Sunday, July 16, 2017

Triggered: RINO Sellout Ex-State Senator Maldonado Gets MAD at Me!!!

For the past weekend, I have been going after the RINOs in the California Assembly caucus, as well as the wobbly Demo-RATS who know that their days in elected office are numbered the moment that they vote for another gas tax increase or choose to undermine the sovereignty of our nation and our state.

Chad Mayes, thy name is traitor.

This RINO squish, every other name for non-conservative you can think of wants to cut a "deal" with the devilish Demo-rats and extend Cap and Trade.

Enough with this deal-making garbage.

We do not send Republicans--or any elected officials for that matter--to Sacramento in order to make deals and take away our livelihood, or money, or our opportunities to succeed.

I am so tired of this guy.

Make a deal with the devil to extend taxes in the name of this nonsensical utopianism called "Cap and Trade"?

I say what B-One Bob said on the floor of the House:

But I decided to give Chad Maeyes another name.

Chad Mayes' New Name?: Abel Maldonado Part II

Well, let's just say Abel wanted to go "Cain" on my butt!

Look at the Tweet I got today!

Then he doubled-down, spelling error and all!
Abel, it's called "Spell check!"

Of course, just in case this former (thank God) former political establishment hack tries to remove those tweets:

Maldonado has the same problem as the waste of space Jason Maruca, the "executive director" -- more like glorified secretary -- of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County!

"Hookt on Fonix werkt for mee!"

Then I had more fun at Abel's expense:

He took the bait--AGAIN!

To which I glibly replied:

And of course:

Final Reflection:

The problem with grassroots California conservatives is that ..

We are too nice.

We are especially too nice to our Republican representatives up in the state legislature.

Remember what I told the LA Times reporter--whom I later exposed as running an increasingly shrinking operation:

We need to double-down and go hard on those spineless Republicans as well as the soulless Democrats in Sacramento. They need to feel the heat to see the light.

They need to know that they will never sleep easy at night and they will shun the daylight if they do the wrong things and vote against our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

The best part for us--for me--and the worst thing for them?

We laugh all the way through the game, while they wish they were dead!

So much fun!

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  1. Hey Arthur, if you look at the list of people who liked RINO Maldonado's tweet, you will find a guy who works as a news editor at a local TV station in the Bay Area. See for yourself: