Friday, January 27, 2017

"US" by Paul Genova

(I received this email/poem from a friend of mine. 

I think it very well sums up where the blame should be placed for the social disorder from the regressive Left.)

Mr. Paul Genova has been President and Chief Operating Officer of Wireless Telecom Group Inc. since June 30, 2016. Mr. Genova served as the Chief Executive Officer of Wireless Telecom Group Inc. from November 16, 2009 to June 30, 2016.

I haven't said too much about this election since the start….but this is how I feel.

I'm noticing that a lot of you aren't graciously accepting the fact that your candidate lost. In fact you seem to be posting even more hateful things about those of us who voted for Trump.

Some of you are apparently "triggered" because you are posting how "sick" you feel about the results.

How did this happen you ask? Well here is how it happened!

    You created "us" when you attacked our freedom of speech.

    You created "us" when you attacked our right to bear arms.

    You created "us" when you attacked our Christian beliefs.

    You created "us" when you constantly referred to us as racists.

    You created "us" when you constantly called us xenophobic.

    You created "us" when you told us to get on board or get   out of  the way.

    You created "us" when you attacked our flag.

    You created "us" when you took God out of our schools.

    You created "us" when you confused women's rights with feminism.

    You created "us" when you began to emasculate men.

    You created "us" when you decided to make our children soft.

    You created "us" when you decided to vote for progressive ideals.

    You created "us" when you attacked our way of life.

    You created "us" when you decided to let our government get out of control.

    You created "us" the silent majority.

    You created "us" when you began murdering innocent law enforcement officers.

    You created "us" when you lied and said we could keep our insurance plans and our doctors.

    You created "us" when you allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country.

    You created "us" when you took a knee, or stayed seated or didn't remove your hat during our National Anthem.

    You created "us" when you forced us to buy health care and then financially penalized us for not participating.

And, we became fed up and we pushed back and spoke up.

      And we did it with ballots, not bullets.
      With ballots, not riots.
      With ballots, not looting.
      With ballots, not blocking traffic.
      With  ballots, not fires, except the one you started inside of "us"

"YOU" created "US".

It's just that simple.

Pass this on if you believe this represents  most of US".


  1. What is most amazing to consider is that if not for the thinking of progesssive and liberal minds some 240 years ago, Mr Genova would not be free to speak his mind in this way. For one thing, much of what he lists is pure alternative reality. For instance, a child born in the US is at once a citizen, but not bound thereby to be a Christian as opposed to being a Mormon or a Muslim or a Jew. Indeed, the child must choose from the buffet of religious point of view but does not risk citizenship if he or she chooses no religious point of view.

    1. Here is what I do not understand about progressives: they want to move America progressively more socialist but they are willfully unaware of the perfect record of failure of socialism. Please explain. but don't make the kind of logical leap you made in the comment above where you point out Mr. Genova having the freedom to speak and then jump to a child being a citizen with freedom of religion as if your two ideas form some kind of proof of something. They don't. they are just two ideas in the same paragraph.

  2. He does not state that all must be Christian, but that those of that particular religious grouping are often being demeaned, mis-labeled as a group and no longer can openly practice their faiths, as they had in over 240 years. People escaped to America to be able to practice freely any one of the other Christian denominations, or other faiths.
    NO ONE in America is ever being forced to be Christian - it is a personal choice. Once a person gains maturity, even if raised in a Christian family, each individual decides whether to actually live as one.
    That is the core of our Freedom of Religion - America does not require anyone to practise any one faith in order to live here and be a citizen. However citizens have a responsibility to uphold the rule of law to maintain general order.
    Mr. Genova's use of "God" is his equivalent to "CREATOR" or any term for a Higher Power of other beliefs.
    He is simply using familiar terms from his own personal background - and expressing his opinion - exercising his Freedom of Speech, as are you. There are still parts of the world where one would risk imprisonment or death for doing so.

    1. Thank you. Well stated. And, I am NOT ashamed to show my name. Some of you others need to take a lesson.

  3. Socialism is not a complete failure. It balances capitalism in many European countries that are doing very well.

  4. I assume you mean Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and last but not least Great Britain! Unemployment is over 30%, that is very well???