Wednesday, July 19, 2017

LGBT Agenda in LA County Library System: Librarian Tells All

After I exposed the LGBT agenda forced into LA County libraries, specifically for little children to see, I received an email from an LA County employee in the library system:

Hi Arthur,

I am a librarian with LA County, lifelong Republican, and a Trump supporter.  While public libraries are completely overrun with progressives there are still some of us conservatives out there.  I can't give my name for the safety of my job.

I've attached some information on the icount bullshit propaganda all library staff are having shoved down there throats.  It's pretty ridiculous garbage.

The county librarian who was hired about a year and a half ago is Skye Patrick (, who is a progressive and lesbian from San Francisco.  She has purposefully been pushing the LGBT agenda through our libraries.  Did you know drag queen storytimes were held at several libraries a few months ago?

If there's any more info I can provide to help your cause, let me know.

All libraries have been instructed to tell you:
"This matter has been referred to the County Library Executives."

Does this not say it all?

When will the parents revolt in the state of California, in Los Angeles County against this immoral insanity?!


I sent him a response:

Thanks for sharing this with me.

Are you saying that my complaint has gotten attention all over the county?

Wow. That would be great if that's true.

Then this librarian sent me another message:

At least throughout the library system. I doubt the county supervisors will care since they are all so far left wing.  Those handouts you saw were a day long taxpayer funded training library staff had to sit through.

The library has an all staff training day coming up in August with a lineup of SJW propaganda that looks even worse.  I think this indoctrination  push is much more dangerous for the future than the book displays. They are just the beginning.

I've wondered if this kind of stuff would be of any interest for an expose or something in conservative media.  I'm not sure most conservatives realize how far left most people who run public libraries are.

This is your local library, folks!

Indoctrinating the young to be left-wing zealots.

Breitbart wasn't kidding. Politics is indeed down-wind from culture.

It's time for us to fight this culture of cult-like leftism and take back the institutions in our communities.

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