Monday, July 17, 2017

UPDATE! Cap and Trade Vote DELAYED! Time to Double Down!

California voters and taxpayers have had enough.

They are fed up with being taxed to death, and then watch the state spiral into a spend-debt death.

No more.

The Cap and Trade Vote was supposed to take place today at 3:40ishpm, due to the Prop 54 reforms pushed last year.

Now is the time not to slack off but to DOUBLE DOWN!

Do not let up for one minute on the corrupt legislators in Deep State Sacramento.

No one gets away with raising anything on us!

Here are the RINOs to slam harder than ever!!

Permanent Minority Leader Chad Mayes
(916) 319-2042

Catharine Baker: (916) 319-2016

Rocky Chavez: (916) 319-2076

Frank Bigelow: (916) 319-2005

And our latest entry ....

Heath Flora:  (916) 319-2012
How about one more for fun?!

Marc Steinorth: (916) 319-2

And here are the Demo-RATS who are getting uneasy about another tax-hike vote!!!

Al Muratsuchi: (916) 319-2066

Sabrina Cervantes: (916) 319-2060

Sharon Quirk-Silva: (916) 319-2065

Adam Gray: (916) 319-2021
Rudy Sala: (916) 319-2032
Jacqui Irwin: (916) 319-2044

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