Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Who Are the Powers Behind the Crap-Betrayal Throne?

So ...

Who are the RINOs who threw California taxpayers under the bus with the extenstion of the  climate alarmist cap and trade agenda?

Ta Da!

State Senate--

Tom Berryhill

State Assembly--

Chad Mayes (Cheating Chad)

Catharine Baker

Marc Steinorth

Heath Flora

Rocky Chavez (surprise, surprise)

Anyone else?


Jordan Cunningham, who replaced uishy Katcho:

Devon Mathis

What do they all have in common?

Big time establishment, corporate donor money.

Some of them get their sugar-daddy money from Charles Munger Jr!

Aaron Park of Right on Daily also adds:

Many of the liberals supported Proposition 14, which has created a shooting gallery for special interests. This has enabled PG&E, Chevron (two of the biggest winners from the wealth transfer known as Cap and Trade), the Realtors, the Dentists and the Charles Munger funded Spirit of Democracy to spend millions hunting principled conservatives. Rocky Chavez, Heath Flora and other Cap and Trade Supporters benefited from millions of this largess.


We have seen the erosion of people power and the expansion of corporate campaigning.

And one of the dispiriting beneficiaries is ...

Charles Munger Jr.

Now, granted, he hasn't put big money behind every RINO listed above, but he's a part of it.

We have come to an embittered yet fearful tipping point in California politics.

Term limits, corporate sponsorships, the invasion of Big Interests pushing aside the will of individual voters and the temper of distinct districts--all of this coming together has created more of a crony oligarchy than a thriving republic in the state of California.

What is to be done?

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