking to The Gay UK, Téa Braun of the Human Dignity Trust said: “This decision will be extremely disappointing for the plaintiffs and the wider LGBT+ community in Singapore, who had great hopes that new evidence presented to the court would make it clear that these draconian laws cannot withstand proper constitutional scrutiny.

"Draconian"? Really? The law is not actively enforced! 

“The ruling will also echo harmfully around Asia, where millions of people are criminalised simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

This statement is good new indeed. Yes, we want nations like Singapore to take the lead in announcing that homosexuality is wrong, aberrant, destructive, and therefore should not be promoted or protected in any country. Yes, more Asian countries should embrace this standard and defend or reinstate their laws criminalizing homosexual conduct.

LGBT+ rights remain a thorny issue in the socially-conservative city-state, but Singaporean activists are determined to see change.

I would like to return to the headline for this article: "Doubles down on homophobia."

Opposing homosexuality is not a mental disorder, but a sign of mental clarity and intellectual accuity. It is wisdom of a higher order to recognize that homosexual conduct should not be allowed to run rampant in any country. These behaviors should not be celebrated or permitted. Indeed, the state has a right and necessity to restrain evil, and that means denouncing and delegitimizing homosexual acts.

It's not a "phobia" by any stretch of the imagination.

Now, let's look at more mainstream news sites on this topic.

Forbes Magazine has now shacked up with the LGBT lobby?

The reporter refers to Section 377a as "colonial". i.e. backward, not progressive.

The pro-LGBT elements in the corporate world have jumped on the same perverse bandwagon, going to every length to celebrate sexual perversion and deviance. Homosexuals and their promoters around the world actually have a considerable amount of money. Most of them are wealthy investors and benefactors, and looking through historical records, one finds that homosexuality was a particular perversion of the elite, not the working or merchant classes--those groups were too busy earning a living and living their lives.

The second part of this title is outrageous, as well: "Being gay remains illegal."

Again, there is no such thing as "being gay". There is no gay identity, because there are not gay genetics. People are not "born that way". This massive fraud must be debunked thoroughly and unequivocally. When pro-business magazines and news sites traffic in this trash, they need to be held accountable.

How about the Financial Times? Surely they would write something more fair and balanced?

This is the Financial Times, and even they have fallen for many of the lies of the LGBT lobby.

First of all, there is no such thing as "gay sex" (unless one is talking about the bless of marriage between man and woman). Two men cannot have sex. They can abuse each other's bodies, and they can sodomize each other, but they cannot have sex.

Secondly, the Section 377a statute clear states "acts of gross indecency". Homosexual acts, including sodomy, rimming, fisting, and other perverse behaviors, are all forms of indecency, and they should not be promoted.

Now, let's look at the first paragraph of the report:

Singapore’s high court has upheld a colonial-era law that criminalises sex between men, putting the international financial centre at odds with the liberal trend to embrace same-sex relationships.

Once again, the writer mentions "Colonial," i.e. backward, wrong-headed, stuck in the past, etc.

Notice also that the writer appeals to this fallacy that there is this Zeitgeist around the world that homosexuality is being embraced, and that Singapore is the last hold-out against the inevitable triumph of gay marriage and the so-called normalization of homosexual relationships.

This falsehood has become quite prevalent in First World countries. Many Western powers, or at least their globalist-leaning leaders, are convinced that part of economic progress means sexual liberation and laxity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Undermining moral relations between men and women has a host of damaging consequences on societies and peoples. Chinese cultures were getting stuck because of the rampant disregard for natural relations between men and women. Ancient Greek city-states also collapsed with the decline and fall of the family, and the rise of rampant, militant homosexuality.

Singapore is indeed a strong, vibrant, enviable financial sector. That status is not in conflict with the nation's wise decision to criminalize acts of gross indecency between men.

Final Reflection




These are the arrogant sentiments of the liberal media and LGBT activists when it comes to normalizing homosexual behaviors and transgender ideologies. They cast anyone who opposes the rank promotion of perversion as "backward", "not with it", or worse yet "bigoted".

It's stunning and sad to see how biased, how bereft of integrity the media have become around the world. They need to be held accountable for this deriliction of duty, and pro-family activists must stick to their convictions and confront such chronological snobbery categorically.

Majulah Singapura! Nation's Courts Reject Legal Challenges to Anti-Sodomy Statutes

Flag of Singapore

Well, this is good news, indeed!

This morning, I received a number of texts and updates from pro-family contacts in Southeast Asia about the 377a court challenges in Singapore. I had been keeping an eye on these legal proceedings.
Flyer to Advocate for "Keep 377a"

For the uninitiated, Statute 377a criminalizes immoral acts between men, aka sodomy (but also covers all other sexual perversions among men).

