Sunday, August 20, 2017

RNC Making Bank---DNC Going Bust

The money is just flowing in for the Republican National Committee.

The Democratic National Committee? Not so much.

From The Hill:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) expanded its massive fundraising lead over the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in July as the Democrats posted their worst July haul in a decade. 

The DNC raised just $3.8 million in July, compared to the $10.2 million raised by the RNC in the same month. While the GOP has no debt, the DNC added slightly to its debt in July, which now sits at $3.4 million. 


The party of fiscal discipline is raking in the dough, and they have defrayed all their debt.

The Democratic Party struggles to raise money and incur more debt.

One has to wonder if the Democratic Party is going to survive one more election!

ICYMI: More Winning For President Trump

Here is a short list (hardly exhaustive) of the big wins that President Trump is accomplishing across the country and how is draining the swamp, sometimes with the inadvertent, unintentional assistance of the very liberals who think that they are dissing him.

All of this was accomplished over the last week, even though the media has become completely Trump deranged.

1. Trump has revoked a rule which bans plastic bottles in National Parks. That was an Obama-era rule meant to hurt working people and force the corrupt, unreal Green agenda down everyone's throats.

2. Operation Choke Point is over. This corrupt program was targeting banks and small lenders to prevent them from helping conservative groups.

3. MS-13 gangs are getting locked up and throw out of the country. In fact, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has met with leaders in El Salvador in order to end the dominance (and existence) of MS-13 throughout Latin America. I don't recall Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder meeting with Latin American leaders to end transnational gang violence.

4. Sad-sack Kal Penn and the rest of Obama Arts Advisory council has resigned. Who needs them? Who ever needed that stupid board anyway? More swamp drained.

5. The Business advisor council which Trump had coordinated has disbanded because everyone was really unhappy with Trump's response to Charlottesville. Right? Wrong! The truth is that Trump is not going big for corporate welfare, so Big Business is taking their marbles and going home.

I say Bye Felicia!

6. The Central American Management program for parolees has been terminated. "Refugees" from Central American countries. Enough with playing Battered Women's Shelter to the world.

We need to put Americans First!

And business is booming!

CAGOP Caucus Members on the Fence: Demand That They #FireChadMayes

This is from Harmeet Dhillon, CAGOP National Committeewoman
Assembly Leadership Update: there are plenty of votes for a new leader if Chad resigns (he’s announced he “won’t capitulate”), but a good contingent of members will not vote to vacate the chair, don’t ask me why.
It’s time for every activist represented by a Republican in the Assembly to pick up the phone and keyboard and ask those members to do the right thing — vote to vacate the chair, vote for a new leader.
Here is contact info for all of them. These calls/emails are most effective when made by their constituents or better yet, leaders of conservative groups active in their districts.
Assemblyman Dante Acosta – (916) 319-2038 – or email
Assemblyman Frank Bigelow – (916)319-2005 – or email
Assemblyman Phillip Chen – (916) 319-2055 – or email
Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham – (916) 319-2035 – or email

Assemblyman Brian Dahle – (916) 319-2001 – or email
Assemblyman Health Flora – (916) 319-2012 – or email
Assemblyman James Gallagher – (916) 319-2003 – or email 
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – (916) 319-2006 – or email
Assemblyman Tom Lackey – (916) 319-2036 – or email
Assemblywoman Marie Waldron – (916) 319-2075 or email

Why the CAGOP is Losing: From the Mouth (Accidentally) of CAGOP Vice-Chair Sue Caro

I cannot believe a Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party actually tweeted this.

Yes, Sue Caro did indeed:

In a sad sense, this No vote should come as no surprise.

Aaron Park reports on "Right On Daily":

Sue Caro argued that the Bay Area Republicans supported the measure – basically towing the line of far left Republican Catherine Baker whose Assembly District is in the Bay Area. She was the only board member that spoke in favor of Chad Mayes and what he did. These assertions were despite the Solano, Sonoma and Monterey GOP taking action against.

Here's another tweet which she sent to me earlier today:
And also:

To Sue Caro, I ask the following questions:

Why do we have political parties?

