Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cudahy Teachers Shame Councilman Jack Guerrero Because ... He's Educated!

The teachers in Cudahy should have their teaching credentials revoked.

At least two teachers from the nearby elementary schools descended about the Cudahy City Council meeting on Feb 27.

Their remarks were horrifying for the deeply racist sentiment and complete lack of respect for the public and for Councilman Jack Guerrero:

This "Mrs. Cardona" teacher claimed that her friend did not throw her elite education

Then she claims that Guerrero does not support his community.

Guerrero rightly slammed her: "Shame on you!"

I agree-shame on Cardona!

Check out this "teacher":

This woman was truly despicanble.

She called Guerrero a "sell out."

Guerrero is an Ivy League educated accountant

In the face of the anti-elitist sentiment, Jack Guerrero fired back:

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