Thursday, July 20, 2017

More RPLAC Fails: Done David, Cheating Chad, Howard Fakes, and Andy Gimme-Candy

In the above photo you will see the three biggest RINOs yet.

First, there's the corrupt and unpleasant Andy Gharakani, aka Gimme-Candy.

He basically helps fund the useless, feckless, and now morally bankrupt Republican Party of Los Angeles County Central Committee.

He was also part of the reason why the charter for the Beach Cities Republicans was taken away--for no reason at all.

Then there's Cheating Chad Mayes! He lost his wife, he lost whatever morals he claimed to possess, and now he's about to lose his leadership position as head of the dwindling minority caucus in Sacramento.

Then there's this other loser named Howard Hakes.

He is running for US Senate, and he's a proud member of the New Minority. They don't want to win. They want to define "majority" in terms of the least objectionable Democrat or squishy RINO.

The goal is to protect their pocketbooks, their business interests.

Oh brother.

But with the latest fallouts for the liberal lunacy claiming to be Republicans I can still claim that there is some winning.

The winning!

The winning is just too much.

I was so sad on Monday, when 8 Republican members of the state legislature caved on compromised on whatever principles they had.

At the same time, this fail had to happen.

We the People of the state of California  need to wake up.

The Deep State of Sacramento, the Swamp, the Third House, whatever you want to the collective of crony capitalists and special interests are running our government, not our elected officials, and therefore not us.

It's time for the grassroots to grow from the weeds to the trees.

It never said in the Constitution "We the Republicans" or "We the Democrats."

The preamble is very clear: "We the People".

Why don't we visit the Declaration of Independence, too?

So, what is there to celebrate, of a sort?

1. David Hadley drops out of the Governor's race.

This is great news on so many levels.

First, this ensures a narrower field of Republican contenders. Yes, it's still a long shot, but at least there are only two strong contenders for the nomination.

Second, this is a major blow the Munger's Millions. All the money in the world will not make voters excited about a candidate who is ... not exciting.

Not only that, but Hadley rejected Trump. This decision burned up the grassroots really badly. Republican groups in Palos Verdes refused to help him because of this decision. Other activists told me plainly how outraged they were by this decision. They had had enough.

I am beginning to think that maybe part of the reason Trump did so poorly in the 66th AD district was that Hadley had turned off voters and they decided not to vote at all. Maybe it was a causation thing.

If Hadley has been a proud or at least simply stated "I will vote for Trump", then get back to running his own race, all would have gone better.

Who knows?

So the Third reason this is big: NeverTrumps are now NeverWinners.

It's about time that they get called out on their lack of principle.

Consider how off-based and out-of-touch Hadley was on the Trump issue.

The Torrance-based Daily Breeze announced that Hadley voted for Libertarian in Name Only Gary Johnson. That is deeply troubling, too. Who wants a Republican governor who refused to support the President?

Not me. That's one reason why I am leaning toward Travis Allen, since he has not run away from his support for the President, before and after his election in 2016.

Now, who was putting big money and hopes into Hadley's gubernatorial bid?

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County Central Committee! And now their hopes are further dashed. What little pull and heft they claimed to possess, it has all fallen away!


Janice Webb
Caught in her own devices

Fourth, the downfall of Hadley's bid for Governor and their happy photo-op with Chad Mayes exposes how corrupt the RINO LA County Central Committee has become.

Just look at the above photo, and you can see that these three losers were fraternizing together. Now RPLAC is well-known as the corrupt group that shuts down volunteer organizations and hob-knobs with cheaters and traitors.

What little credibility they had ... is now gone.

Fifth: Janice Webb, the puppet for Andy Gimme-Candy, Gary SCAM-inoff, and Mark "The Weasel" Vafiades has been thoroughly discredited, useless, and unimportant.

What a victory for the grassroots.

Now it's time for conservatives, for hard-core passionate Republicans in word and deed to take over these central committees and run for office!

UPDATE: 5:55pm

The corrupt central committee has even more egg on their face.

As very few people know, Hadley gave an hour long presentation at the last RPLAC central committee on July15, 2017.

He spoke for 40 minutes!

He was revved up, pumped up, ready to take on the race!

He even fielded questions for another 20 minutes. When it came to the question about "Who did you vote for?" Hadley gave a long, convoluted answer. Then admitted he had voted for Gary Johnson for President.



It is any surprise that he dropped out five days later? Who in the Republican Party of California would want to vote for this guy?

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  1. Here in Virginia, we had a former Republican congressman openly endorse Gary Johnson and I believe he was kicked out of his local Republican party.

    However, if I still lived in a non-swing state like California, I wouldn't have ruled out voting for Gary Johnson as a protest vote against the swamp monsters in both major parties that collude to unfairly exclude third party/independent candidates from the presidential debates.

    Say what you like about Johnson and the Libertarian Party, but I feel that we must break the two-party stranglehold on American politics if we really want to drain the swamp.

    That being said, I don't regret voting for President Trump even though the libertarian in me insists on holding his feet to the fire on many issues like ending the failed Drug War and ending civil asset forfeiture.