Saturday, July 15, 2017

Where Was Torrance in Congressional Politics? 1873-1885 CD 4

Here is the following information which I have gleaned so far about the Congressional representatives for Torrance, CA over the last century and a half.

Notice that the district was immense, stretching from the southern border all the way to the southern edges of San Francisco and Sacramento.

Congressional District 4

Here are the Congressman and terms in order:

Election 1872

Sherman Otis Houghton (R)

Election 1875

Peter Dinwiddie Wigginton (Democrat)

Election 1876

Romualdo Pacheco

Election 1878

Election 1879

Election 1880

Election 1882

Pleasant Tully (Democrat)


Romualdo Pacheco

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  1. La Raza will ignore this, but Pacheco, a Republican, was the first Hispanic governor in the US.