Why should anyone bother to affiliate with a party that does not expect compliance of any kind?

We have parties to ensure that a set of values becomes enacted in government.

People register with political parties because those parties abide by a clear set of values and want to see those values flourish across the state.

Check out the remarks from the lone Republican state senator in Hawaii, who was thrown out of office last year:

Slam was emphatic: parties are not social gatherings.

They exist to promote a clear agenda.

Notice in the above video that the Republican Party leaders in Hawaii refused to attend the round table. They refused to acknowledge that they are doing a terrible job, and they would have to come clean about their terrible leadership if they went public about the dismal future of the Hawaii GOP.

The same perverse future awaits the California Republican Party if leadership continues to advocate for what Sue Caro obviously believes in.

Right now, what we are seeing in the California Republican Party leadership is a dedication to barely getting by, not willing to take risks or take a strong stance.

Until this past week, Executive Committee Leadership formally demanded that Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Chad Mayes step down.

He co-authored and shepherded through the state assembly a corrupt, anti-Republican, anti-Californian Cap and Trade renewal. They should have left the whole thing in the lap of the Democrats--and many of the California Democratic Party members in the state legislature did not want to vote for it. At all.

The minority leader's decision to go along with that corrupt bargain was bad policy, bad politics, and just bad on principle. Mayes should have been gone by now!

Thankfully, the member who voted against removal of Mayes lost this vote.

But still, it's shameful. This is wrong!

And now we understand the mentality for this "no" vote--and we understand further why the California Republican Party has been losing rather than gaining seats in Sacramento and around the state.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Monumental Problems Facing our Country

Business is booming. Job productivity is up. Despite the left-wing lies that coal was not coming back, miners are mining like never before. Industry is rebranding and expanding, and educational reforms are underway with Betsy DeVos and her team in the Department of Education. Trump has trumped the media yet again, refusing to cave to calls of racism or demands for an apology because he did not immediately condemn the smattering of white supremacists at the Charlottesville, Virginia rally. Why should Trump care? The race card has become so played out, and new media reports are debunking this narrative.

Instead of talking about Fat Boy Kim Jong Un backing away from his bellicose rhetoric, or the massively declining illegal immigration problem which used to overwhelmed our borders, the media are hyping up the fading White Supremacy movement and discussing whether to take down Post Civil War era monuments. Our country is fracturing, but it’s more like a necessary corrective, like a new generation of Americans breaking out of their shells. But let’s talk about the explicitly monumental problem for a few minutes.

The leaders of Baltimore, Maryland decided to remove statues in the city which commemorated Confederate soldiers, officers, etc. Honestly, it makes sense to remove these statues. These men acted in open rebellion to the United States. They explicitly defended slavery and wanted to rip the country apart. It’s no secret that Democratic lawmakers after the Civil War wanted to champion their inveterate confederates. Take them down! These statues do not represent our country or the state of Maryland.

I just read today that the Maryland State legislature decided to remove the bust of Supreme Court Justice and Maryland native Roger Taney. This man was the politically slanted Justice who decided that “Negroes are a subordinate class of human beings with no rights which a white man was bound to respect.” A Democrat and a slave owner, Taney’s temper tantrum in the 1857 Dred Scott decision further divided an already distempered country writhing over the slavery issue—one which had to be resolved by bloodshed on fields of battle all over the nation, including the streets of New York City.

Monuments are not exactly the best way to preserve our historical heritage, anyway. Nietzsche pointed out in his seminal text “The Use and Abuse of History” that monuments allow man to commemorate great deeds, but cover up the hard work and pain which major historical figures encountered to accomplish what brought them great fame. Monuments can give a community a false sense of pride. We celebrate what they did, but are we willing to fight for and defend their principles with the same vigor?

I would further submit that monuments have this inevitable tendency to enshrine what is good about someone without recognition for their failures. Why else would anyone build a monument to another, if they would have to remind the present and future community about their failings? Battles deserve to be commemorated, though, because they helped forge the values and identity of the country which they fought for. There is no greater show of devotion than a man laying down his life for his homeland. President Trump rightfully donated his salary to preserve Gettysburg. I hope that the non-stop guardians for the Unknown Solider remain vigilant.

