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Delusional SEIU: Oxnard Did NOT Become a Sanctuary City

The Service Employees International Union has lost its bearings.

And its integrity.

The Los Angeles local tweeted the following about the Oxnard City resolution:

Uh ... NO!

Here's the truth
How much clearer could the local papers have been?

Here's the initial headline on the web page for the Ventura County Star:

And here's a close-up:

Oxnard is not a sanctuary city.

For the police chief to declare "We do not ask about immigration status" is not a bold declaration, either.

The truth is that state law in place is undermining federal immigration laws, but in spite of that county jails still have the responsibility to ask and report immigration status to the federal government.

There is nothing that the city of Oxnard can do to undermine this effort. None.

But for SEIU operatives to claim any kind of victory is nonsense.

Oxnard is not a sanctuary city, has not been deemed a sanctuary city.

Worst reason why? Carmen Hernandez and Oscar Madrigal would have supported that heinous resolution, but McDonald and Perello would not. It would have failed for the lack of votes. Notice also that MacDonald drew up a third resolution, hastily written with no chance for the audience to review it.

That alone should motivate voters in Oxnard and throughout Ventura County to file a formal complaint against the city council and demand that the Safe City resolution be rescinded.

Where Was Torrance in Congressional Politics? 1864-1873 CD 1

California became a state in 1850.

Until 1864, Congressional representatives were elected by an at-large, top-three voter turnout.

In the final throes of the Civil War, the state of California's population grew dramatically.

The state was finally divided into three Congressional districts.

Each seat went to a Republican:

Here is the map for Congressional District One, which includes the territory which would  become Torrance, California,_1864#California

Election 1864:

Donald McRuer

Election 1867 Results

Election 1868

Election 1870


1865 Election

Samuel Axtell

1864 Election

Marc Steinorth: Cap-n-Traitor Hypocrite

Assemblyman Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga) ran on a platform opposing Cap and Trade.

He is one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the California State Assembly, and one would think that he would be smart enough to keep his word.

Yet he ended up vote for the crappy Cap and Trade deal two weeks ago!

Check out his campaign video from Election 2016:

I wonder how he expects to get re-elected.

Why not just uit while you can, Marc?

Vermont Governor Phil Scott: Balanced Budgets, No Tax Increases

There's good news, even in uber-liberal Vermont with a center-left Republican Governor.

Let's hope that he rejects any notion of moving left on any other issue, all while standing his ground against liberal spending habits and wasteful governement expansionism.

Check out his latest press release:

Vermont Republican Party

A Foundation for Growth

by Governor Phil Scott

On my first day in office, I issued an executive order defining the top goals of my Administration: Growing the economy, making Vermont more affordable, and protecting the most vulnerable. We are laser-focused on these priorities and they guide us in everything we do.

That’s why we’ve concentrated on government modernization and efficiency, rethinking and revitalizing our approach to economic development, transitioning to a cradle-to-career education system that is the best in the nation, strengthening our response to the opioid epidemic, and making sure state spending isn’t growing faster than wages or the economy.

With this approach, and the help of the legislature in the session that recently ended, we succeeded in investing more in economic growth, including marketing Vermont as a place to do business, expanding small business development centers, and establishing tax credits that will support our growing aerospace sector and the forest products economy as well as the creation of new co-working and “maker” spaces that nurture small, innovative startup businesses.

To begin addressing the need for housing that working families can afford, we passed a $35 million housing bond that will create hundreds of new homes throughout the state, employ 1,000 workers, generate $50 million in wages in the construction phase and hundreds of millions of dollars in additional economic value over the next 20 years. We also made commonsense changes to support housing developments and downtown growth by simplifying permitting and increasing tax incentives for development – proven tools for expanding infrastructure and spurring growth.

I believe our education system can be one of our strongest tools for attracting more working families who want to raise their children in the nation’s safest and healthiest state. That’s why I proposed significantly increasing access to childcare, pre-school programs and higher education by redeploying ongoing savings in a K-12 system that sees declining student enrollment year-after-year. It’s also why I fought so hard to save up to $26 million each year from the transition to new health insurance plans for teachers, without asking them to pay more or reducing services to our children. 

Ultimately, we increased funding for the Child Care Financial Assistance Program by $2.5 million, and the Vermont State College system by $3 million to help stabilize tuition, and established a full-time focus on career and technical education at the Agency of Education.

To strengthen our response to the opioid epidemic, I created the Opioid Coordination Council, appointed a director of drug policy and prevention, and convened Vermont’s first statewide convention focused on growing the workforce to support opioid and substance misuse treatment.
We also took important steps toward modernizing state government with the creation of the Agency of Digital Services, which merges dozens of IT management functions that were previously spread across state government, and making government more efficient through our Program to Improve Vermont Outcomes Together (PIVOT) initiative, which has asked frontline state employees for ways to make our systems more efficient and easier to use.

