Thursday, November 23, 2017

Special Thanksgiving "Thank You" from the Maine GOP

I have learned so much from other state Republican Parties.

Republicans in Maine have so much to be thankful for.

For the first time in nearly two decades, they have a Republican Congressman representing Maine. They have an incredible governor named Paul LePage, who has helped make the bluish-purple state of Maine a more red state. After nearly thirty years of going blue, the Republican Presidential candidate gained one electoral vote, since Maine is one of two states which awards electoral votes based on proportional representation.

Governor Paul LePage has been more than a godsend for the Pine Tree State.

For him alone, the Maine GOP--and the entire state of Maine--should be grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends,

We want to take a moment here and thank you for all your efforts to keep Maine and America great. The value of your dedication cannot be calculated in dollars or expressed in words. Without you, we would be in a heap of trouble. But with you, we have every reason to expect a sunny future. 

As we spend today with the people most important to us - our families and our friends - it is worth remembering that what we are grateful for is also what we fight for... That is our beautiful state which produces some of the finest children, parents, and grandparents on earth, and the opportunity for them to enjoy our rocky coasts, our plentiful and beautiful lakes, breathtaking sunrises over our mountains, and on occasion some Maine lobster and clams!

We as Republicans know there is a real risk these wonderful experiences Maine offers are not guaranteed for future generations if we do not ensure vibrant economic opportunity here in our home. A lack of economic opportunity separates families, but we maintain hope for our future because of tremendous people like you. 

There is plenty of work for us all in the days ahead, but today please let us just thank you for all that you do, and may we all be thankful for the amazing state and country God has given us.


Your Friends at the Maine GOP
Demi, Jason, Michelle, Kate and Garrett

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

White Privilege, and the End of White Guilt on Illegal Immigration and Islam

White privilege has become the new talking point for silencing conservatives on college campuses. I have faced this argument head-on every time I visited a college campus or discussed contemporary problems with liberals, whether at Cal State Fullerton, UCLA, UC Berkeley (before Antifa robbed me then pepper-sprayed me).

What is “white privilege”? Not exactly sure. Hollow race-based talking points from the left are often vacuous. Ben Shapiro called it a cheap left-wing rhetorical trick to silence criticism. “You are white, therefore you have no right to comment on the problems afflicting black and Hispanic communities in the United States.” An academic definition, if possible: white privilege is a set of societal benefits which white people enjoy because of their skin color, "an invisible package of unearned assets".

These charges are especially frustrating because this line of “thinking” contends that people like me benefit from this unperceived systemic racism. Whites get all the breaks, while blacks are systematically targeted by government institutions and private businesses in hiring, the criminal justice system, and education, hence the high black crime rates, rioting, the degrading conditions of urban ghettoes etc. The white guy has it good just because he’s white, and therefore he needs to “check his privilege” and empathize with the plights of the poor, down-trodden minorities.

Ann Coulter has slammed this racist line of argument soundly, and she identified a key moment in history when this white privilege, or rather white guilt narrative started crumbling under its own hypocrisy: The OJ Simpson trial. In 1995, a majority black jury exonerated a clearly guilty black man for killing his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Coulter continues: “Overnight, the white guilt bank — once thought “too big to fail” — was shut down. Henceforth, instead of producing stuttering embarrassment, liberal moral intimidation on race produced only eye-rolling. With that, America became a much healthier country, especially for black people.”

For the majority of Americans, especially white Americans, that verdict did not fit. Men and women of sound mind and outrage said “We quit” … feeling guilty, that is. Coulter then details the immense criminal enforcement and welfare reforms which followed right after that corrupt verdict. These changes benefited all Americans, particularly blacks. In short, the OJ verdict outraged the country, pushing people past their discomforting fear of the race card to demand action against societal ills, regardless of the communities where they were prominent.

The OJ Verdict trumped he race card in the 1990's, but Coulter then drew a plumb-line to the Obama Administration and the return of the race card. White privilege became the talking point and memo for professors, liberal agitators, the Occupy Movement, etc. Poor Trayvon and Michael Brown were supposed to prove to the American public that despite a Black president and black executive secretaries, the United States was still a racist country, and white America owed everyone else an apology and massive contrition.

Once again, the liberal media played along and demanded that we Americans, particularly white America, let them push us into a corner of guilt over covert racism—especially if we the people criticized Barack Obama. At least The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol called “Bulls—t” on Bill Maher’s show.

