Friday, July 14, 2017

Democratic Panic and Terror: Single Payer Bill Going Nowhere ... for Now

The California State Assembly has turned into the more moderate or trustworthy body to stop some of the worst legislation in Sacramento.

Speaker Anthony Rendon has taken on the unenviable position of shelving SB 562, the Medicare for All, wannabe single-payer bill from the state senate.

Why me?

This legislation is bad, very bad.

And there is no way

SB 562 hit a brick wall of sorts and is in stasis in the Assembly Rules Committee.

Rendon has a lot of power, and he can decide whether a bill lives or dies in the State Assembly. It's starting to remind me of the madness that former Illinois General Assemblyman Mike Bost had to contend with during his tenure in Springfield.

In this case, I am very glad that he stopped the bill. I would like to see it dead, but that won't happen until it ends up in a policy committee, and then the members can simply vote it down to kill it.

Single Payer Going Nowhere in California

Today is the deadline for the single-payer bill to get out of a policy committee, but Rules has not even referred to bill in the first place!

It's not going anywhere this year.

It could resurface next year, starting at the beginning of the session in January.

But who knows what will happen by then. There are so many problems with the bill, as identified by the Democratic leadership. Of course, I have even more vocal reasons to oppose this perversity.

No matter how much union muscle pushes an agenda, the laws of supply, demand, scarcity will overrule any political posturing.

If we want to ensure more access to health care for all people, the last thing that we want is more of the government getting involved throttling opportunity while jacking up the cost.

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