Saturday, July 22, 2017

It's Official: Omar Navarro Outraised Incumbent Maxine Waters in Latest Fundraising Quarter

The numbers are in for the latest fundraising quarter.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters raised a paltry $22,000.

That's it!

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Despite Maxine Waters’ elevated profile following the election of Donald Trump, the Democrat Congresswoman is in financial despair. Campaign filings reveal Waters received a paltry $22,000 in individual contributions this year and owes her daughter $100,000 for political mailer services.

OH NO!!!!

So, Waters can't rake in the dough anymore.

Now she owes her daughter big money for a bunch of overpriced  mailers.

Well, well, well. I thought this lady was going to be the Anti-Trump Resistance fighter and leader?

But what about her major opponent Omar Navarro of Torrance, CA?

Well, let's just say he made more money:


Waters has been in Congress for 27 years, and yet the individual donation gravy train has turned into a slow trickle--and she still owes big money!

Roger Stone and Omar Navarro!

Navarro has outraised her in the last six months. He has also brought in heavy hitters like Roger Stone to help with his campaign.


Check out his fundraiser here!


The major focus for now is Maxine Waters.

For all her town halls, for all her media attention, she can't get the money that she needs for re-election.

She has invested years of her life networking for major wins, or at least acting as if she can bring something, anything in for her district.

Yet the crime rates are through the roof. Her office is hidden far away in some far off section of Broadway Meadows in South Los Angeles. The district has gotten poorer, the jobs are getting scarcer, and illegal immigration has gotten worse.

Back com unities have been destroyed by the Democratic Party's ruinous policies--and Maxine Waters has gone along with this corrupt program.

For all the love that the media claim she has been earning from Millennials, she sure isn't seeing it in the campaign warchest.

One theory: she is hardly as popular as the media make her out to be.

Second theory: She is stiff competition among the DNC ranks, particularly with Nancy Pelosi, and she has found insidious means for cutting of her money.

Either way, Waters is running dry, with little hope of making better on her latest bid for office.

Will Election 2018 be her last campaign? I sure hope so!

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  1. How dare you say that BigMouth Lying Corrupt B**** Maxine can not raise more money than a "nobody" per CNN news. Maxine do the voters in your district know that you live in a $4 million house in a "white" neighborhood outside your district? Guess you are too good for your voters.