Trump has arrived, though, and has indeed “trumped” the Left’s race card, but not just on urban renewal for blacks:

1.       Illegal immigration

In my view, the American public and thus the Presidential candidates, especially the winner in the White House today, spoke freely against illegal immigration because of the tragic, avoidable murder of Kate Steinle. For decades, the liberal press force-fed Americans a steady diet of “pity the poor illegals, you privileged (white) Americans.” We shouldn’t begrudge mass illegal immigration into our country. It’s our fault they’re here, anyway. But while Americans, especially working-class white Americans, were lectured about their untold benefits from “white privilege”, they were losing jobs, they saw their factories shut down and moved oversees, and worst of all, they witnessed their loved ones murdered by illegal aliens.

Just like white America got angry over a guilty black man walking, so too Middle America got tired of the liberal moral shaming. Candidate Trump spoke loudly and proudly what was on the minds of millions of working class voters. I would add that his message of strengthening American manufacturing, securing our borders, and ensuring public safety resonated with black and Hispanic American working-class voters, too.

2.       Islam

This time, I am not qualifying this political sect with “radical.” Read the Koran, follow the devastating, chaotic agenda of Muslims calling themselves faithful adherents to Mohammed, and you will find a political cult, not a benign religion. Once again, Trump was not afraid to say: “Why don’t we stop everything until we figure out what the hell is going on?” Trump wanted a pause, not a Muslim ban. But the Democratic Party and their left-wing grassroots hordes still want to play the national bigotry card. I have heard this iteration of the race card most recently from CAIR-LA Director Hussam Ayloush at Scripps College.

The big event that freed up Americans to speak plainly in opposition to Islam. Mr. “Diversity Visa” Sayfullo Saipov and his jihadi truck driving in New York City. It didn’t help that he murdered eight Americans so close to Ground Zero.

Enough. The liberal shaming over white privilege, which really wasn’t, gave us the following:
OJ Simpson, who got away with killing his wife.

Five-time deported illegal alien Jose Zarate, who killed an innocent young woman walking on the pier with her father.

Islamic radical Sayfullo Saipov, who murdered eight Americans, even though neighbors and co-workers had reported this man to authorities about his radicalized tendencies.

With all the talk about “White privilege” and the moral intimidation which accompanies it, what has happened? Disadvantages, particularly for whites. Would someone please explain to me where white privilege fits into all of this? It’s time to shut down these arguments for good in the new generation coming out of college campuses and in our schools. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stonewall DEMOCRATS Demand Bocanegra and Mendoza Resign NOW

Now this is crazy.

Unbelievable, but true, the LBGT left-wing Stonewall Democrats are demanding that California legislators Raul Bocanegra and Tony Mendoza resign ...

Raul needs to keep his hands to himself



Don't believe me?

Mendoza, too!

Check out their latest eblast--press release below:

Stonewall Democratic Club
Inspired by each other, women across the country have bravely come forward to tell their stories, building the powerful #MeToo movement. Victims have spoken out against misconduct by powerful men in entertainment, journalism, business, and politics. Women in California politics are also making their voices heard. Staffers, lobbyists, and politicians working in Sacramento have reported a pervasive environment of sexual harassment and misconduct towards women and a systemic culture of silence that stymies public disclosure.

Two prominent Democratic state legislators are, rightly, undergoing public scrutiny for their alleged behavior: Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D-Los Angeles) and Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia). We will not be silent. Stonewall Democratic Club stands with the women who have come forward. The credible claims against these legislators cast serious doubt about their fitness to continue with the duties entrusted to them. Stonewall calls on Bocanegra and Mendoza to immediately resign from elected office.

While a staffer, Bocanegra was disciplined secretly for sexual misconduct, a fact that was withheld from constituents of the 39th Assembly district. In anticipation of new allegations reported in the Los Angeles Times, he released a written statement on Nov. 20, indicating that he will not seek reelection and that he intends to resign, effective September 1, 2018. This half-step does not suffice. Mr. Bocanegra needs to vacate his seat immediately. A man engaging in such conduct should not continue to receive a paycheck and roam the halls of the capitol.

The accusations against Mendoza are also numerous and disturbing. In addition to sexual misconduct there are at least three claims of retaliation against staffers who attempted to bring his behavior to the attention of higher-ups. An external firm has been hired to investigate the charges and steps were taken to remove Mendoza from key committees. Procedural measures will do little to restore confidence in his ability to function credibly under these circumstances. Mendoza’s constituents deserve better, as does the California Democratic Party.