Ultimately, monuments are about ideas, not just about the people depicted. Martin Luther King Jr. received an extended honor at the Washington Mall, even though Maya Angelou felt that one quote on the marble piece was poorly placed. It was welcome news that liberal Seattle mayor permitted the removal of a statue of Vladimir Lenin. That monument should come down! Ronald Reagan demanded that Gorbachev “Tear Down This Wall!”, a symbol of Soviet oppression. On the eve of the American Revolution, colonists tore down monuments to King George III. The Iraqis gleefully removed statues to Saddam Hussein. Following exposure of his complicity with covering up child sex abuse, Joe Paterno’s statue was also removed from Penn State. Aren’t we glad that they are gone? As new revelations manifest about the truth and error of our status as citizens, we learn more about our history and the legacies we want to celebrate. It makes sense to tear down or remove certain statues.

But won’t these sudden removals obliterate our society’s historical knowledge? What I have learned is that the harder that nefarious interests try to hide or cover up historical humiliations, the more evident they become. Adolph Hitler once quipped “Who remembers the Armenians?” referring to the 1915 genocide. The answer? The growing cohort of Armenian-Americans along with the entire nation of Armenia, and historians around the world. Holocaust denial may have reached a fevered pitch, but proof of the Holocaust has become more ample than ever.

Ultimately, The Battle of the Monuments is really the desperation of the Democratic Party and their new domestic terrorist wings (including Antifa) to undermine the President and force an ongoing narrative that Republicans, conservatives, patriots are racists, and those “racists” must prove otherwise. This line of attack is never-ending, an arrow in the quiver of Cultural Marxism to further undermine our culture of life and liberty.

Thumbs Down on Racism

If Republicans in Washington had more backbone instead of supine spine, they would applaud the removal of these Confederate monuments, reminding the country that these were all Democratic slavery sympathizers. They would also praise President Trump for standing his ground, blasting the violence on both sides at Charlottesville, particularly from the Alt-Left. Trump even predicted then condemned where this monument-bashing movement would lead to: “Are we going to take down George Washington’s statue next?” My response is an emphatic “No!” Why? Even though he did own slaves, Washington fought to establish a new country, conceived in liberty, dedicated to a political culture which would eventually set slaves free and ensure the longest-lasting constitutional republic in world history.

Republicans, not just elected officials, should follow Trump’s lead. Imagine how quickly the argument over monuments would dissipate from the national forefront.

WINNING! Sabo Shares My "Bye Facebook" Article


Sabo is awesome.

He put together these great posters and sign outside of Maxine Waters' town hall in Inglewood earlier this year:

He also did a great job trolling Facebook:

Today, he just tweeted my article in Townhall about leaving Facebook for good:

Thanks, Sabo!

So Much Winning!

The Steinorth Shuffle (How Legislators Justify Bad Votes)

After 25 sheriff's deputies showed up at Marc Steinorth's district office, it was evident to all that the embattled assemblyman had to meet with his constituents, and just about anyone else who was furious with his Cap-N-Betrayal vote.

In case you missed it, here's the video with all the deputies from the California Highway Patrol ready to rumble:

And here's the 30 minute meeting Steinorth held with voters

Notice how he wanted to take the vast majority of the time to justify his vote.

He kept talking about saving jobs, protecting small businesses, and saving the environment.

Sure, all of that sweet talk is nice and good.

But none of it is true.

Joseph Turner of American Children First asked some very pointed questions.

Steinorth retorted that Turner was paid to be there.

In fact, everyone seated at the table in Steinorth's office attended that meeting on their own time, with no money paid for them to be there.

That is the most shameful thing that I heard in the whole conference.

But other elements are noteworthy.

You will notice that Steinorth repeatedly declared that he had to cast that hard vote. It was either a moderated form of Cap and Trade, or an unelected agency would go full Command and Control.


