Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Georgia MassResistance Activist Challenges Phony Criminal Charges

Marquitta R. Ford ready for court. Faces phony charges for protesting against LGBT agenda in front of Georgia State Capitol.

Hearing likely to take place in June or July

Outrageous: Turned down by every “pro-family” legal group we contacted – so we’ve hired a lawyer for her!

Please help us cover her legal expenses!
May 18 2018

Marquitta R. Ford (left) with her attorney Larry Kohn outside of the courthouse at her arraignment hearing in April.
As we reported back in February, Marquitta R. Ford, a courageous Georgia MassResistance activist, was arrested and jailed – and given humiliating treatment by the authorities – after legally protesting against the LGBT agenda in front of the Georgia State Capitol. She had been demonstrating on the same spot – a public sidewalk – for nearly three months and had previously been assured by police that it was legal to be there.
She was demanding protection by the government from the recent epidemic of men going into women’s restrooms – which legislators have so far refused to act on because of their fear of the powerful LGBT influence in the business community.
Our report on this was presented in three parts: Part 1 described the horror stories. Part 2 described Marquitta’s tireless protests and lobbying of politicians, churches, and others. Part 3 described her bizarre and clearly unlawful arrest and jailing – and the absurd, contrived charges filed against her.
From the beginning Marquitta was determined that since she is innocent and no “crime” had been committed, she was not going to plead guilty to anything, plea-bargain, or agree to “community service”, etc.

Turned down by every pro-family law firm (for cowardly reasons)

But an unexpected shock came when it came to finding her a lawyer. We just assumed that a pro-bono pro-family law firm would love to defend a blatant case like this. Over a period of weeks we contacted pro-bono pro-family law firms both locally in Georgia and across the United States. But every firm we contacted turned it down. Some wouldn’t even bother to reply.
Two pro-family attorneys from firms we contacted told us why they wouldn’t touch it: A few months before the incident and arrest, Marquitta was videoed giving a talk at an Atlanta church about the bathroom episodes. She said she was so distraught after encountering a half-naked man in a mall women’s restroom, that she told the mall manager and the mall property owner that she should have allowed her son (who was nearby at the food court) to beat the guy up!
Of course, Marquitta’s church remarks had nothing to do with the protest or arrest. But both attorneys told MassResistance that they were afraid that liberals would say that they were defending someone (this 5-foot tall woman!) “who had advocated violence against a transgender.” It would be bad PR for the firm, and might make their donors uncomfortable, was the message.
In addition, one of the attorneys added that because Marquitta stood up to the police and didn’t simply follow orders like a “good” conservative, they weren’t willing to defend her.
One cannot imagine that the left-wing attack-dog ACLU lawyers would ever wimp out this way. They would just charge forward. This is the sad state of pro-family law in America.

An activist comes to the rescue!

As Marquitta’s April 27 arraignment date got closer with no lawyer in place, we realized that we would need to hire one for her. But who would we get? Even in Georgia, most attorneys are so pro-LGBT that Marquitta would never get their full effort – if they took the case at all.
Then we got a call from Eugene Delgaudio. Eugene is president of the pro-family group Public Advocate of the US, which is based in Virginia. Eugene gets our MassResistance emails, was very upset at what happened to Marquitta, and asked how she was doing. When we mentioned that we desperately needed to find her an attorney who would represent her properly, Eugene didn’t hesitate. He jumped into action.
Eugene got a list of all the criminal defense attorneys in Georgia. He spent many hours researching their backgrounds and where they practiced. He came up with a list of likely family-friendly lawyers who practiced in Fulton County (where Atlanta is located). He relentlessly contacted them with the details of Marquitta’s case. (He did this all simply as a volunteer!) Three of them responded positively. One of them, Larry Kohn, seemed particularly enthusiastic to help Marquitta. He talked to her and she was immediately impressed.

We’ve got our man!