If Singapore falls, and the statute decriminalizing sodomy and other indecent acts among men is struck down as unconstitutional, the entire host of LGBT perversions will overrun the country, just as they have in Taiwan, and they are poised to overrun Hong Kong. It just breaks me up inside to see an entire continent ignore the warning signs which are blazing out of the Western World about the LGBT onslaught-juggernaut.

Decriminalization of LGBT behaviors, gay marriage, etc. are just the first of an avalanche of evil monstrosities that will be visited on a country should they occur. The homosexual lobby does not know the word "Enough" or the phrase "We've arrived."

Gay Star News (sadly, it appears that they are back online), reported the following about the significance of 377a remaining on the books in Singapore:

However, the law hangs over all LGBT+ people. It stops the community advancing other rights. Trans people can change gender in Singapore but there is no same-sex marriage or discrimination protection.

And this is precisely the point why it is welcome news that the statute has not been struck down. Notice the larger agenda of "advancing other rights". The need to end discrimination, to push for "discrimination protection" should be setting off alarm bells for anyone reading that phrase. "Discrimination protection" is not about protecting individuals from harm, but rather allowing a small group of militant activists to discriminate against everyone else at will, i.e. the LGBT lobby demanding more privileges and persecuting those who don't agree and don't comply.

Channel News Asia reports on the LGBT litigants' latest failure to strike down 377a:

SINGAPORE: Three men have failed in their challenges against Section 377A of the penal code, after a High Court judge dismissed their court actions against the law that criminalises sex between men on Monday (Mar 30).

In a case summary released by the court, Justice See Kee Oon rejected arguments that the law is unconstitutional, and defended the decision not to pro-actively enforce Section 377A.

He said that Section 377A "serves the purpose of safeguarding public morality by showing societal moral disapproval of male homosexual acts". It cannot be said to be redundant simply because of its non-enforcement, he added.

Yes! Governments and laws exist to protect the rights of the governed. The Declaration of Independence could not be clearer:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed ...

Amen to that! The drafters and signers of the Declaration of Independence were declaring universal principles from natural law, not just a narrow set of values which pertained to Englishmen living in the American colonies. These principles belong to everyone in the world, including Singaporeans. 

"Created equal", yes. "Created homosexual"? No.

Channel News Asia continues:

According to Section 377A of the Penal Code, any man who commits any act of gross indecency with another man in public or in private can be jailed for up to two years. This extends to any man who abets such an act, procures or attempts to procure such an act.

The verdict was delivered in chambers, four months after arguments were made by the lawyers for the three men: Disc jockey Johnson Ong Ming, retired general practitioner Roy Tan Seng Kee and Bryan Choong Chee Hoong, the former executive director of LGBT non-profit organisation Oogachaga.

One Singaporean expressed complete outrage that the LGBT lobby was pushing this matter in the first place:

"Waste of news bandwidth. So much bigger issues to worry about now. The LGBT community should shut the hell up and no one gives a rat's ass."

It's precisely this kind of outrage which has become prevalent across the globe, I believe. The LGBT lobby, like a bunch of discontented, spoiled children, simply will not stop pushing, prodding, demanding special privileges. They have wrapped their warped arguments in the rhetoric of victimhood and benign eccentricity. "We just want to love people of the same sex. What's wrong with that? How is my sexual relationship hurting you?"

Singaporeans by and large are aware that the LGBT agenda is not about mere decriminalization.

Dr. Thio Li-Ann in Singapore's 2007 parliament exposed this agenda for what it really is:

"Repealing 377A is the first step of a radical, political agenda which will subvert social morality, the common good and undermine our liberties."

Yes, indeed. The tragic facts of this agenda cannot be ignored. Brian Camenker, the President of MassResistance, also declared forcefully: "The slippery slope is real."

From gay marriage comes the demands for all kinds of accommodations, privileges, and perks for the homosexual lobby. This agenda has gone so far, that in other Commonwealth countries like Canada and Australia, homosexuals can sue individuals and corporations for defamation or discrimination, because they are telling the truth about homosexuality! (Thank God for the First Amendment in the United States).

The Channel News Asia report continues:

Mr Choong said in a statement that he is "of course disappointed", but said his eyes "are firmly on the road ahead".

"I’ll be studying this judgment closely with my lawyers. For now, I want to thank them for their hard work and all well-wishers for their support," he added.

Mr Tan's lawyer, M Ravi, told the media after that short hearing that he is working with a team to study the prospects of appeal.

Roy Tan, Gay Activist and one of the three LGBT Litigans. He admits in interviews that
he had sex with many other boys while in primary school

He said the decision was "astounding" and "utterly shocking" because "you still criminalise these people".