The fact is that many Democrats did not want to vote for the terrible program. Left-wing as well as conservative activists wanted to stop the Cap and Trade sellout, and the third-house money was the only reason pushing people to cave and vote for that terrible program.


Notice also how Steinorth tries to throw the shame back onto the angry constituents: "Would you want me to destroy businesses?"

Then came one question: "Why not let the Democrats own the program?"

Steinorth tried to sound like some martyr-champion: "I did not want to stand and look at the desolation and then claim that I had stood my ground."

Give me a break!

Yeah, sure, he listed a whole bunch of business interests who wanted to support the Cap and Trade program. That's not liberty, and that is not free market capitalism. All that Steinorth did is promote cronyism, especially for public interests who claim to serve as private forces. It's all a bunch of bunkum.

Just as he gave me a line about his widespread availability with constituents. That is the oldest trick in the political playbook. Politicians will sweet-talk their constituents with the argument "Hey, you can call me any time!" But what's the point of contact your lawmakers when they continue to vote against your best interests?

What's the point of emailing and calling your representative when they don't do what you want? The truth is that constituents, voters need to demand power, not just beg for access to their representatives.

They work for us, and therefore we should not have to work hard to get in touch with them.

In the above meeting, you will notice that Judi Neal of Mountain View Republicans demanded to know why Steinorth took the time to meet with big business interests, but never bothered to discuss with individual constituents, aka taxpaying citizens, about their views on the Cap and Trade deal.

He had no credible answer ... because he never could have one.

I had decided not to go to the meeting, but perhaps I could have attended, and been there long enough to ask one question: "When are you going to resign?"

I don't want to hear legislators' excuses for selling out their voters. They either must do the right thing, or the only right thing left for them to do is ... resign.

Former Mayor Frank Scotto Announces Official Bid for State Assembly

Former Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto announced his bid for State Assembly about one month ago.

Yet only today did I finally get my hands on the press release he had issued.


His time to run was in 2014.

That year, he had the momentum at his back, since he was wrapping up his popular tenure as mayor of Torrance.

Now he's running for state assembly, four years later?

What do you think?

July 20, 2017
Contact: Frank Scotto

(310) 678-1379

Former Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto Announces Candidacy for Assembly
Leadership With Integrity
Torrance, California - Today, Former Torrance Mayor, Frank Scotto (R-Torrance) announced his candidacy for California State Assembly in the 66th District. Scotto has called Torrance home for the past 60 years. He comes from a background of service, like his time spent in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. After leaving the Army at the Rank of Sergeant, Frank opened local gasoline service stations. In 1975, Scotto started his own tow truck company, Frank Scotto Towing, which provides emergency services to a number of local emergency automobile assistance programs like the Freeway Service Patrol, California Highway Patrol, and the Automobile Club of Southern California.

Scotto continued his public service in Torrance during two decades serving as a Civil Service Commissioner, City Council Member, Mayor Pro-tem, and most recently Mayor. Scotto has a history as a forward thinker and a reformer. He was integral in bringing economic development projects to Torrance like the Toyota Sports Complex while also encouraging conservation by leading the charge to plant 1,000 trees among the community.

Ahead of his announcement, Scotto said, "I am extremely grateful for the outpouring of support I have received. I vow to be a strong voice for South Bay Residents in Sacramento and bring home the support and services that we need."

Frank Scotto, former Mayor of Torrance
Candidate for State Assembly

“In talking with the people of this community, the message I keep hearing is one of being ignored. I was encouraged to run because of a lack of leadership in Sacramento, and we are not getting our fair share of the tax benefits. Sacramento politicians continue to tax the hardest working families while raising the price of everything from a gallon of gas to the food at the grocery store. If I am elected, I promise to fight to improve our quality of life."

“Frank Scotto understands the voice of his constituents and his neighbors,” states Heidi Ann Ashcraft Torrance City Councilwomen. “I have known Frank for 35 years, and he has proven time and time again to be a hard-working small business owner who is dedicated to his community."

