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California GOP at a Crossroads ... or on a Cross!

July 12, 2017.

Richard Eber published the following article:

California GOP at the crossroads

We are not a crossroads.

We are hanging on a cross, but dying for nothing.

We have leaders in the state legislature which have routinely sold out the voters, the business owners, the taxpayers and rate-payers.

How much are we going to take getting taken on like this?

Part of being a political writer involves reading blogs and emails from both the left and right side of the political spectrum. If there is a middle of road one, it has escaped my attention thus far.

Middle of the road is always based on reaction to the extremes. Such political posturing has never helped our country.

Progressive Democrats leave little to the imagination. They express their views on sanctuary cities, health care, global warming, affordable housing, law enforcement and pro-choice policies with a passion that is to be admired. There are no secrets despite how radical some of these stands might be.

They are no longer ashamed of these radical points of view. They should feel ashamed.

Democratic Party Central Committee meetings reflect this energy as there is never a shortage of advocates for any issue. Except for rare occasions when determining endorsements for political office, the press is welcome to cover their events. Transparency and openness dictate democratic proceedings.

How about that? Well, it really is no surprise that Democrats welcome the press. The mainstream tilts left and supports many of these left-wing narratives. They will often write the most glowing articles about the Democratic Party. Because the media is the pet lap-dog for the Left, activists for Berniecras an the corrupt Democratic Party are not ashamed of their views.

Not so with the Republican Party in California these days. It would seem that it is their policy to not discuss issues as a party and allow individual office holders to deal with the press. The state party under the leadership of former state Senator Jim Brulte, (with financial assistance from Charles T. Munger) is content to act as a fund-raising apparatus.

And yet even there is fails. All the major money is coming from Munger. Thtat's why eight Republicans in the state legislature voted for the Crap and Betray deal yesterday (July 18). They do not discuss issues because they have no interest in standing for anything anymore. The powers that be who have taken over the California GOP 

Interviews with party officials on the state and county level are almost impossible to obtain. In fact, in Contra Costa, where I live, the chairwoman intervened to have me disinvited to an event where she was speaking. Gaining publicity and educating voters does not seem to be a priority with the state GOP game plan. They seem to be content with their current “benign neglect” role  in “Left Coast” politics.

Wow! Who was the chairwoman at the time?

I know your pain, buddy. The Republican Party of Los Angeles County revoked the charter of the Beach Cities Republicans because ... for no good reason. They routinely lied about what was going on. They took no clear stance on issues, and I did. I welcomed Latinos for Trump to speak at our club, and they tried to shut it down.

What was supposed to happen? What was I supposed to do? Just let them get away with allowing nothing to happen? RPLAC turned into RINO-PLAC, with nothing to show for their efforts.

One might ask why things have not been shaken up in the Republican Party as it exists today. In terms of achievement today we find:

  • GOP registration has continued to decline and is projected to represent less than 25% of registered voters behind the decline-to-state group.
  • The party has less than one third of membership in both houses of Legislature thus affording conservatives negligible influence in formulating legislation or approving budgets that requires a 66% majority to pass.
  • Republicans have zero state office holders and haven’t elected anyone to such a post in 10 years. Even worse, in most cases such as the U.S. Senate race in 2016, two democrats ended up squaring off in the run-off.

The Republican Party leadership does not want to fight.

They don't want to do anything.

Guess what? I want to do something. I still want to fight! I want to bring down the regressive leftists who are destroying our culture and our way of life. I want to fight for what is right and stand for truth in every arena. After all, it's the truth that sets us free.

It's the truth WHO sets us free!

This headline says it all about the GOP in California

Despite these dismal statistics, the state GOP acts as if everything is “A OK at the KOA.” At the Republican State Convention that followed the general election last November, Jim Brulte ran without opposition for a third term in office. His organization was basking in the victory of Donald Trump for which they had nothing to do with. In fact, Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote was almost entirely due to her landslide win in California.

Hw true this assessment has become. They California Republican Party leadership is taking credit for something that they had nothing to do with. Nothing at all. I remember seeing President Donald Trump fighting hard to enter the CAGOP Convention in Burlingame in February 2016.

The only reason national Republicans care about California is two-fold:

1. The Presidential primary, and the large cache of delegates which follow
2. Donations and fundraising.

That's it.

There are no victories to be had in California, whether at the state or the national level

All of this has not escaped conservative rank-and-file Republicans who feel left out of the party. They are tired of having no say trying to revitalize the organization that has failed them. This group of the disenchanted regularly sends out emails and tweets that find their way to me. What separates current complaints from past correspondence is their belief that the current GOP does not have the ability to do a makeover and reform itself.

The current CAGOP leadership is happily committed to accomplishing very little. They spend more time stalling and thwarting opportunity to change the party rather than allowing the grassroots determine the time and direction of their own party, then taking the fight to the corrupt Democracy.

