Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sanctuary City Chaos and Success! June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017.

Cudahy held the first major meeting after Joseph Turner of American Children First announced that he was targeting the utility user's tax to defund sanctuary city Cudahy.

They were particularly worried about this effort.

The city is going all out to ensure that they do not lose this much-needed revenue!

Check out the crazy Brown Supremacists and their La Raza thugs who showed up to protect the city.


There's Robert Hernandez, aka Naui

Nativo "Voter Fraud" Lopez!

Crazy amnesty activists showed up in large numbers to look tough.

Then the narrow-minded bigot Alex Sanchez showed up, with a picture of Martin Luther King Jr.
Yet he had mocked me for claiming that I was doing what Rosa Parks had done -- when I refused to give up my seat in the Huntington Park City Council chambers on June 6th.

Even though I had been unjustly arrested the week prior, I was not in sad spirits.

Look at the great shirt that Nikki Cilantro made for me!

The media showed up in large numbers, ready for anything.

Joseph Turner speaks!

This crazy guy was hogging a seat for "his wife", who never showed up.

More people show up, including racist La Raza types still in bondage to the whole Aztlan ideology.

There's Alan Garcia, aka the Child, aka Chris Garcia's puppet:

Cudahy is going all out to make sure that no one makes any noise.

There's David de la Tierra, a staffer who works with special ed students, but now stands with racist Brown supremacists and homophobes.

Johnny Benitez.


The police lined up in full array!

These racists were militant! They are getting scared!

Here are more people speaking out in Cudahy:

The Celebration afterwards!

Naui and his partners in race-baiting hate did not want to be recorded.

They are so ashamed of themselves!

I wish that the mayor Chris Garcia would put a piece of paper in front of his face, so that none of us would have to look at him.

In spite of what was happening in Cudahy, I also had time to file my government claim against the city of Huntington Park for their false arrest against me on June 6th, 2017!

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