The 66th Assembly District includes the South Bay of Los Angeles County and Torrance, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, Gardena, Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, Lomita, Palos Verdes Estates, and West Carson.
Paid for by Frank Scotto for Assembly 2018
FPPC# Pending
1112 I Street, Ste. 110
Sacramento, CA 95814

RPLAC Still Silent on Cheating Chad Mayes: Why?

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County has turned into another agent of stagnation and wasted opportunities.

The Orange County Republicans are getting busy. They work to register voters.

They are hitting the pavement to get rid of Josh Newman, the state senate Democrat who should have never won SD-27 in the first place.

Let's talk about how San Diego's Republican Party demanded a motion of censure against Chad Mayes and are pushing for his ouster.

Cheating Chad is finding that there are fewer friends willing to rally around him. What a complete betrayal of principles, and such disastrous behavior does not win friends.

And yet ... where is the Republican Party of Los Angeles County?

Why haven't they moved on this issue?

Check out all the CAGOP Central Committees who have demanded Mayes' ouster:

But where is the Republican Party of Los Angeles County?

Why are they silent on this matter?

I have heard from two central committees -- AD 50 and AD 55 -- have already passed their own resolutions.

What about RPLAC?

I wonder why indeed they are taking their time ...

Andy Gimme-Candy, Cheating Chad, and Howard Fakes
All part of the New Permanent Minority

Rundown On Who Voted How on Cap-N-Traitor Mayes

Here we go, folks.

So, who voted how on the fate of Cheating Chad Mayes, the Cap-N-Traitor who robbed voters by an unprecedented $1 more per gallon for gas?

The CAGOP Board Voted as follows:
Jim Brulte: AYE
Kristen Olsen: NAY
Deborah Wilder: NAY
Mario Guerra: NAY
McCully: NAY
Dennis Revell: AYE
Sue Caro: NAY
Rob Bernosky: AYE
Joy Stewart: AYE
Steve Fazio: AYE
Dave Wilmon: NAY
Mike McClellan: AYE
Mike Osborn: AYE
Pat Bates: AYE
Chad Mayes: NAY
Dianne Harkey: AYE
Harmeet Dhillon: AYE
Shawn Steel: AYE
Tony Krvaric: AYE
Tom Ross – ABS
Tom DelBecarro: AYE
Final Tally: 13-7-1
The CRP Executive Board has 22 people, but Congressman Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) was unavailable since he was out of the country.
The final voter turnout was better than expected. I had heard that the vote was 13-9.
I made my point loud and clear to Chairman Jim Brulte at a meeting last Thursday with the South Bay Impact Republicans.

At least one Republican in Northern California, Tom Del Becarro. voted to remove Mayes.
Oh, how can I forget Harmeet Dhillon, too! So much good news! Maybe, just maybe Northern and Southern California Republicans can bridge the gaps and work together to Make California Great Again. Yes, I am really starting to like Harmeet. A San Francisco Republican who acts like a Tea Party conservative--hell has frozen over.
Steve Fazio, the state senate candidate to replace Fran Pavley, has also replaced Mark "The Weasel"" Vafiades, and now serves as the regional Vice Chairman for Los Angeles County. This man voted against Mayes, too. So much winning!
And now for the losers ...
It's no surprise that Cheating Chad and Kreepy Kristin voted no. They have been in bed together on just about everything. They cheat on their spouses, they cheated on the California taxpayers, and they cheated on their fellow Republicans. They slept with third-house special interests in Sacramento, too.
My two biggest disappointments fall on Sue Caro and Mario Guerra.
I have never been so disaffected by their perverse decision to support and stand by Cheating Chad and reject any decision to support this Cap-N-Betrayal.
Unbelievable. Caro actually defended the Cap and Trade program, in large part to carry water for left-wing RINO Catharine Baker.
But Mario? He is supposed to be the consummate conservative, the deacon for his local Catholic Church in Downey, CA!
How could this happen?!