Representing the people of California  is a privilege, not a right. Those who use the authority entrusted to them as a license to abuse, harass, or engage in sexual misconduct are unfit to hold public office.
Stonewall Democratic Club · 1049 Havenhurst Dr, P.O. Box 325, West Hollywood, CA 90046, United States
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Stand With Judge Roy! No Man Should Be Found Guilty in a Court of Public Opinion Alone

Fellow Patriot,

If we let them take down Judge Roy Moore, we let them take down the essence of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.


These Amendments each contain a due process clause. Due process ensures the rights and equality of all citizens and acts as a safeguard from arbitrary or capricious denial of life, liberty or property. It ensures that every citizen gets his or her day in court
Amendment V of the Bill of Rights similarly holds that "No person deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law."

Yet at this very moment in our history, Judge Moore is being tried without due process in the "court of public opinion" ...

... where there is no due process, no witnesses, no evidence other than a fond but respectful sentiment in a 40-year old yearbook that he might not have even written ...
... and where a man must prove his innocence instead of his accusers proving his guilt, where there is no statute of limitations to protect against faulty accounts, unreliable recollections and an absence of witnesses.

While, yes, this appears to be a needed watershed moment in our history for calling out sexual abusers and those who sexually harass, and to hold them accountable--this has simply gone too far.

After decades of exemplary public service, Judge Moore has symbolically been branded with a scarlet letter based on nothing but decades old allegations...including from one accuser whose initial divorce proceedings the judge presided over.

The Judge has denied each and every allegation by each and every accuser and those who know him believe him and are standing by him as he continues his run for the U.S. Senate.

We can't know what happened close to 40 years ago, what is real or what is sheer fabrication engineered by his political opponents. We can't know what is false witness alleged by someone wanting personal revenge for his decision in an old court case or what his dating practices were like as a much younger, single man in a culture in the deep South.

While he denies each and every unsupported charge, it is not realistic to expect that he can successfully refute them in less than two weeks remaining before the special election.

Those seeking to steal the election from him know this and they are using it to their advantage.

But the "Deep State" is doing something equally as despicable as the allegations against Judge Moore. They want to overturn the will of the voters of Alabama. And this is not the first time Alabama voters have had victory taken from them by McConnell and the denizens of the Deep State.

We support Judge Moore because he supports returning our government to one limited by the Constitution and founded on the principle that God endows us, the citizens with inalienable rights. As such, Roy Moore is a mortal threat to Mitch McConnell and the Deep State.


We share the absolute DISGUST of the solid citizens of Alabama who not only supported Judge Moore in the primary he won fair and square but who continue to stand with him now.

We get it that the RNC, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan are desperate to save the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress in the 2018 mid-term elections. But rather than having the backbone to support Judge Moore, whose election could help them do just that, they are siding with public opinion (no matter how misinformed it is).

We get it that unadulterated fear of losing that majority drove their decision to withdraw their endorsements and support for Judge Moore's campaign...including the vital financial support promised by the RNC.
We get it that they are holding out Judge Moore as their sacrificial lamb and mea culpa for not holding others to the same standard.
We get it.

But we are not going to see a critical U.S. Senate seat fall prey to the liberal Democrat challenger as our country and values drift farther and farther and farther into moral decay.

Innocent pre-born babies are still being cruelly aborted; the Rainbow Jihad is continuing to advance its perverse agenda in our schools while lambasting Vice President Pence's actions to honor his marital vows to his wife; and Obamacare still stands as a testimony of the GOP leadership's failure to roll back socialized medicine.

But Judge Roy Moore isn't the first sacrificial lamb.

In the 2010 U.S. Senate race in Alaska instead of backing constitutionalist Republican nominee Joe Miller, this same national GOP leadership mounted a write-in campaign for their defeated crony Lisa Murkowski to protect the status quo.

In the 2014 U.S. Senate race in Mississippi this same national GOP leadership whipped up Democrat voters in Mississippi to back their crony Thad Cochran to overcome a runoff challenge from constitutionalist Republican state senator Chris McDaniel.
Yea, we really get it now.
Folks who watch Alabama politics know that Judge Moore is no stranger to the Constitution Party. His most recent appearance at a Constitution Party event was last December as the keynote speaker at the Party's National Committee meeting in Huntsville, Alabama addressing the fight for religious liberty.
Judge Moore Keynote at Dec. 2016
Constitution Party National Committee Meeting
By standing with us as we support Judge Moore's campaign for the U.S. Senate, you are also taking a stand for due process and Constitutional principles.
If Judge Moore dropped out now, which he has vowed not to do, it would take a bona fide miracle for a replacement candidate to gain the momentum to win the seat with only a few days left before the election. We would be handing the Senate Seat to a Democrat—at a time when the GOP majority in the Senate hinges on two or three votes.

