Wednesday, July 19, 2017

FINALLY! David Hadley Drops Out of Governor's Race (What Will He Do With the Money He Raised?)

It's about time!

I wrote two emails to David Hadley for jumping into the Governor's race.

What was he thinking?

Did he really think that he had a chance?!

No way.

Here are the comments I sent to him.

Bye everyone!

From my first email:

I do not support your bid for governor.

Then I sent him this email:

I am glad that you were my assemblyman for one term and the State Assembly.

I'm very disappointed that you're choosing to run for governor. You are not a fit for that office. You served only one term in the State Assembly. I do not like that you didn't help me and the Ceach Cities Republicans when the corrupt Central Committee was attacking us.

I will always commend the successes that you accomplished in the State Assembly. School choice for military families and civil asset forfeiture reform were wonderful accomplishments. I still thank you for making those reforms happen.

Now for the tough love.

If you really care about setting the state of California on a proper course you would take a hint and drop this foolish bid for governor.

And I am well aware that it's Charles Munger who is floating this bid for governor. This is just controlled failure. I want to see controlled success.

Please drop out. And you have my full permission to print this letter to send it to your superiors, your campaign managers,  anybody who's working on your staff. Thank you.

Arthur Schaper
President of the Ceach Cities Republicans

Well, Hadley dropped out.


Here is the write-up in the Los Angeles Times:

Former GOP state lawmaker David Hadley announced Wednesday he is dropping out of the gubernatorial race two weeks after he jumped in.

In an email to supporters, Hadley said he concluded that he could not win the race despite receiving encouragement since announcing his candidacy.

“No matter how much preparation you put in, there are certain things you cannot learn until you step into the arena,” he wrote. “What I have learned since I announced my candidacy has led me to conclude that I cannot responsibly ask donors, endorsers, volunteers, supporters or my family to invest in this campaign right now…. We would not have the time and resources to make the case we need to make to all California voters.”

Addition--there is no way that he can make the case for this bid. None.

Hadley, 52, is a social moderate and fiscal conservative who some thought had the potential to galvanize the GOP establishment in next year’s gubernatorial race. The former assemblyman from Manhattan Beach, who was the third Republican to enter the race, said he had won the endorsement of a majority of the state’s GOP legislators and would have raised more than $1 million in July.

"Galvanize the GOP Establishment." Now that's an oxymoron if I ever read one!

Hadley wrote that a factor in his decision was the possibility that because of the state’s top-two voting system, more GOP gubernatorial candidates would increase the likelihood that two Democrats would face off in the general election — a repeat of what happened in the state's 2016 U.S. Senate contest.

“I am not prepared to increase the likelihood of that outcome by pressing on in a crowded field,” he wrote, adding that all donations would be refunded and that all of his endorsers were free to back other candidates.

The two remaining candidates in the field are businessman John Cox and Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach).

I am leaning toward Allen at this time. No official endorsements at this time, however.

Cox, who has poured $3 million into his own bid, on Monday announced that he would contribute an additional dollar for every dollar donated to Hadley’s campaign, up to $1 million, in July.

Hadley did not mention Cox’s announcement in his email to supporters, which caught his own donors and party insiders off guard Wednesday evening.

I am not surprised, however.

He did address Cox and Allen, urging them to avoid focusing on tumult in Washington and focus on California’s needs. He also urged them to drop out if they could not run a race that has a chance of winning — an uphill battle in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by 19 points in voter registration.

Final Reflection

This is another victory for me because it's another defeat for the RINO-led LA County GOP Central Committee, specifically the 66th AD with Janice Webb as chair.

She has another failure on her record, indicating that she needs to go!

WHAT? Daid Hadley dropped out!
Thwarted again!!

Did you know that David Hadley raked in a pretty good haul during his two week bid for Governor?

(Click on image for larger view)

What will happen to all that money, I wonder?

What indeed?

Let's just be glad that Hadley has dropped out, and more wannabe candidates take a hint and go away.


  1. Mr. Schaper's tone leaves me very uncomfortable. I used to go to Beach Cities Republican meetings but I won't go anymore. I liked it much better when David Hadley was in charge.

  2. Hey Anonymous, don't be hating on my boy Arthur! LOL