CRP Executive Board Votes on Cap and Traitor Mayes' Fate (Report)

From Aaron F. Park, Right on Daily:


Harmeet Dhillon introduced the following motion:
“Given the uproar over recent decisions and actions by Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes and the fact that those decisions and actions have acted to divide the California Republican Party, the Board of Directors of the CAGOP urges Leader Mayes to resign his leadership position immediately, and if he fails to do so, urges the members of the Republican Assembly Caucus to select a new leader at the earliest opportunity.”
The CAGOP Board Voted as follows:
Jim Brulte: AYE
Kristen Olsen: NAY
Deborah Wilder: NAY
Mario Guerra: NAY
McCully: NAY
Dennis Revell: AYE
Sue Caro: NAY
Rob Bernosky: AYE
Joy Stewart: AYE
Steve Fazio: AYE
Dave Wilmon: NAY
Mike McClellan: AYE
Mike Osborn: AYE
Pat Bates: AYE
Chad Mayes: NAY
Dianne Harkey: AYE
Harmeet Dhillon: AYE
Shawn Steel: AYE
Tony Krvaric: AYE
Tom Ross – ABS
Tom DelBecarro: AYE
Final Tally: 13-7-1

AMAC Demands Senator John McCain Change his "No" Vote to Repeal Obamacare (Petition)

Sign the Petition
John McCain - Change Your Vote!
Dear Patriot,

Senator John McCain of Arizona, who had just had tricky brain surgery, risked his life a couple of weeks ago to attend a failed Senate vote on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, but he voted no on the bill.

AMAC is now urging that Senator McCain keep his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

America needs you now more than ever. If you want to rid the country of Obamacare, please sign the petition.

Doing nothing is not an option. Soon, America's insurers will decide just how much more Americans will have to pay for health coverage next year. Speculation among the experts is rampant that without a Congressional solution, sky-high Obamacare premiums may increase by 20% or more to new, ludicrously excessive levels in 2018.

AMAC needs you. America needs you. We must act before it's too late.

Dan Weber, AMAC President

John McCain - Change Your Vote!

We, the following citizens, urge you to keep your word to repeal and replace Obamacare. We therefore request you to change your vote to support the progress in the Senate to rid us of Obamacare.

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AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens

5 Orville Drive, Suite 400, Bohemia, NY 11716 | 888-262-2006

We Need More Ross Johnsons, Not Just Glowing Obituaries

So,  I am reading about this conservative titan from Sacramento.

His name was Ross Johnson, and he served in the state legislature in the late 1970's until 2010.

He was part of the class that helped bring in Prop 13.

Here are some comments I found online about this state senator, who passed away earlier this week:

Though derided by liberals as “cavemen,” the Prop. 13 class as a group was in fact much better educated and versed in classical governing theory than most Democrats. They could talk about Jefferson, Friedman and Cicero, and know that they weren’t referring to Sherman Hemsley (look him up!), a local Deli owner and a town in Illinois.
In a class full of exceptionally bright and thoughtful people, Ross stood out as a star. He was better than anyone I’ve ever met at analyzing a problem or situation and coming up – usually on the spot – with the best way to deal with it. His political instincts are as good as anyone I’ve ever worked with. In the interests of modesty and avoiding a laundry list, let’s just say that covers a lot of ground.
Ross was a courageous man who followed his political gut rather than going with the consultants' head.
Ross Johnson (Credit: OC Register)
He fought for what was right, and helped property owners stay in their homes.
Great stuff.
Johnson served 26 years in the Legislature representing portions of Orange County. He was first elected to the Assembly in 1978, along with a group of Republicans who became known as “Prop. 13 babies” because of their support that June for the historic property-tax-cutting initiative, Proposition 13. Though the GOP never held majority control in the house in which Johnson served, he was caucus leader to both the Assembly and Senate Republicans during his stints there.
The leadership job sometimes launched him into the role of mediator between fellow conservatives and emerging moderates in the party. It gave him great authority over many legislative matters, particularly the state budget, which then required Republican support to pass each year.

