Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where Was Torrance in Congressional Politics? 1973-1975 CD 28, CD 31, and CD 35

Election  1972 turned into a real uagmire for Congressional poltiics.

The first set of Congressional districts presented by the California legislature to Governor Reagan was really biased, slanted, completely gerrymandered.

During the decade 1973-1983, Torrance was divided into three distinct districts!

CD 28: Alphonzo Bell.

Alphonzo Bell's district was pushed to hug the Coastline.

In fact, only one samll part of Torrance, Torrance Beach, was included:

Right there in the blue circle, specifically:


Then the greater part of Torrance fell into the next 31st Congressional District, represented by:

Charles Wilson,

Yes, he's the one who's named after the Park in Central Torrance.

Here's the map of the district below:


Notice that the section of Torrance South of the 405 Freeway between Crenshaw Blvd. and Western Ave falls into another district.

That would be CD 35, which was represented by:

Glenn Anderson


Of course, following Governor Reagans veto of these gerrymandered districts, Torrance would still remain divided into three districts.

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