Larry Kohn is known as a “super criminal defense lawyer” in Atlanta circles. He certainly knows what he’s doing and is very easy to work with. We all decided he was the best choice.
MassResistance has agreed to cover Larry Kohn’s fee. Eugene Delgaudio said that if we can come up with half, his organization will pay the other half. Frankly, this is the first time we’ve ever had to pay for legal help. But we definitely think it’s worth it. Unlike so many pro-family attorneys we’ve watched, Larry is primarily interested in winning. He is not willing to simply lay down for the government when their position is not legally or factually correct.

 Moving forward

Marquitta is still waiting for notification of when her preliminary hearing will be. The date will probably be in June or July. That’s when the big decisions about the direction of this case will be made. We will keep you informed about this.
Marquitta R. Ford is willing to put herself on the line for all of us. Any support you could give us for Marquitta’s legal defense and MassResistance’s efforts would be greatly appreciated. This is an important case and a VERY important fight!

Please help us continue to do our uncompromising work!
Your support will make the difference!

ALERT! STOP Amnesty Discharge Petition

We The People Rising http://wethepeoplerising.com
EMAIL robinhvidston@wethepeoplerising.com or  rhvidston1@yahoo.com
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If 218 Congress Members sign CA Congressman Jeff Denham's DACA amnesty Discharge Petition, the amnesty legislation will be brought forward for a House floor vote.

20 House Republicans have signed the Discharge Petition. SEE the list below. If 5 more Republicans sign the Discharge Petition, along with all of the Democrat congress members, the DACA amnesty bills will be brought forward for a House vote even though the Republican House leaders have NOT brought the amnesty bills forward for a vote.

As of 5/22/18, 202 Congress Members have signed the Discharge Petition.




May. 16th, 2018
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7 more GOP signatures needed on House petition to force amnesty votes -- Urgent phone calls needed to House Leadership!

It's been reported that Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) has enough support from House Republicans to get the 218 signatures needed for the amnesty discharge petition! We need your urgent phone calls to House GOP Leaders, telling them to kill the Curbelo/Denham amnesty discharge petition. You can find the numbers for GOP Leadership in the red action box below.

The discharge petition filed by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) still has 18 Republicans signatures, but Rep. Jeff Denham says they have at least 25 House Republicans willing to sign on. And Democrats say that they'll sign on once all 25 House Republicans officially have, giving Reps. Curbelo and Denham the 218 signatures they need.

The discharge petition would force a vote on Rep. Denham's H.Res. 774. Why is the Denham Resolution such a threat?
H.Res. 774 would force a vote on Rep. Bob Goodlatte's H.R. 4760, the Securing America's Future Act. H.R. 4760 would end chain migration and the visa lottery, require all employers to use E-Verify, strengthen border security and interior enforcement, and provide work permits to roughly 690,000 DACA illegal aliens.

But it would also ... allow votes on at least two amendments that would replace the entire Goodlatte bill with bad amnesty proposals, including the Dream Act that would grant a no-strings amnesty to more than 3 million illegal aliens and the Hurd-Aguilar bill that would grant a no-strings amnesty to at least 1.8 million illegal aliens.

Both the Dream Act and the Hurd-Aguilar bill would allow continued chain migration for illegal aliens who receive the amnesty and neither proposal would require employers to use E-Verify to end the jobs magnet.

The proposal with the most votes (and at least 218 votes) would be officially adopted by the House and sent to the Senate. But if GOP Leadership in the House were to bring H.R. 4760 to the House floor before it votes on the Denham Resolution, it would ify the Resolution since it also calls for bringing H.R. 4760 to the floor.

There is hope! Some members of the House Freedom Caucus have said that they may withhold support on other legislation that House Leaders want to pass unless they bring H.R. 4760 to the floor for a vote.
phone IconPlease Call Tod ay!
Please call the three numbers listed below for the GOP Leadership team and tell their staff that you want them to do everything possible to end the threat from the Curbelo/Denham discharge petition and that includes bringing H.R. 4760 to the floor for a vote.