Compromising was worthwhile in those days, I suppose ... or was it?
Is that why the Republican Party of California faces the harsh straits now?
Though it would be a decade before he actually became leader of the Assembly Republicans, Ross was always one of the prime movers for the innovative policy ideas, political stratagems and anti-Democrat guerrilla warfare that helped the GOP wield influence far beyond anything their numerical strength would justify. His core principals were sacrosanct and unchanging, and his refusal to support Pete Wilson’s huge tax increase in 1991 cost Ross his post as Assembly GOP leader.
Now that's what I am talking about!
We need more Ross Johnsons in the state legislature, not just glowing obituaries about former lawmakers.
Today, California Republicans are at their lowest ebb yet, with no constitutional offices and superminority status in the state legislature. We need more people with incredible wit and wisdom, who are not afraid to fight back and even take a stance against fellow party members to ensure that the state of California protects the rights of its citizens as opposed to doing the bidding of the Deep State of Sacramento.
RIP Ross Johnson

Friday, August 18, 2017

Dave Miller: Time to Repeal and Replace Jim Frazier

Jim Frazier must go......its time California did a good ole' fashioned  "Replace and Repeal"

Dave Miller and supporters

 Assemblyman Jim Frazier has done enough damage in his 6+ years in Sacramento, don't ya think?    
Dear CAGOP Friend,

Unlike many of you, who quietly believe this State is considered '"a lost cause'" I believe the California Republican Party has at least one more targeted race where we can send a message that taxing us into extinction, won't be tolerated.  That Assembly District is AD-11; the home of Fuel & DMV Tax Architect Jim Frazier, who frankly should have also been recalled by the State Party, in addition to Senator Newman, and the other "Cap and Traitors"  who will soon see their demise at the hands of the voters as well.   

When I ran against Frazier in 2016, I garnered 63,000+ votes, the most any Republican has gotten in this district since the 2010 re-districting.  Now its 2018, and a "meaningless to local Democrats" midterm election is approaching fast.   In 2014, (the last mid term election) Jim only received 54,000+ votes in the November General election.   So as you can see, Democrat complacency in the Bay area, could be an important ally in my race to unseat him in Assembly District 11.  

What I am counting on for 2018 is an aggressive Assembly campaign, whereby my opponent will once again duck & dodge every public appearance opportunity he has with me, because he knows I will chew him up and spit him out, on the Issues of his Gas Tax Plan, His role as Floor Manager of the Cap and Trade Vote, which drove small,  medium and large businesses to the safe harbor of other states, seeking relief from burdensome state regulations, which hamper their ability to conduct commerce. 

His vote on the Gas Tax and the Cap and Trade measure only hurt the very base of his own party, those who struggle to make ends meet, and who are also only one major catastrophe from individual or family bankruptcy.  The crippling regulations and taxes are hurting the voters in the district so much so, that his base of voting support in cities like Antioch and Fairfield, will be where I spend most of my time.  

Therefore, I am a candidate for State Assembly again in 2018!!  I want to thank all who supported me in 2016, and look forward to that support again, this time, in a victorious effort!  

Aside from my positive action platform from 2016, which was received well, by all who read it-(63,000+ voters to be exact) A new addition to the 2018 Platform will be a stance on California Family Court Judicial reform, as too many Family Court Judges in California are awarding custody to parents with questionable criminal  backgrounds, all because of archaic Judicial practices.   The time for these practices has gone, and its time to listen to the children's wants and desires.   

Asm. Jim Frazier

I also plan to push for a Forensic Audit from the start of my campaign, this time around,  instead of making it a knee-jerk reaction to Frazier's Gas Tax Proposal, like I did last year.   Surely the money for Road Infrastructure and other projects for funding around the state, can be found during a comprehensive audit of California's bookkeeping.   For Instance, The Former Chancellor at UC Berkeley and the former disgraced Chancellor at UC Davis both now teach a class at their respective former institutions for 400k, and 300k respectively.  I'll say it again...they both teach only class...Do you think that's excessive, because I know, I do!

