Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Reminder: Rabid Brown Supremacists Chased American Citizen for ... Being an American

Wacky Jackie Cordova, RG Wong, Perla (Basura) Dionicio, and the rest of the silly, hate-mongering Brown Supremacists made a huge mistake.

They really believed that they were going to scare me away from celebrating Fourth of July with parents and children at Santa Ana Centennial Park!


Lupe Morfin and I had a great time, and supporters throughout the park joined me and learned a great deal about John Adams.

Instead of scaring me off, the Brown Supremacists made themselves look like the hateful, narrow-minded bigots that they really are!


Check out my graceful exit as I thanked the Santa Ana Police for protecting me on my way to my car!

That was the view of the Brown Supremacists, headed by Wacky Jackie Cordova,

The Santa Ana Police assisted my exit in spite of arrogant, virulent, anti-American Brown Supremacists looking to cause nothing but trouble.

It is shameful just thinking about it. These anti-American, anti-Anglo La Raza thugs wanted to prevent parents and children from having a peaceful event at Centennial Regional Park in Santa Ana.

Just terrible.

Check out the video below:

Yet no matter what they tried to do, everything worked out well for John Adams!

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