But at this late date, with no Republican Party financial backing and daily leftist media assaults, there will not be a means to pay for get-out-the-vote efforts either on the ground or through paid media.

Without that, we are handing the election over to the Dems. Make no mistake about it. By abandoning Judge Moore the Republican National Committee would rather see radical progressive Democrat Doug Jones elected to the U.S. Senate!

The Alabama Constitution Party endorsed Judge Moore in September, and in the face of the national GOP's abandonment of Moore the Alabama Constitution Party publicly reaffirmed their endorsement of Moore.

The Constitution Party is the only national political party standing with Judge Moore.
With your help, we can fight back against the national GOP establishment cronies and let them know that they will no longer steal elections from conservatives who represent our values and will uphold the Constitution!

In short, it is up to you and me to reach into our pockets to build the largest financial war chest that we can starting immediately.

The Constitution Party was founded in 1992 and has gained momentum ever since. We are not a here-today, gone-tomorrow Super PAC looking to line affiliated consultants' pockets with your hard-earned money. We will act as good stewards over every penny you and others contribute to help assure a victory for our next U.S. Senator, Judge Roy Moore by helping to get the truth and the vote out.

Our mission is to support candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.
Will you help us support Judge Moore get elected?

To victory,
Fluckiger Signature
Frank Fluckiger
Constitution Party National Committee
P.S. Please hold up Judge Moore and his family during this challenging time. He is a man of faith and conviction. Knowing Judge Moore, he is likely not quitting because God has not told him to. It likely is that simple.

Under the circumstances, this comes at great personal cost to both the Judge and his family. I hope you will join with us in praying for Roy and Kayla Moore and getting behind his candidacy financially as well!

Constitution Party National Committee
PO Box 1782
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17608

BREAKING: Former Berkeley GOP College President Sues Yvette Felarca and BAMN

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Contact: Matt Shupe
Praetorian Public Relations
(415) 735-8491

Press Release:
Former Berkeley College Republican President Sues Yvette Felarca, leader of By Any Means Necessary for over $100,000 in damages
Hayward, Calif. -- Former president of the Berkeley College Republicans, Troy Worden, filed a motion for over $100,000 worth of damages against Yvette Felarca, today.

Felarca is a national organizer for the organization By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) and the leader of the Berkeley chapter, which aligns itself with AntiFa. 

Felarca filed a frivolous restraining order that restricted Worden's First and Second Amendment rights and made it difficult for him to move around the campus to attend classes. The restraining order was dismissed on Oct. 27, 2017.

Worden also asked the court to sanction Felarca's attorney, Shanta Driver, who is the National Chair and founder of the organization BAMN. As an attorney and as the National Chair of BAMN, Driver should have known that the motion was frivolous and that it was brought for the improper purpose of restricting Worden's rights.

Felarca is twice-over out on bail for charges of assault, resisting arrest, and inciting a riot.

"I am glad that we are no longer playing defense and that we are finally going after BAMN for filing this frivolous action," Worden said.

"Felarca and her attorney attempted to make free speech expensive and it is time that they pay for their misuse of the court system," said Worden's attorney at the Dhillon Law Group Mark Meuser.

"This case represented a massive imbalance in power in that we had a poor college student about to lose his constitutional rights because a massive organization had the resources to try to crush him in court," said Dhillon Law Group managing partner Harmeet K Dhillon. "The Dhillon Law Group is proud that we could help level the playing field and turn the tables." 

Both Worden and Felarca have been high-profile figures in the ongoing battle for free speech at Berkeley, and both have been interviewed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.
Yvette on Tucker.
Troy on Tucker.

