Friday, July 14, 2017

RINO Mayes Cap-n-Traitor with the Cannella Shuffle?

State Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) sold his soul to the devil of Sacramento:

The Democratic Party.

Cannella voted for the sham gas tax--car tax increase with a massive multi million pork bailout, which will benefit his district and his future endeavors as a lobbyist, county supervisor, blah blah blah.

Will Mayes cave to the cap and trade demands with little payouts or big bailouts, too?

There seems to a growing light on the horizon ...

"What am I going to do? Everyone keeps following me around."
AP reports:

Despite the opposition, Democrats on a key Senate committee passed a package of bills Thursday, one to renew cap and trade and another aimed at improving local air quality. Both are facing a critical hurdle next week: Votes on the floor of the Assembly and Senate. The cap-and-trade plan needs two-thirds to support to pass, and almost every Republican is opposed to it.

The governor is deeply invested in the outcome of those votes, which would bolster his efforts to position California as a global climate leader.

California is a leader in widespread poverty, taxation, and the mass exodus of voters fed up with being raked over for more money, while seeing little to none of it making a difference in improving their quality of life.

Mayes is facing increased pressure to reject any deal with Governor Brown. It's time for Mayes to step down and let someone else lead the GOP caucus. One can only hope that another member will take a stronger stride to ensure real leadership in Sacramento which goes against the liberal Democratic strain and does some good for everyone else.

Will we see some Cannella-like horse-trading to get a vote?

Check out what Mayes is thinking about doing:

There are no Assembly Republican votes for the Cap and Trade deal in its current form.  We will not support a deal that doesn’t cut taxes, roll back regulations and protect ordinary Californians.

Notice that Mayes is holding out hope that a deal can be reached. No more deals. It's time for Republicans to double down and say "NO!".

Over three months ago, Assembly Republicans laid out a set of priorities that would lead to our participation in an historic, bipartisan agreement to reform California’s Cap and Trade system.
Since that day, we have been transparent, direct and focused on our willingness to vote to establish a market-based approach to lower our greenhouse gas emissions rather than sit on the sidelines and allow a draconian, government-run command and control process that would harm consumers by making California even more unaffordable.

"Whatever you say, Rendon!"

No reforms needed. Repeal the whole crappy program. There is no solid or credible evidence to support cap and trade. Carbon taxation is an irresolute fraud.

Today, we are in sight of a bipartisan agreement to cut taxes, roll back regulations and government overreach, and reduce costs for ordinary Californians and businesses while doing our part to protect the environment for future generations.

With RINOs like Mayes, who needs Democrats? Howard Jarvis and company did not bust their butts to get Prop 13 passed, only to see Republicans, who had campaigned in opposition to tax increases and spending sprees, fall into bad habits across the board.

Unfortunately, this historic agreement remains elusive.  

It needs to stay that way!

Here's the call to action:

Cap & Trade is Set to Expire Soon. RINO Assemblyman, Chad Mayes, is Working With Democrats to Support Cap & Trade
______________________________ ______________________________ ___________

A couple of months ago Chad Mayes said in a LA Times article* that he would be working to reinstitute the Cap & Trade program in California. The Democrats have a super majority and they need a couple of Republican votes to secure the 2/3 vote passage necessary so that it will not be challenged in the courts. Mayes rationalizes that some rural property owners will win, because stuffed into the bill is language to remove fire fees for this group. What?!

Cap & Trade adds millions to energy costs and is a corrupt scheme to fund transportation boondoggles like the bullet train. It adds price increases to EVERYTHING because utilities pass the cost along to consumers.
The Dems are planning a late night vote on this issue within hours...
Please call Assemblyman Chad Mayes office before they vote on this treason

Also, if you can, 
Contact Information California Republicans - Only Call Sacramento Office Numbers: 

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