Enough of the Issues;  I could go on and on about whats wrong with California, and what the Democrats have done with their "Drunk with Power" Super Majority to destroy this lovely state.  But the fact is, to beat a guy like Jim Frazier, I will need the funding from all over to accomplish it.   This weekend when you are sitting down do pay your bills, make sure you take a second and bang out a check to Dave Miller for State Assembly 2018,  and mail it to the address at the bottom of this email.   You'll be glad you did.   My motto for 2018 has been a logical one right from the start..."Replace and Repeal"  which is what I plan to do with Jim Frazier in 2018, but only with your help!

See you at Convention in October...


Brown Supremacist LULAC Celebrates Bannon's Departure

LULAC (The League of United Latin American Citizens) is a brazenly Brown Supremacist group which pushes Latino issues (whatever that means) at the expense of everyone else.

Brown Supremacists

I spoke with the California Director, who was situated in Santa Maria. He proudly announced that he had supported John McCain for President in 2008, as if that is something to be proud of.

Then he went on a relentless hate spree going after me because I was "conservative" and "anti-immigrant". This kind of talk is nothing but lies and hate, drummed up to distract Latino Americans from the regressive leftist agenda.

LULAC Hails Departure of Steve Bannon from White House

Why? Why was there such a virulent, rabid hatred of Steve Bannon?

Latino Civil Rights Organization Calls upon President Trump to Remove all White Nationalists from his Administration

Was Bannon a "white" nationalist? No, he was an American nationalist.

Why does this "minority" groups insist on smearing others with the race card or the White Supremacy Card?

Washington, D.C. – The League of United Latin American Citizens, this nation’s largest and oldest Latino Civil Rights organization, hailed the departure of Steve Bannon from the White House today calling it a significant step in the right direction.

“Just as LULAC opposed and was deeply troubled by the appointment of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist at the White House, we are very pleased that the President has dismissed him today,” stated LULAC National President Roger C. Rocha, Jr. “We encourage President Trump to remove all alt-right/white nationalists from his administration including any staff associated with groups identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups.”

What does "alt-right" mean? Are they talking about people who are conservative, but using the term as a way to silence their points of view so that no one will listen to them?

"Alt-right" means men and women who are invested in White Pride or White Supremacy.

That has nothing to do with Steve Bannon's populist agenda.

Bannon, Alex Marlow, and Donald Trump are invested in fighting for what is best in this country. They want to reinforce Americanism, and that does not mean opposition to men and women with diverse backgrounds from other countries.

One has to wonder how groups like LULAC can still prosper and not get away with being called out for what they really: racist organizations based on hyping corporate victimhood to hype their own power and make more money.

Steve Bannon

LULAC is thankful to the broad coalition of Latino leaders who have called for Steve Bannon to be removed including Hector Sanchez of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda and Javier Palomarez of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. While some political observers have suggested that Latino organizations do not have much leverage with the Trump Administration, today’s announcement proves that our voices can be effective in bringing about change whether we have a seat at the table or not.

These Latino groups have no leverage. I am still not sure why Trump decided to accept Bannon's resignation. Will this work to the better interests of the country, despite the liberal media's rampant gloating?

“Today’s announcement is a step in the right direction,” states Rocha. “But President Trump must prove that he can be the President for all Americans by rejecting the alt right, embracing diversity, and reaching across the aisle to pass bi-partisan legislation that will help all of us. We call upon the President to salvage his Presidency by moving to the center and healing the divisions that Steve Bannon and others in his administration have caused.”

Trump has already embraced diversity. He has men and women of all backgrounds who supported him in the primary and all the way through the general election.

The enemies of diversity are not Trump and his administration.

They are racist organizations like LULAC, which want to promote the interest of one group of peopled based on their limited, selective ethnic background.

That is not what this country is about, however.

This country's moto is "E pluribus unum"--out of many, one!


The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the nation’s largest and oldest civil rights volunteer-based organization that empowers Hispanic Americans and builds strong Latino communities. Headquartered in Washington, DC, with 1,000 councils around the United States and Puerto Rico, LULAC’s programs, services and advocacy address the most important issues for Latinos, meeting critical needs of today and the future. For more information, visit

Notice that the rubric below shows where their one true focus lies--with Latinos.

Not with Americans as a whole. There is one term to describe this narrow-minded focus: Racism.

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