If you would like to request an interview with Worden, Meuser, or Dhillon, please contact Matt Shupe at

California, Where Sanctuary Cities Are No Longer Sanctuaries

Seemingly absent from the fight for the last two months, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered 29 more sanctuary jurisdictions to comply with federal immigration laws or lose funding. The sanctuary city debate is the essential fight on illegal immigration, as these lawless jurisdictions signal to the world: “Come here illegally, and we won’t stop you.” These cities invite crime, drug and human trafficking, and degradation to our American quality of life. AG Sessions has witnessed key victories: Suffolk and Miami Counties complied and rescinded their lawless resistance. Even Virginia Democratic governor-elect Ralph Northam announced opposition to sanctuary jurisdictions, to the hateful despair of his Democratic base. We will see whether “Sanctuary State” Governor-Elect Phil Murphy follows through on his promise to turn New Jersey into an outlaw state, too.

In California, the sanctuary cities fight has become particularly contentious. Los Angeles hasn’t officially labeled itself such, but activists are agitating for the name change. Only one California city, Pittsburgh, rescinded its sanctuary city stance. Oxnard opted for “Safe City”, at the behest of the police chief. Sacramento lawmakers passed their Sanctuary State law, but only after Governor Brown required massive revisions to sign that bill.

Despite these “victories”, illegal social justice warriors won’t stop until ICE is permanently banned from California’s borders: law-breakers in; law enforcement out. Opponents of the sanctuary state law (including Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell) warned the amnesty panderers that any state statute would not prevent federal officials from enforcing immigration laws. Despite California lawmakers’ attempt to hamstring cooperation between the jails and the immigration officers, sheriffs are siding with the feds and reporting as many illegals to ICE as possible. So much for sanctuary ordinances. The fight against the rule of law has not stayed in Los Angeles, either. Indivisible 35 wants the Pomona city council to impose a detailed sanctuary city ordinance, doubling-down on the lawlessness.

The sanctuary city push, however, has undermined the essence of what cities are supposed to be: safe havens for citizens. Outside the Roybal Federal Building in Downtown Los Angeles, I counter-protested a vigil for the federal government to restore the Temporary Protective Status program, a much-abused refugee grant which allowed foreigners to stay for extended periods of time. Despite heavy police presence, the TPS protesters stole my signs, right under the nose of the supervising police officers. Then they tore one of my signs up … right in front of the LAPD Sergeant Keenan. He refused to enforce the law against the pro-illegals. I had to settle for compensation from one of the pastoral leaders, and a police report. Where’s the sanctuary for me as a citizen?

Three days later in West Adams area of Los Angeles, McCarty Memorial Christian Church hosted a Saturday morning “Sanctuary Town Hall.” They want Los Angeles to adopt an official sanctuary city policy, too. It was advertised to the public by through the ACLU, so I signed up, as did fifteen fellow Trump supporters. Where’s the dialogue if the other side—those who favor enforcement of our immigration laws—cannot attend?

The church, a decayed neo-Gothic architecture in the midst of a decaying section of a dying city, stood out as the last relic of an older, saner Los Angeles community from the early 1930s. McCarty Church had a Catholic cathedral feel to it, until I saw the swastikas etched into the church floor tiles. Any sense of welcoming inclusivity was dispelled within ten minutes of our arrival, when the illegal alien organizers told us to leave. “You have come to disrupt the meeting.” And illegals breaking into our country is not a disruption? Clearly, these ACLU “Fight for Fifteen” types weren’t interested in discussion.

The organizers called the police on us, then moved their “meeting” into the church basement. Undaunted, our team demanded the right to attend. It was a public meeting, even if they were holding the event in a private space. The Reverend had even promised that we could stay, but then laid down last-minute conditions. More discrimination, this time against citizens. This drive for sanctuary status has turned safe havens into battlefields of bitter, ideological conflict.

Two of our team entered the room. Then a third member pushed through, despite police presence blocking us, and he was arrested on the spot (the police released him without citation). Officer Choub ordered everyone out of the church, or he would cite us for trespassing. WHAT?! Ten minutes later, the police led the two members in the meeting out of the church in hand-cuffs. McCarty Memorial Christian Church was not a welcome place for all after all.

This is the new meaning of “sanctuary city”. A church in Los Angeles hosts a town hall to teach illegal aliens how to skirt our nation’s immigration laws and how to organize the take-down of Los Angeles City Hall. American citizens are denied entry to this meeting, advertised to the public, and the police violate our rights, following orders from the corrupt, left-wing city council.  Where is the “sanctuary” in sanctuary cities?

Despite all the ongoing agitation among these left-wing groups to push cities to impose their own local outlaw ordinances, it’s evident that sanctuary cities have not provided any sanctuary for the illegals, either. ICE is still knocking on doors, arresting and deporting illegal aliens, and enforcing our immigration laws. Sanctuary is gone not just for the illegals, but now taxpaying citizens find no safety or security.

