Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Statement Regarding The Defend Movement in Torrance

For the past two weeks, Brown Supremacists and angry La Raza Activists from Huntington Park, Cudahy, and other sanctuary cities have been attending and speaking at the Torrance City Council meetings.

To his shame, Mayor Pat Furey sides with these abusive hatemongers, and supports their counter-activism against We the People Rising, LA County for Trump, and American Children First.

These race hustlers abused and terrified parents and children at a local Fourth of July Event in Santa Ana, California.

One of the more politically motivated, Edin Enamorado of Cudahy, has been arrested for a felony, for which he still refuses to provide specifics. In a previous Cudahy city council meeting, Edin referred to American immigrants as "wet backs". He also dishonored the wife of a Congressional candidate by claiming that "She looked like a prostitute." 

He and others have lied to the Torrance public, claiming that pro-immigration enforcement activists such as myself, Joseph Turner, and others are terrorizing their communities. The fatuous allegations that we are pushing a racist agenda is just as laughable, if not more so.

The truth is, this "Defend Movement" is engaging in acts of brazen desperation on the part of hatemongers and left-wing Democrats. For the past two years, patriots of all backgrounds have demonstrated and protested against lawless city councilmembers, elected officials, and their enabling special interest groups wherever sanctuary city policies are defended, and where illegal immigration is celebrated rather than denounced.

Our efforts have been very effective, otherwise these Brown Supremacists would not be trying to push undue influence into Torrance, CA. You can look over any number of videos recording my efforts, or the speeches and activism of other members in our widespread coalition. Time and again, these Brown Supremacists have mocked and jeered at us, or cursed at us and threatened us. Time and again, you will find videos of these hateful hordes shouting and chanting "Racists, go home!" or "White Supremacists, go back to Europe." In one meeting of the Cudahy City Council, the then Vice-Mayor declared "I think it is shameful and disgraceful that Jack Guerrer continues to invite these white supremacists ..."

He was summarily shouted down by nearly everyone in the audience, then fled the city council chambers. Other members of our pro-immigration enforcement, Trump supporter team have endured threats of physical or bodily harm. Some videos are truly shocking, including one evening, in which two women were trying to find their cars, surrounded by jeering, hateful crowds along Clara Street in the City of Cudahy. When they sought help from one of the nearby deputies, he responded: "Harassment is not a crime."

Unbelievable, but true.

Silva Merlos, whom I derisively refer to as "Diet Pills", has repeatedly lied to the City Council, claiming that a 12-year old named Joseph Moreno was pepper-sprayed by members of our team. That is a lie. We have clear footage detailing him chanting in the street: "I'm good! I'm good!"  Other members of this corrupt, Brown Supremacist crew include:

David de la Tierra, who has announced that he works with special needs children. That's a fearful thought, considering how he feels neither shame nor reserve about protesting in front of children, harming them and frightening them publicly in front of others.

Jaguar Redfeather, whom I jokingly referred to as "Water Buffalo" or "The Heifer", has roared and screeched at others, and has also disrupted family events. He is one of the most delusional activists I have ever met, as he routinely complains that this United States is "stolen land." I think someone has stolen his reason.

Veronica Tomas of  El Monte, who has lied and harassed a black woman named Chanell Temple.

This long list of misfits is rivaled only by the corrupt, vindictive, and hateful mayor of Torrance, Patrick J. Furey.

1. Corrupt: From colluding with a PAC promoted by McCormick Ambulance and voting to award the contract to the same, to granting retroactive pay increases to the city’s labor unions, who backed his bid for Mayor in 2014.

2. Vindictive, including his despicable verbal abuse against Councilman Mike Griffiths following the McCormick Ambulance vote along with his shameful behavior toward Councilman Milton Herring and Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft.

3. Hateful: his wanton disregard for the right of Torrance citizens, and his unjust smears against me and others who have fought to ensure the sovereignty of our country and the integrity of our nation's borders.

Indeed, despite these moral tempests, the Defend Movement's indefensible actions and words have worked in our--in my favor.

1. They are dissipating their limited time and resources driving out to Torrance, California, where they can see what a real city council meeting looks like. American Children First has dedicated clear resources to repeal the Utility Users Tax in sanctuary cities like theirs, and they cannot stop it.

2. They are diverted from other activists for much of the evening when they do come, since they insist on sitting through the entire meeting waiting for both sections of public comment.

3. They have piqued the pride of the corrupt, hateful mayor, enough that he has incriminated himself in identifying with "their plight” and accepting their false, racist narrative about We the People Rising, LA County for Trump, and American Children First. City residents now have more evidence, more proof demonstrating that Pat Furey is not fit to serve as mayor or in any elected office on behalf of the city of Torrance.

The Defend Movement’s useless agitations will only further inform residents in Torrance about the truth of pro-enforcement activists such as myself. The city of Torrance’s official stance against SB 54 is written in stone, and will not be rescinded. I expect that the federal government will enact strict consequences against sanctuary jurisdictions, including the state of California. I look forward to seeing the end of rampant illegal immigration and the criminal lawlessness which accompanies this severe problem.

And there is nothing that The Defend Movement can do to defend against these welcome outcomes.

Here is the video for all the information you need:

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