House Speaker Paul Ryan -- (877) 753-8801


Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy -- (855) 827-2356


Majority Whip Steve Scalise -- (855) 827-2353

New Actions

CALL House Republicans below, who signed the Discharge Petition yesterday. and tell them to REMOVE their names from the Discharge Petition! Tell them to help AMERICAN CITIZENS - veterans, homeless American families, disabled Americans, and unemployed Americans - NOT DACA recipients. Let them know you will work to vote them out of office if they do not remove their names from the discharge petition.
 DIAL *67 before the phone number  for your phone number to not display.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
 1. Carlos Curbelo
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 Florida 26
 2. Jeff Denham
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 California 10
 3. David G. Valadao
(202) 225-4695
 California 21
 4. Will Hurd
(202) 225-4511

 Texas 23
5. Mario Diaz-Balart
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 Florida 25
 6. Mia B. Love
(202) 225-3011
 Utah 04
 7. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
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 Florida 27
 8. Charles W. Dent


 Pennsylvania 15
 9. Fred Upton
(202) 225-3761
 Michigan 06
 10. David G. Reichert
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 Washington 08
 11. Mike Coffman
 Colorado 06
 12. Chris Collins
 New York 27
 13. John J. Faso
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 New York 19
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(202) 225-6155
 Nevada 02
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 New York 21
 16. Leonard Lance
(202) 225-5361
 New Jersey 07
 17. Ryan A. Costello
(202) 225-4315
 Pennsylvania 06

 Thursday, May 10, 2018
 18. Stephen Knight
(202) 225-1956

 California 25
19. Diana DeGette   
(202) 225-4431
https://degette.house.gov/  Colorado
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
 20. John Katko New York
(202) 225-3701



George Soros funded organizationsGeorge Soros funded organizations:  

George Soros funded organizations


Every congress member is given an annual budget to cover staff salaries, travel to and from the home district, official mail to constituents and other office necessities. The budgets vary. The average budget for 2011 was $1.45 million.
USA Today

http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/washington/story/2012-04-05/house-office-expenses-cutbacks/54056520/1Updated 4/6/2012 8:36

“…Catholic Charities gets billions of taxpayer dollars for refugee resettlement and general immigration services, which puts it into the category of a smallish government agency. For example, in 2010, 62 percent of Catholic Charities’ budget was funded by the unwilling taxpayer. The feds and the Catholic bishops are partners.”







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BREAKING: Major Meltdown by Muslim Carpetbagger RINO in San Diego County

12 minutes of some of the most unbelievable and unhinged talk radio you will ever hear!  One on one interview with Omar Qudrat by Roger Hedgecock Friday.  

Qudrat immediately attacks Hedgecock and threatens to sue him for defamation and slander, but then he can’t name one lie that Hedgecock allegedly told about him on the radio last week.  Then Hedgecock proceeds to give him a major beat down and exposes him for being a recent carpetbagger to San Diego from Washington, DC and then lying about that fact when he first moved here to a downtown high rise apartment late last year.   Qudrat is flailing wildly now that all his secrets are spilling out.  He is calling everyone spreading the truth and asking questions about him “discredited” and “fake news”.   Those sound like great terms to describe Qudrat’s dying campaign. 

May 18th, 5pm  (12 minutes):


- Qudrat eventually admits that he is a carpetbagger from outside San Diego County – way outside, and that he is not a lawyer and owns no businesses in CA (as his website claims), and has never voted in California.   He did not deny any of that during the interview.   He tried to throw out numerous red herrings to deflect from those facts, but listeners could tell he was squirming and trying to change the subject.  

- After several minutes of Qudrat rambling on and bragging about his work in D.C., Roger Hedgecock finally tells Qudrat “you’re just a fog machine” for constantly throwing out red herring arguments during the interview and not addressing the long-standing questions about him and his recent past.