AG Sessions is going after cities, but he needs to target these lawless churches. The churches! They are supposed to be the essence of sanctuary, providing refuge to those falsely accused of crime or fleeing political or religious persecution. But what happens when the citizens are persecuted in their own country, and by the very houses of worship founded on a respect for divine and by extension temporal authorities?

These are grave times indeed for the Republic, especially in California. Where there is no law, the people perish, but the entire country cannot long stand divided in this manner.

UPDATE: Utility Users Tax Repeal a GO in Sanctuary City Huntington Park

The city of Huntington Park is a de facto sanctuary city. They cannot deny it, since the city council has appointed two illegal aliens to serve on two city commissions. They should not be in the country at all. In fact, the local police should have reported them to ICE  who in turn would pick them up and remove them from the country.

This is absolute lawlessness. One would think that the rest of the cities in the Southeast LA region would have rushed to put more illegal aliens on their commissions and other advisory boards. Because of the ongoing efforts of We the People Rising and other patriots, all of whom are Trump supporters, we have staved off the erosion of our state and our country's sovereignty and laws.

But Huntington Park has remained defiant. They refuse to respect and obey the federal as well as state laws regarding illegal immigration. They two illegal aliens remain on the city commissions. The President has not slowed in his promised campaign to put Americans first and end illegal immigration. This issue is no longer partisan, but a part of every American fed up with their rights and standing as Americans undermined by illegal aliens and the pandering "undocumented" politicians.

The two illegal aliens on city commissions
Francisco Medina and Julian Zatarain

So, Joseph Turner and I reached out to two Huntington Park residents, Danny Salazar and Nick Ioannidis, to sponsor an initiative to repeal the city's utility user's tax.

Nick Ioannidis (right)
The paper work has been completed, the public notice has taken place, and we are ready to inform all Huntington Park residents that they can sign off and have the onerous tax repealed. The funding from this tax accounts for 23% of Huntington Park's operating budget. The city cannot withstand losing so much revenue, but the residents have every right to hold onto their money.

Huntington Park is one of the mostly highly-taxed municipalities in Los Angeles County. That's wrong. Furthermore, this tax repeal is putting the city on notice, informing them that as long as they continue to protect illegal aliens, as long as they put illegals ahead of the needs of American citizens, we will attack them from every angle and bankrupt the city if necessary.

In this video, I officially turned in all the necessary paperwork to show notice of intent to serve and circulate:

No sanctuary cities. It's time for all municipalities to comply with federal law and cooperate with federal officials. Huntington Park is not above the law, and they have no right to permit illegal aliens to sit on any governing board, let alone live in the city or stay in the country.

We the People Rising Reports: Stopping Sanctuary City Policy in Pomona

We The People Rising
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11/20/17 Pomona City Council Meeting, Pomona, CA
Report by Robin Hvidston

ICE out of Pomona and other open border groups have been calling upon the City of Pomona to adopt an ordinance to support and rigorously enforce the CA Sanctuary State bill.

Above photo, displaying The Remembrance Project Stolen Lives Quilt bannerduring the council meeting.

It was anticipated that the proposed ordinance would be on the agenda for the 11/20/17 city council meeting.However, the proposed ordinance was 
NOT on the agenda. CA members of The Remembrance Project spoke out during the public comments segment of the council meeting, calling for the city council to not put the proposed Sanctuary State ordinance on a future Pomona City Council agenda.

ICE out of Pomona and the open border groups did  NOT speak out at the 11/20/17 Pomona City Council meeting,.


Raul Rodriguez, Arthur Schaper and Vaughn Becht  - talk about enforcing immigration laws and the Americans killed by illegals.

Greg Susca and Fred MacIntosh address the city council.

American Dreamers First

Pomona City Council
Tim Sandoval
Contact Me:

District 1
Council Member
Rubio R. Gonzalez
Contact Me:

 Council Member Robledo
District 2
Council Member
Adriana Robledo
Contact Me: 
 Council Member Carrizosa
District 3
Council Member
Cristina Carrizosa
Contact Me: 
BiographyDistrict 4
Council Member
Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole
Contact Me:

 Council Member Escobar
BiographyDistrict 5
Council Member
Ginna E. Escobar
Contact Me:
BiographyDistrict 6
Council Member
Robert S. Torres
Contact Me: