Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CAGOP Central Committees Demand Mayes' Ouster, Except RINO-PLAC (No Surprise)

American Children First Founder Joseph Turner assembled an incredible list of contacts and information from different Republican groups throughout the state of California.

Check out how many state Central Committees have demand that Cheating Chad Mayes, the Assembly Permanent Minority Leader, step down for orchestrating the corrupt and harmful Cap and Trade "compromise" which is hurting and will further damage the disintegrating middle class in California.

Several county central committees are now getting on board. Here is the list with links to the letters:
  • Orange County Central Committee
  • San Diego C​ounty Central Committee
  • Fresno County Central Committee
  • Merced County Central Committee
  • Madera County Central Committee
  • San Luis Obispo County Central Committee
  • Mariposa County Central Committee
  • Tulare County Central Commitee
Turner points out that Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are missing from this list.

What we see is the very bad, very frustrating politics within politics which has hurt Republican chances for growth and opportunity in California.

Turner reports:

The Riverside County Central Committee voted to summon Assemblyman Mayes to the next meeting for an explanation before voting on a resolution calling for his resignation. Apparently, several members of the body were unaware of this new thing called the Internet where one can listen and hear the reasons Mayes gave for his vote.

The San Bernardino County Central Committee, chaired by Jan Leja, has been silent thus far. Reports suggest that they have cancelled the meeting to protect Mayes and Marc Steinorth (Rancho Cucamonga) from being confronted for their votes.'

Strangely, though, San Diego Central Committee slammed Mayes, and one of the other Cap-n-Traitors was North San Diego County Assemblyman Rocky Chavez. There is no reason not excuse to cover for any elected official.

Of course, another county is specifically missing from this growing list of central committees demanding Mayes' resignation:

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County

It's crystal clear that the RINOs are currently running things in some of the larger counties in California. What a shame.

The RINO-PLAC executive leaders have no interest in taking any kind of lead on anything. They have no regard for the rule of law. They have no interest in fighting for any kind of values, either.

Is it any surprise that Republicans continue to lose ground in the most populous county in the state?

Shame on Chairman Richard Sherman! Don't conservatives deserve something better, more robust than the flabby status quo?

 But then again, maybe we shouldn't be surprised to begin with:

The crash of New Majority RINOs
They like sellouts like Mayes.

And let's not forget what constitutes current "leadership" in Los Angeles GOP circles:

RINO-PLAC Chairman
Richard "Do Nothing" Sherman

Gary SCAM-inoff

Janice the Webb

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