Monday, July 10, 2017

Jorge Ramirez Should Be Deported (And Why Are We Reading About Him?)

Here's the latest sob story pushed by the liberal media and the amnesty lobby.

Pastor Jorge Ramirez from Oceanside has been arrested and is currently under detention in the Otay Mesa Detention Center.

The media narrative ran something like this:

Jorge came (rather, entered illegally) into the United States when he was 11 years old.

He had worked odd jobs, then became a music minister at a local church.

He's a grand, upstanding resident of California, and the United States, even though he resides in the country illegally.

Of course, the reported account pushes the same grotesque narrative that he is an upstanding person. He's in the country illegally. He resided in the country illegally for 30 years. He took no steps to become a legal resident. He did nothing.

Still ...

He encouraged his children, all legal residents, to support and vote for Donald Trump. Throughout the article, he mentions his misplaced belief that Trump was going after the violent illegals, the ones who have an established, outstanding criminal record besides entering into the country legally and engaging in an unlawful presence in the country.

Since when did Trump ever say that he would ignore the non-violent illegal aliens? Never. Attorney General Jeff Sessions clearly announced that all illegal aliens in the United States are subject to deportation.

This is another sob story, nothing more, to induce the reading public to be angry with Donald Trump and to oppose the enforcement of our immigration laws, as well as the deportation of illegal aliens. The intent of the article was clearly to make Trump supporters feel bad about supporting Trump, especially Latinos for Trump, since the President is not making exceptions for "good illegals" in the country. Oh, and as expected, Ramirez begins to second-guess his support for the President, then offer a sense of betrayal.

Really?! How about the rest of us? Our rights as citizens to live in an integrated, sovereign country have been routinely undermined. Enough!

After reading about this short-lived account in the paper, I received the following message from a friend:

The real problem here is really the Pastor who are not teaching their members to follow the law. The guy who will be deported is not a minister. That's how I understood. If you are going to call the Pastor we need to be loving.

Let's expand on this probing inquiry.

Why should we fell any more compassion for a ministry in an apostolic church? Everyone is held accountable to the laws of the land. All authority comes from God. Just because Ramirez is a pastor does not excuse his crime.

In fact, he was busted by ICE following his attempt to apply for a permit. He had worked in the Camp Pendleton base for years and he had gotten away with it! More to the point, he was a cable installer, which means that he entered the facility, specifically individual homes on the military base!

The time of his arrest? Late December 2016, nearly two months after Trump's historic, unexpected, and unprecedented victory, but Barack Obama was still President. So, the lax non-enforcement of our immigration laws was still in effect, and Ramirez was released after one day.

Then comes May 30, 2017, and border agents came to his home and detained him. This is pretty stunning story, but it's obvious that the writers putting it all together are determined to push a narrative, a sympathy sob-story.

I contacted the initial reporter at the San Diego Union-Tribune, which is now part of the liberal Los Angeles Time corporate co-op, and I received the following answer:

I cover immigration full time in San Diego. I have sources for things like this. I’m not quite sure what you’re wanting me to tell you?

She did not get back to me.

I left a phone number at the church office and with the pastor who worked with Jorge.

The pastor told me that Ramirez had been a family friend for decades, ever since he was a kid. He also added that he never asked the immigration status of anyone attending or working in his church--that only is highly suspect, since churches hire staffers and ministers.

He also informed me that there are plenty of immigration attorneys in and around the Oceanside area. That factor leads me to have less compassion for Jorge. There is no excuse for a grown man, who ended up marrying and having children of his own, not to become a legal resident at some point. It is unconscionable.

Furthermore, this story is no the first immigration, border security, sympathy rant in the press taking place in Congressman Darrell Issa's district. As most California Republicans are aware, Issa is probably the most vulnerable Republican incumbent in the country. He barely won his re-election bid last year, by nearly 1,000 votes, despite having carried the same district by double-digits in years past.

Do we see another media-driven conspiracy, this time targeting a Republican over a controversial issue destined to split his base and his support?

Check out the report here:

Another report mentioned Congressman Issa and his efforts to help the abused boy.

Regardless of the content of these reports, the facts remain evident: Jorge Ramirez is an illegal alien. and he should be deported, especially after living in the United States for 30 years. Add to that the argument from his attorney that he paid taxes, and the alarm bells should be ringing even louder--how can an illegal alien pay taxes if he does not have a Social Security card in the first place?!

Let's cut through the political correctness crap. The liberal media in California is dedicated at all costs to make readers feel guilty or compassionate about sympathetic illegal aliens. But illegal is illegal, and the brazen disregard for our nation's immigration laws, regardless of his good works, means nothing.

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