Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hawaii Republican Assembly Exposes Aloha Democratic Housing Crisis

Democrat Caldwell Admits Homeless Camps will Plague Oahu for 10+ Years

Aloha, Republicans:
Democrat mayor Kirk "Go Rail Go" Caldwell admitted YESTERDAY (when announcing the closure of Blaisdell Park in Pearl City to push out the homeless) that the problem of homeless encampments will likely remain a problem for more than 10 years -- with new camps continually springing up all over Oahu -- thanks to the failure of Democrats to address the disappearance of affordable housing on their watch.

HIRA caught his confession yesterday on video right here . . .

Talk about 'collusion', Caldwell's newest admission yesterday wasCENSORED from all news media reports in the past 24 hours. The Star-Advertiser didn't tell you. Hawaii News Now, KITV, and KHON didn't tell you. Civil Beat didn't tell you. But HIRA was watching and caught the news flash -- Homelessness and homeless camps will persist for at least the next ten years, thanks to the lack of affordable housing and exploding cost of living brought on by failed Democrat policies.

This is the same Democrat professional politician who, in another HIRA exclusive video, got caught on camera in 2008 questioning why homelessness should even be considered an 'emergency'.

Yes, Hawaii has been run by one self-serving and incompetent political party since 1954. That's more than 63 years to get it right with the Hawaii Democrat Party's unholy brand of socialism, high taxes, heavy regulation, monopolistic union labor, hoarding of land by government, sweetheart deals, and animosity toward the private sector and the free market.  But the Democrat approachnever works, not anywhere.  So another 2 years or another 63 years won't help either.
Perhaps the mayor and the Democrat-run City Council actually believe that the problem of exploding poverty and Oahu's skyrocketing cost of living can be solved by letting the homeless live in some of the luxury condos that Caldwell's donors and politically-connected buddies are building along the rail line.  With the massive and ever-increasing shortage of affordable homes on Oahu and the rest of the state, Democrats have run out of timeand Hawaii residents have run out of patience.

Please join HIRA today so we can hasten the end of the Democrat stranglehold on the Aloha State.  With your kokua, we can educate and persuade voters in Hawaii to withdraw their support for the liberal Democrat regimes and their failed state and local policies.  Only a reform-minded Republican majority can usher in the desperately needed policy changes to save Hawaii from the dire economic future which lies ahead.  And only HIRA can be counted on to keep making the bold, unapologetic case for that change in direction. 

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