Friday, July 14, 2017

Brown's Cap and Trade Deal Going Down?!

The Sacramento Bee is all worried about the Cap and Trade hustle being pushed at us.

The truth is that even wobbly Democrats are getting worried about the left-wing tilt of their party.

Al Muratsuchi has been avoiding visits with constituents. He doesn't seem to keen on hearing their concerns on matters like the gas tax, or the sanctuary state bill, or cap and trade or other issues.

Other Assemblymembers are worried about their seats, too, and it looks like Sacramento power brokers are going to have to bribe legislators to vote to extend the cap and trade carbon tax scheme, too.

Jerry Brown says his climate plan is in danger. To lose would be a tragedy ‘for the world’s

With his international reputation as a climate leader at stake, Gov. Jerry Brown moved Tuesday to defend his efforts to extend the state’s cap-and-trade program, which the veteran Democrat described in an interview as a crucial method to reduce emissions from greenhouse gases.

What about our wallets? What about constituents' quality of life? What about the legacy that parent want to leave for their children?

“If we don’t get it, it’d be a tragedy for California, and for the world,” Brown said. “Because from China, to the European Union, people are looking to the California cap-and-trade program.”

The only thing that would be a tragedy would ... allowing cap and trade to stay in place. That is the wrong approach. No way. No more taxes. No more chasing this Big Green rainbows toward environmental utopianism. We need to stand up to this nonsense.

Brown and legislative leaders released legislation late Monday that would extend the program through 2030, an effort to bring more stability to the market it creates.

NO! We need to take down any legislator in Sacramento who pushes this garbage. No wonder men and women have no respect for elected officials, Democrat or Republican!

The measures immediately generated criticism from the left. Environmentalists and academics suggested the package was moving too far to the right by making the program more palatable to industry.

How about not having a program at all? Forget what the Left thinks. They don't even think. They are more interested in feeling, noth thinking, and they certainly do not seem inclined to working in league with the truth.

Diane Takvorian, a member of the state Air Resources Board aligned with social and environmental justice movements, said it would put the board in danger of missing its pollution-control mandates and will have a “devastating impact on our climate.”

Notice how the social justice warriors have taken over even greater levers of power in state government. No wonder the state of California is in big trouble.

Added Amy Vanderwarker, co-director of the California Environmental Justice Alliance: “We feel as a coalition that Big Oil is dictating climate policy in California.”

"Environmental Injustice" is more like it.

While a vote on the package could come as soon as Thursday, Brown said he isn’t sure whether it will pass, noting lawmakers from both sides of the aisle represent districts with disparate priorities and constituencies, from “dairy cows to oil rigs to electric companies.”

Good news: no package was forthcoming. Thursday has come and gine.

Bad news: the word in Sacramento is that the legislators have cobbled together another set of creepy, scuzzy compromises for a Monday vote. The floor votes always take place on Monday or Thursday. Let's hope that more constituents, taxpayers, small businesses of all backgrounds will raise their voices and demand a  no vote on this cap and crap nonsense.

“It’s very up in the air at this point,” he said in a telephone interview with The Sacramento Bee. “We got Republican issues and we got Democratic issues.”

Yes, kill it! If it's Brown, flush it down!

Republican leaders of both houses, whom Brown has said he’s counting on to help the bill achieve the needed two-thirds margin in the Legislature, did not react publicly Tuesday. The powerful Western States Petroleum Association did not return calls and messages seeking comment.

Protect us all from the state legislature. When are we finally going to have men and women who are fighting for our rights, rather than scrambling to hold onto their per diems!

The cap-and-trade bill includes a suspension of the state’s fire prevention fee, a controversial charge on more than 800,000 property owners who live in rural areas, as of July 1 to sweeten the pot for Republican lawmakers long unhappy about the charge. It also exempts electric power companies from paying the sales tax on equipment purchases, certain construction-related costs and other expenses.

How about exempting ALL OF US?!

Not cap and trade! Shame on Chad Mayes and the rest of the GOP caucus if they cave on this.

The hushed reaction, following weeks of intense, closed-door negotiations, underscored the delicate nature of culling enough votes to win passage for the complex, market-based program that has never been the preferred method for some environmentalists. Seeking the extension through 2030, Brown himself argued the industry would come pleading for cap and trade to avoid more onerous commands that are less beneficial to their bottom lines.

There is nothing market based about that big green scam. It needs to be killed outright. No!

Over the last several weeks, observed Michael Wara, a professor of environmental law at Stanford University who worked on a rival bill, “it’s been interesting to see who really wants cap and trade.”

How about "nobody"?

“The answer is Gov. Jerry Brown,” Wara said. “And the industry has been willing to exploit that ... it’s written all over the bill.”

Thankfully, Jerry Brown will be gone for good, and we will never have to deal with his corrupt, decrepit legacy ever again. Let's get rid of the Brown legacy once for all!

Cap and trade requires polluters to obtain permits for the greenhouse gases they emit as an incentive for companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Homeowners, business owners, garden owners, everyone needs a permit just to live and breathe in California these days. When does this insanity stop?

The legislation cements cap and trade’s status as the dominate way to fight climate change and help the state reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2030. It includes AB 398, by Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella, and AB 617, a separate measure on air quality from Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, D-Bell Gardens.

How about neither one? How about we just throw the whole thing out and stop regulating CO2 like some bad gas. We all breathe it out, everyone! There is nothing to be worried about. Nothing.

Several business organizations stretching from Silicon Valley to the Sierra Nevada released statements Tuesday supporting Brown’s efforts, as did some environmental groups.

To that end, Florez suggested it was “worth the vote” and “the best you are going to get out of the Legislature.”

It wasn’t too long ago that the governor and legislative leaders from both parties were forced to meet the two-thirds threshold at least once a year to enact a new state budget.

“It used to be the rite of summer in Sacramento,” said Bill Whalen, a Hoover Institution research fellow and an aide to former Republican Gov. Pete Wilson. “It was a lot of two sides staring at each other and a lot of bluff and a lot of bravado.”

Now that Republicans are a diminishing breed and brand, one has to wonder what will be left of California before men and women have to start over and rebuild the destroyed, no longer Golden State.

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