Notice the false rhetoric: "You are still criminalising these people." That is the fundamental lie of the homosexual lobby, that people are "born that way," and therefore anyone who criminalizes such perverse behaviors is a massive bigot. No, the true bigotry lies with the LGBT lobby which insists on normalizing behaviors that are inherently destructive and demeaning. These behaviors do not, and do not have to, define an individual. People are not born gay, and there is no natural right to sodomy.

Mr Ravi had argued on behalf of Mr Tan that the "absurd and arbitrary application" of the law is a violation of the Constitution as all gay and bisexual men are obligated to report their consensual private sexual acts to the police.

There's a proper way to deal with this problem, that the lawyer does not want to mention: don't engage in those sexual acts to begin with! I would agree that anti-LGBT statutes should target women and well as men. Homosexual acts among women are aberrant and perverse, as well. The level of domestic violence and child abuse among lesbians is quite shocking, too.

This is "incongruous with the so-called non-proactive enforcement of Section 377A", said Mr Ravi, who also argued that this law infringes the right to equality, life, personal liberty and expression.

One of these days, I will provide an extended set of remarks about "right to equality." That is nonsensical. Equality is not a natural right, nor even a natural occurrence in nature. A government cannot promote liberty and equality as two demanding co-equal principles. The greater the push for equality, the greater the diminution of liberty, and vice versa. Equality before the law, yes, but equality as an end in itself is unthinkable, even tyrannical.

However, Justice See found that issues relating to how the law is enforced are distinct from issues relating to whether it is constitutional, maintaining that it does not violate various articles in the Singapore Constitution.

He held that legislation remains "important in reflecting public sentiment and beliefs".

YES! Exactly. Would that more countries embraced these views and held these common beliefs. Nations and peoples have no idea the troubles, the trials, the tragedies which they are courting should they decriminalize homosexual acts. Public sentiment must be informed, must be kept abreast of the truth that

Mr Choong's lawyers, led by Senior Counsel Harpreet Singh Nehal, had argued based on new historical material that was not available during a 2014 appeal.

They pointed to recently declassified documents demonstrating that the introduction of Section 377A in 1938 was to criminalise "rampant male prostitution" when Singapore was under British colonial rule.

However, Justice See ruled that Section 377A "was not targeted solely at male prostitution when it was enacted", adding that it was "intended to safeguard public morals generally and enable enforcement and prosecution of all forms of gross indecency between males".

Exactly. I wish that the United States had had similar justices when LGBT litigants had contended against the anti-sodomy and pro-natural marriage statutes in my country. Public morality matters, and private behavior has public consequences. The state does not have to place telescreens or recording devices in every bedroom, but the state has a duty to outline morals and guidelines for what is right, and what is wrong.

Mr Ong's lawyers, helmed by Mr Eugene Thuraisingam, put forth expert scientific evidence on the nature of sexual orientation, arguing that homosexuals cannot wilfully change their orientation and that Section 377A is discriminatory and violates the Constitution.

This is the biggest load of crap yet. I apologize for my scatological bluntness, but I cannot refrain. People are not born gay. This is abject nonsense. There is no genetic, statistical, or biological evidence to confirm or even suggest that homosexual tendencies exist. The latest study on this subject surveyed hundreds of thousands of genetic data to confirm that "There is No Gay Gene."

The court found that "there was no comprehensive scientific consensus that a person's sexual orientation was biologically determined such that it is immutable".

Wow! The courts actually provided a biological truth to combat the legal fraud perpetrated by the LGBT litigants! I have yet to hear any legal scholar or advocate make that case in the United States. For the ten years leading up to the Obergfell decision in 2015, pro-family and constitutionalist lawyers refused to make the simple yet compelling argument that "No one is born gay." The reticence of those legal and political leaders is just stunning.

Justice See added that the court is not the "appropriate forum to seek a resolution of a scientific issue that remains controversial".

Another welcome point. Courts are not supposed to make laws or enact policies. Their role serves to safeguard constitutional rights and governance, as well. There is no constitutional nor natural right to sodomy, and thus no court has any right to grant such a privilege.

Mr Ong intends to appeal the decision, lawyer Suang Wijaya told CNA.

The Attorney-General's Chambers had maintained that Section 377A serves a "legitimate and reasonable" state interest, "regardless of whether and how it is enforced".


They said the issue was "a deeply divisive socio-political" one that should instead be decided by Parliament, as the latter comprises democratically elected representatives accountable to Singaporeans.

Final Reflection

"Majulah Singapura" is the national anthem of the Republic of Singapore. The phrase is Malay for "Onward Singapore". Indeed, true progress for any nation must be founded on defense of the family and opposition to sexual degradation and perversion.

The country is still clinging to this moral progress as long as they hold onto #377a and reject the corporate, globalist bullying of the LGBT lobby and their allies in different governments, international institutions, and the media.