Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Victory! Oxnard Rejects Sanctuary City Status (Video)

At the July 25th, 2017 City Council meeting, The Oxnard City Council discussed a motion to consider turning, or rather labeling, Oxnard a Sanctuary City.

Organized promoters showed up, but men and women who support the rule of law and our President also showed up.

Here is the poster from one sanctuary city proponent:

Here was my message:

The Oxnard City Council provided two options for a resolution.

Item E 1. provided the outlines and presentation of facts to look over the issue:

Agenda Item (Click for larger view)

Oxnard's Mayor was conveniently absent. He offered a tepid excuse to Citizen Journal editor George Miller by claiming that he had another commitment, and the city council advanced this agenda item without him.

A trained group of frequent agitators in the Oxnard area showed up to push this agenda, as expected.

Most of the signs are paid for by the SEIU--the public sector union Service Employees International Union, all pushing for sanctuary cities. 

Carmen Ramirez, the Mayor Pro Tem, ran the meeting. She is a diligent La Raza activists, fully in support for Sanctuary State Senate Bill SB 54.

Here are the other three councilmembers, who did attend the meeting:

Residents informed me that Carmen Ramirez and Oscar Madrigal were fully committed to turning Oxnard into a sanctuary city.

Their discussion and final decision, however, ended up not going as planned.

Oxnard Police Chief Scott Whitney rejected sanctuary city status. Councilman Bert Perello was vocally opposed, and even read an extended set of remarks, which he published at his expense and shared with the audience:

Councilman McDonald offered up a third resolution, which would recognize Oxnard as a "Safe" city, indicating a clear commitment to safeguarding all residents, but making little or no mention to a commitment to protecting illegal aliens. The language in the revised "Third Resolution option" was so hastitly written and hard to follow, however, that it is all but meaningless.

After an extended presentation and discussion, the public voiced either vocal support or opposition to the proposed sanctuary city resolution. Residenst from within and outside of Oxnard outlined the detrimental effects of sanctuary city policies: financially, legally, and morally.

I urged the city council to adopt Resolution E.1.4.a --with a crucial amendment, to recognize the contributions of law enforcement and LEGAL immigrants. Through their most desperate efforts, the SIEU-funded pro-sanctuary faction and La Raza Brown Supremacists continue to blur and ultimately remove the distinction between legal immigrants and illegal aliens.

Members of the council announced that they had received little notice about this proposed sanctuary city resolution. Audience members commented privately, and some shared on my Facebook Live feed that the council should have simply tabled the motion until another time--specifically, when the mayor had returned.

Instead, the city council proceed to support the "Third Option" from Councilman MacDonald to deem Oxnard a "Safe city".

The Brown Supremacists who had attended the meeting claimed victory:

But the truth is bluntly quite different:

We the People celebrated our stance to put pressure on the left-leaning Oxnard City Council.

Check out Deborah Baber, aka Based Lady Liberty!

Here are other members of the audience rejecting sanctuary city status


  1. Per tge constitution ekected officials are supposed to protect American citizens from foreign enemies..islam and foreign invaders illegals. If they do NOT they need to be removed from office.

  2. I'm looking forward to watching the videos of the meeting later tonight with some popcorn! LOL