- Near the end of the 12 minute interview, Qudrat finally admits he was wrong in his accusations of Hedgecock and withdraws his threatened lawsuit.  He admits that ‘someone told him’ that Roger recently told lies about him on air, but that he didn’t actually listen to the broadcast and could not name one single lie that Roger said.

FACT:  No one has ever accused Qudrat’s family members or any supporter in particular of supporting CAIR or the Muslim Brotherhood.  That is Qudrat’s desperate red herring he keeps throwing out in every interview try to gain sympathy with the public claiming he is being attacked because he is Muslim.  But we have confirmed through high government sources that some of his 400+ donors do support radical extremist groups.  Quadrat has NEVER denied that SOME of his campaign donors are radicals and he has never said anything about returning donations from CAIR-supporting donors.  He reportedly has raised over $270,000 so far with many of his donors being Muslims from other states.  Anyone can verify that on his public FEC filings.   Also, neither Qudrat, nor his staff has ever reached out to Capt. Joseph John to discuss or dispute any of the information contained in his two published reports this month.  That tells you he knows this is all true, but he’s trying to use conservative talk radio to deny the facts.  He was hoping no one would debate him.  Roger Hedgecock rightfully did.

Omar Qudrat showed clearly during the interview above that he is not fit for Congress by the way he maliciously, rudely, and falsely attacked and smeared  Roger Hedgecock and his impeccable reputation with false accusations and threatening to sue him and KFMB, on air.  Qudrat is unhinged now because he knows EVERYTHING in Capt. John’s latest article (below) is true.  He has never disproved one claim, because he can’t!   Qudrat is a slick talker, but he’s got a lot of secrets about his true background that he doesn’t want to the voters to know about.

Omar's Donors from Terrorist Group CAIR

By the way, inside sources have told us that Tony Krvaric is watching his endorsed candidate Omar Qudrat implode and is privately telling Central Committee members and others high in the local GOP to support whichever of the other four Republican candidates they want in the 52nd District race.  Krvaric is obviously hoping that Qudrat does not win so that this PR disaster for the San Diego GOP will end on June 5th and not stretch out all the way until November.   What a mess.   Maybe next time the inept Central Committee members will do their homework and vet their candidates better.  Endorsing some unknown, slick-talking guy from D.C. with no political experience for Congress in San Diego was one of the dumbest moves ever made by the SD GOP, and that’s saying something.

Hopefully the voters in the 52nd Congressional district will be smarter than the GOP “leadership” and vote for someone with roots and ties to San Diego.  At least someone who has lived here more than 6 months.

Jeff Schwilk
Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

Open Letter to Torrance City Councilman Milton Herring: Why No Action on SB 54?

Dear Pastor -- and Councilman -- Herring.

My name is Arthur Schaper, a proud American, life-long Californian, and a fervent believer in Christ Jesus, as are you.

For the last three months, I have been working with an incredible, influential community of conservative Christians and pro-family activists in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. Those numbers have recently expanded to include Monterey, Santa Barbara, Siskiyou, and San Diego Counties. 

We have been attending city council and county board meetings with local and county stakeholders to get every elected board to opt out of SB 54, the notorious Sanctuary State Law.

There is still no action from you andyour colleagues to opt out of SB 54 in the city of Torrance. Need I remind you that this law is endangering law enforcement, our national and state sovereignty, and is patently unconstitutional.

Simi Valley voted to join an amicus brief against this terrible law. The city of Camarillo is already putting an agenda item forward to oppose that law, too. Carlsbad just opted out, and so will Tulare County.

But as councilman on the Torrance City Council, you have still done nothing.

All authority comes from God, as you well know:

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God." (Romans 13:1)

In the United States, our constitutional republic determines that We the People are the powers, which we have received from Almighty God.

You serve as a representative for the citizens of Torrance. At this time, however, you are not serving as subject to those higher powers, i.e. the people who elected you, and more importantly your oath of office.

I am very displeased with your lack of leadership to stand up to Sanctuary State lawlessness in your city.

