Sunday, July 23, 2017

I Heart Melissa Melendez, Resigns Leadership Post To Protest Corrupt Cap and Trade Vote

Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Chad Mayes survived the first leadership vote in the Republican Caucus last week.

Chad Mayes, Cap-n-Traitor

But his second in command resigned as Assistant last week, too.

From Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elisnore):

July 20, 2017
SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Melissa A. Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) announced today, she resigned her position as Assistant Republican Leader following the aftermath of today’s Republican Caucus meeting.
“Californians are struggling to make ends meet and unfortunately, what I have witnessed by the Assembly Republican Leader is a dereliction of duty to preserve and promote the American Dream for every single Californian. Assemblyman Mayes’ actions on Cap-and-Trade demonstrate we no longer share the same leadership principles. I was elected by the people of my district to fight for a more affordable and decent California, a place where every Californian knows their child will have a better life than their own. Regrettably, I can no longer, in good conscience, serve as the Assistant Republican Leader.”
Melissa Melendez

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez represents the 67th Assembly District, which includes the communities of Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar and a portion of Hemet. It also includes the Riverside County unincorporated areas of Lake Mathews, Good Hope, Nuevo, and Winchester. Follow her on Twitter: @asmMelendez
We need more leaders like Melendez.
Some people have called her vain, or dismissed her because he has a "big mouth."
You know what I say? I think she's awesome! We need someone who will give a voice to the angry, frustrated, outraged taxpaying citizenry of California. I am tired of paying more money to fund crazy pet projects while paying for illegal aliens to reside in our state, take up space in our jails, an overwhelm our schools.
Melendez has a big mouth? Because she speaks for the many angry mouths of California residents who are tired of the Golden State getting tarnished by lawless, corrupt politicians.
I don't want nice. I want real. I do not want legislators who will tell me what I want to hear, but then do the exact opposite of what I want.
I heart Melissa Melendez. She fights for us!


  1. Great article Arthur. California needs to hear more about her. I attend her town hall meetings regularly. She and her husband always make time speak with me. They are great Americans. Mrs. Melendez is working hard for her constituents and represent us well in D.C.

  2. I'm glad we still have a voice of sanity in that lunatic asylum in SacraDEMENTO!