A divorce and a new political party is what they want.

I think that take is acceptable.

According to a perplexed Pamela Olson, “Please correct me if I am wrong in this. I do believe unless we cut the dysfunction out of current boards, we will never unite a strong 2.0 versions and rebirth of conservative ideals just as we birthed Reagan conservative ideals. We’ve the right groups and right people … wrong folks on dysfunction boards is our issue.”

Indeed, especially if they are talking about the abortive, useless central committees.

Indeed, these boards and associations are supposed to be invested in raising money, recruiting candiates, and registering voters. None of this is happening, and even worse, the latest RINO actions of assembly Republicans vote to increase taxes and regulations, while handing over more power to unaccountable government boards.

Self-proclaimed “political contractor” John Bechtel believes the fractured state of the Republican Party goes beyond the leadership in the state level. He thinks, “In many cases, the local county chairs are the problem, alienating critical sectors of the community, proving the reality of guilt-by-association, and undermining the efforts of good people.”

Yes indeed! The RINO-PLAC Central Committee revoked the charter for the Beach Cities Republicans, and also threatened the Mountain View Republicans in northeastern Los Angeles County. Who needs Democrats when Republican, or "Republican" leaders are more interested in playing along with the left-wing descent into madness.

To show how far things have deteriorated, Bechtel said, “The GOP is weak and apathetic that as of yet they have not applied to have a table at the State Fair in Sacramento to recruit new members. I guess it does not bother them that less than one quarter of the voters in the state belongs to the party.”

Who wants to join the California GOP now? Who wants to go along with the left-wing tilt and fallout of the latest betrayal vote! Of course the state party has not invested any money into registering voters. Why would anyone want to be a Republican.

What to call the organization which is intended to recruit disgusted Republicans, many of whom have become decline-to-state voters? It was suggested by John Bechtel to replace the current GOP and call the new one the Jefferson Party, in honor of the founding fathers.
This appeals to Pamela Olson who says, “Personally it’s my favorite, though I wonder if we should avoid names already associated with hard founded groups such as the Jefferson State. We need not burn bridges just to rebuild a party that is worse than a paper house on fire!”
What is the chance that there would be the necessary manpower and funding to start a new political organization for Republicans to rally around to become a strong force in the Golden State? Probably not much but we must not underestimate the power of grass roots politics as Donald Trump’s election demonstrated.

It's time for grassroots activists to take control. We showed our muscle and our might with the election of Donald Trump. We need to direct our efforts toward true representation for individual citizens.

Perhaps as Bobby McGinnis stated, “Personally I think Republican/Conservative groups already have a number of groups, chartered or nonprofits that already exist.” Naming over 10 of them she added, “I am a member of 5 of them. Not to mention all of the different clubs. Each of the above groups are chartered, file tax returns, establish mission statements & by laws and perform various duties all in the name of getting Republicans elected.”

The Beach Cities Republicans is still up and running!

No reason for people to stop coming! We are still active, and we are still conservative.

Regardless of whether conservatives want to start from scratch or reform the existing organization, there are few rank and file Republicans who think that their party is doing a very good job enticing voters to join their ranks. Jim Brulte and the country organizations under his care should know this and try to improve an ineffective structure that has delivered dismal results in partisan elections.

Rather than wait another 4 years to continue the trend of losing voters and office holders to unaccountable progressives, the right thing to do is to admit there is a problem and that the current strategy operating  as a low key stealth political organization is not working and needs to changed. As such Brulte should consider resigning and ask all county chairs and boards to do the same.

The problem is represented all too well by Charles Munger Jr. who has all the money in the world, and yet chooses to misuse his inheritance ruining the Republican Party of California and allowing it to stand for nothing and gain nothing.

To replace these individuals, mini constitutional-like conventions should be held throughout the state to redefine what being Republican means. Instead of hiding in the weeds, conservatives need to show voters what they stand for and present an alternative to the unabated liberalism which completely dominates California politics.

They do know what we stand for. The problem is that we have leadership which refuses to stand behind us.

Regardless of the outcome we need to praise this band of Jefferson Republicans who want to bring conservative government back to the state. Their enthusiasm is needed to combat liberal democrats who are equally intense in their beliefs. Such passion will only serve to improve our current one sided governmental environment.

I am all for Jeffersonian Republicanism.

I am all for the state of Jefferson, too.

I am furthermore in favor of either burning down the California GOP as we know it and rebuilding from the ground up. Why not? It's time for all of us to audacious! It's time for us to take clear stances on issues and demand that our leaders do the same.

Conservatives, citizens do indeed find themselves at a crossroads. We can either get off the cross and start reigning in life, or we can hang on a cross and die the ignominous death which faces all martyrs and losers who have nothing new in life to look forward to.

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