There is no excuse for this behavior. If you refuse to take a stance, then you should resign. Your oath of office mandates that you recognize the Constitution as "The Supreme Law of the Land" (Article VI, Sect. 2). SB 54 violates Article I, Section 8, which recognizes immigration as a power delegated expressly to the federal government. Any state law or state constitution which frustrates federal law and the United States Constitution is null and void, which includes SB 54.

I will continue to communicate with fellow voters and urge them to hold you accountable on this matter.

You have a responsibility before God and man to respond to the needs of your community and fulfill your oath of office.

I will communicate with you further on this matter shortly.

Thank you


Arthur Schaper.

Open Letter to Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft: My Deep Disappointment Over SB 54

Dear Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft:

I have shared in the past my contentment with your leadership on a number of issues. You stood up to Pat Furey on a number of issues and were willing to push for his son's removal from the Torrance Traffic Commission two years ago.

Today, however, I share deep disappointment.

You were not elected to the city council to follow the crowd, but to take a stand, and we need the Torrance City Council to oppose SB 54, to uphold the rule of law, and most importantly to uphold your oath of office.

That has yet to happen.

I am contacting you through this venue to share my deep disappointment with you.

I am astonished and sad that you have taken no action whatsoever on the Torrance City Council to get the city of Torrance to opt of SB 54.

This law is dangerous, immoral, and unconstitutional.

It is deeply disappointing that you will not take the lead on this matter. Do you know care about the safety and security of our citizenry?

Do you not regard the oath of office which you took when you were appointed and then elected to the city council?

This delay and reticence is unacceptable!

We need the city of Torrance to join with her sister cities and counties throughout the state. It is sad and unfortunate that Torrance, a leading city on so many issues, has not led the fight against Sanctuary State.

Make a motion tonight to bring this issue up for discussion in a future Torrance City Council meeting. If your colleagues will not support you--that is to their shame. 

For you to do nothing, however, that is to your shame.


Arthur Schaper

Monday, May 21, 2018

Make Schools Safe Again: Repeal The Gun-Free School Zones Act

Another mass shooting, and another round of talking heads is clamoring for “common-sense” gun control.  The latest massacre, at Santa Fe High School in Texas, lead to the murder of 10 people by deranged teenager Dimitrious Pagourtzis, who stole the firearms from his father. After suffering intense humiliation from a would-be girlfriend, he went on a shooting spree in unhinged retaliation. This is beyond terrible. The rapid pace of gun massacres must be confronted, especially at public schools.

The media are not helping, of course. They over-cover these tragedies and relentlessly push a gun control agenda. We still don’t know what happened in Las Vegas (I can tell you, just hold on a sec). Following the Santa Fe shooting, CNN fudged the numbers, lumping in gang-shootings and accidental deaths with the mass shootings that have targeted schools. They also mocked Texas Lieutenant Governor Patrick, claiming that he blamed the number of exits and entrances to the high school. Honestly, diminishing the number of entrances in a school will better protect schools. Even in California, school boards are reducing the number of ways anyone can enter a school, and those proposals can eliminate dangerous malefactors. David Hogg and the rest of the Parkland crew with their left-wing mainstream media agents like the Los Angeles Times focus on the “mass-shooting” firearms. “Get rid of the guns!” How about we tax the bullets, while we’re waiting? Chris Rock suggested as much in one of his comedy routines.

These proposals are not enough and will never work. No matter how much common sense comes into the discussion, the regressive left refuses to recognize that guns do not kill anyone. An assailant has to aim the barrel and pull the trigger. It’s not the guns. Thankfully, Texas elected officials are not calling for gun control. They are not targeting the Second Amendment in any way—yet. Conservative experts are talking about the over-medication of our youth, the removal of God from our schools, the disregard for the rule of law from elected officials. The biggest problem, however, remains that schools are mandated gun-free zones per federal law. I have addressed this issue before, and it’s astounding that still so few want to talk about it, especially among Second Amendment proponents.

