Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cudahy Special Meeting: Overspending, Under-Attended (June 29th)

Here's a recap of what happened at another Cudahy city council meeting--on a Friday evening, no less!

Four city councilmen showed up - but Chris Garcia was supposed to pipe in from Mexico. He was actually staying at a 5-star hotel!

And who was paying for it, I wonder ...

Six deputies were on staff at the time.


The code enforcement officer was there, too.

What is he doing inside the city council meeting?

Doesn't he have to ensure that the streets are clean? What about the parking situation?

And of course, the signs were there, too, to ensure that no one made any noise!

Cones and "Do Not Cross!" tape abounded, too!

Some cruisers, too.

Did the sheriffs' deputies expect  a riot to break out or something?

Check out amateur hour in Cudahy!

Want to reduce costs?

Get rid of Chris Garcia!

Let's Make Cudahy Great Again!

Why are all these deputies in the chambers? What are they looking for?

Why are they looking at me?

UGH! Madam Markovich!

And where is everyone else?

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