Time for a brief history lesson. The Gun-Free School Zones Act passed in 1990 as part of a larger crime control bill introduced by US Senators Joe Biden (who would have guessed?) and Herb Kohl (D-Wisconsin). Sadly, it was signed into law by George Herbert Walker Bush. Relying on the similar “I hate this part, but I have to sign the whole bill” rhetoric employed by Trump over the Omnibus bill, Bush disliked the gun-free zone aspect.  It’s unthinkable that three decades ago, both sides of the aisle ultimately worked against the natural rights of American citizens, but it happened.

Bush called the gun-free zone law an overreach, and the United States Supreme Court agreed later that same year. The Court struck down the law because it overly stretched the commerce clause. Four years after the bill was signed, Congress passed and Bill Clinton signed the Brady Law, with US Senator Dianne Feinstein strapping on a scary-looking assault rifle to bully and shame anyone who opposed comprehensive gun bans. Seven years later, with US Attorney General Janet Reno’s promptings, Congress revised the law to get around the Supreme Court’s primary objections. Twenty-one years later, and no comprehensive lawsuit has emerged to challenge this nonsense.

How many schools have been targeted for mass shootings? Too many. Why should anyone be surprised. The kids are sitting ducks. Yet we need more gun control laws, right? It’s already against the law for a minor to own a gun. It’s also against the law to bring a gun onto school grounds except for recognized peace officers; to carry a gun without a permit in Texas; and to saw off the barrel from a shotgun. In California, criminal enhancements exist to ensure greater punishment (although not necessarily deterrence) for gun crimes, but we’ve seen our own eruption in gun violence on school campuses, nonetheless. Oh, and it’s illegal to murder people with a firearm, too, but that didn’t stop Demetrius or Nikolas Cruz or the other mass murderers who raised hell on public school campuses.  Both sides of the political divide have fomented into pushing for gun control or allowing more good guys to keep and bear arms.

But no one is talking about ending this Gun Free Zone insanity … except President Trump, but even then, he was talking about it last year. At least The Hill brought attention to how arbitrary and nonsensical this provision has become. If someone brings a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school, they face federal penalties, like 10 years in prison. Granted, one suspect faced these charges for firing a shot at the Charlottesville, Virginia rally last year, tiki torches notwithstanding. School wasn’t in session that weekend, so the statute has become more arbitrary than meaningful.

It gets worse if someone discharges the firearm near a school—even if it’s to take down an assailant and protect the public! Even in constitutional carry states like Arizona, citizens can obtain a concealed carry permit, which will allow them to carry a firearm on school property—but they cannot use the firearm. This is ridiculous. This stupidity must cease.

Ending this “Gun Free Zone” policy should be the focus of our Congress: not mental health, not different types of exits, not even national reciprocity for concealed carry. What’s the point of carrying a gun when the owner cannot use it?  Yes, let’s have constitutional carry. Yes, let’s remove the unconstitutional barriers to owning a firearm. But let’s fight to make schools safe again and repeal the Gun-Free School Zone Act for good!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Felix Cortez, Left-Wing Reporter, Shames and Threatens to Ignore Monterey County Patriots

Last week, I worked with the Monterey County Coalition of Concerned Citizens to get more awareness to and build opposition against SB 54. They had complained to me that they worked very hard to get the media to cover their events, but every time they were more interested in pushing an agenda rather than simply reporting the news.

On Monday, May 14th, I sent out a press release to every major news affiliate that I could reach. I wanted everyone in the region to know that we were working to bring awareness about stopping SB 54, the Sanctuary State Law, in Monterey County--first at the Board of Supervisors, and then at the City of Monterey.

Finally, one news reporter from KSBW arrived at the Monterey County meeting room.

But his attitude was off-putting, arrogant, even tired and disgusted. He gave off this flimsy attitude as though he could not believe that he had been bothered to cover this event with concerned citizens in Monterey County.
Ultimately, Felix Cortez, the reporter from KSBW, did a story on us, but he made a number of mistakes and reported some information which has not been corroborated.

Here's the video of the news report from May 15th, 2018:


I sent a follow-up letter to correct the errors and call out Felix Cortez' unhelpful behavior:

To the KSBW Newsroom:

Thank you for sending Mr. Cortez to cover our protest and attendance at the Monterey County Board of Supervisors on May 15th, 2018.

I have attached a few photos from our protest and demonstration.

With some due respect, however, I want to share some concerns I had with Mr. Cortez' story and professionalism.

First, regarding the final report:

There were a few errors in the story about the Monterey County Coalition of Concerned Citizens story.

Our numbers are actually much larger than the group which attended the Board Meeting.
Here are the photos from our demonstration at the Monterey Cit Council, which Mr. Cortez reported on briefly in his Tuesday night news report:

Secondly, Mr. Cortez stated that a dozen cities and counties have opted out or opposed SB 54.
That is not true. About 50 jurisdictions have already taken on SB 54--and those numbers are growing.

Here is a current list, authenticated by news reports across the state and elected officials in those cities and counties:
Amador County
Butte County
Kern County
Mariposa County
Orange County
San Diego County
Shasta County
Siskiyou County
Tehama County
Tuolumne County
Aliso Viejo
California City
Costa Mesa
Dana Point
Fountain Valley
Huntington Beach
Laguna Niguel
Lake Elsinore
Los Alamitos
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach
San Jacinto
San Juan Capistrano
Santa Clarita
Simi Valley
Villa Park
Yorba Linda
Last of all, Mr. Cortez alleged that the Monterey County Board of Supervisors moved to file a lawsuit on behalf of the state of California in the federal court fight over SB 54. I spoke with County Deputy Clerk Denise Hancock, and the notes from the meeting do not refer to any action from the board on SB 54.
Please issue these corrections as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Arthur Schaper
Cortez was not too happy with this assertive letter, and he wrote a pretty abrupt, petty response:
Really, Arthur? First of all the media does not need orders from people on who we should or should not interview. And that’s the approach you took.. you weren’t suggesting we talk to people you were ordering me to. Clearly a lack of professionalism on your behalf.
Secondly, I recorded everybody who went to the podium and spoke inside the chambers that day.. and when I did speak to the one woman  outside the chambers she said the same thing she said inside.

There’s a reason I put a mic on the podium because what your friends said at the podium is more natural and from the heart then it would be staring at the lens of a camera.

And one more thing: your lack of professionalism and tone of your letter will clearly make us think twice about covering any future events by you or your friends.

He cannot run away from the fact that he reported the facts wrong about the growing uproar across the state against SB 54. He said only a dozen jurisdictions, when the numbers have now climbed to forty cities and 10 counties. Those numbers are growing, by the way.

Then he claimed that Monterey County has directed their attorney to draft an amicus brief to support the state of California in their lawsuit to defend SB 54 against the federal government. I have called the Clerk of the Board twice, and one of the staffers informed me that the minutes contain no such direction.

Notice how hurt his feelings got! Talk about a lack of professionalism!

Really?! One of the citizens shared some growing concerns about this. He is running for Congress, and KSBW had interviewed him for a story in his bid against Jimmy Panetta. Are they now going to blow him off and not grant him equal access to make his case to Monterey/Santa Cruz County voters?
Very shameful.

I urge everyone who is reading this post to contact KSBW to hold their reporter accountable!

KSBW Front Desk: Call 831-758-8888
KSBW NEWSROOM: Call 831-422-8206, or email the newsroom at news@ksbw.com
KSBW Salinas television studios: 238 John Street, Salinas, California, 93901
Questions or concerns relating to the accessibility of the FCC’s online public file system should be directed to the FCC at 888-225-5322, 888-835-5322 (TTY), or fccinfo@fcc.gov