Acting quickly and decisively, we upheld long-standing values with the passage of S.79, An act relating to freedom from compulsory collection of personal information. This legislation proactively protects our Constitutional rights, and defends the state against federal overreach by clearly prohibiting state agencies from sharing personal information for the purposes of creating a federal registry based on personal characteristics.

Perhaps most importantly, we achieved all of this without asking you to pay more.

For the first time in many years, state spending isn’t growing faster than our ability to pay for it. And, not a single piece of legislation that I signed created or raised taxes or fees. That means state government is doing its part to help families keep more of what they earn, and we did this while protecting essential services and the frontline workers who deliver them.

The path was sometimes challenging. For example, it took a veto to ensure that – for the first time in recent memory – the state budget didn’t raise any taxes or fees, including property taxes rates. We could have taken the easy path, but I believe Vermonters elected me to improve state government and the state’s economic trajectory. And we’re getting there, but there’s much more work to do.

Overall, this legislative session resulted in real progress and an important shift in our thinking – we have built a foundation for stronger growth. When I think about the opportunities ahead of us, I’m more committed than ever to rolling up my sleeves and building a stronger, more affordable and more prosperous Vermont. 

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You can also keep up with Vermont Republican Party on Facebook.

Victory! Oxnard Rejects Sanctuary City Status (Video)

At the July 25th, 2017 City Council meeting, The Oxnard City Council discussed a motion to consider turning, or rather labeling, Oxnard a Sanctuary City.

Organized promoters showed up, but men and women who support the rule of law and our President also showed up.

Here is the poster from one sanctuary city proponent:

Here was my message:

The Oxnard City Council provided two options for a resolution.

Item E 1. provided the outlines and presentation of facts to look over the issue:

Agenda Item (Click for larger view)

Oxnard's Mayor was conveniently absent. He offered a tepid excuse to Citizen Journal editor George Miller by claiming that he had another commitment, and the city council advanced this agenda item without him.

A trained group of frequent agitators in the Oxnard area showed up to push this agenda, as expected.

Most of the signs are paid for by the SEIU--the public sector union Service Employees International Union, all pushing for sanctuary cities. 

Carmen Ramirez, the Mayor Pro Tem, ran the meeting. She is a diligent La Raza activists, fully in support for Sanctuary State Senate Bill SB 54.

Here are the other three councilmembers, who did attend the meeting:

Residents informed me that Carmen Ramirez and Oscar Madrigal were fully committed to turning Oxnard into a sanctuary city.

Their discussion and final decision, however, ended up not going as planned.

Oxnard Police Chief Scott Whitney rejected sanctuary city status. Councilman Bert Perello was vocally opposed, and even read an extended set of remarks, which he published at his expense and shared with the audience:

Councilman McDonald offered up a third resolution, which would recognize Oxnard as a "Safe" city, indicating a clear commitment to safeguarding all residents, but making little or no mention to a commitment to protecting illegal aliens. The language in the revised "Third Resolution option" was so hastitly written and hard to follow, however, that it is all but meaningless.

After an extended presentation and discussion, the public voiced either vocal support or opposition to the proposed sanctuary city resolution. Residenst from within and outside of Oxnard outlined the detrimental effects of sanctuary city policies: financially, legally, and morally.

I urged the city council to adopt Resolution E.1.4.a --with a crucial amendment, to recognize the contributions of law enforcement and LEGAL immigrants. Through their most desperate efforts, the SIEU-funded pro-sanctuary faction and La Raza Brown Supremacists continue to blur and ultimately remove the distinction between legal immigrants and illegal aliens.

Members of the council announced that they had received little notice about this proposed sanctuary city resolution. Audience members commented privately, and some shared on my Facebook Live feed that the council should have simply tabled the motion until another time--specifically, when the mayor had returned.

Instead, the city council proceed to support the "Third Option" from Councilman MacDonald to deem Oxnard a "Safe city".

The Brown Supremacists who had attended the meeting claimed victory:

But the truth is bluntly quite different:

We the People celebrated our stance to put pressure on the left-leaning Oxnard City Council.

Check out Deborah Baber, aka Based Lady Liberty!

Here are other members of the audience rejecting sanctuary city status

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is Coming ... or Going?

Ever since his confirmation as United States Attorney General, I have taunted wayward politicians and sanctuary cities in California: “Jeff Sessions is coming!” Some of my opponents have retorted that Sessions is about to be fired. I say “He’s on fire.”

But with the latest twitter and interview storm from President Trump, I am not sure what to think.

Is it time for Sessions to go?

My first criticism rested on AG Sessions’ threat to cut off federal funding to all sanctuary jurisdictions. I applauded his extended official letters to these outlaw cities—as well as the entire state of California—to comply with federal immigration laws or lose vital funding.

“Why hasn’t the funding been cut yet?” I complained to some of my activist colleagues. “The federal courts are holding up the order.” That’s right. The bad liberal lawyers in black dresses have been thwarting or delaying President Trump’s agenda. That’s not the Attorney General’s fault!

Impatience is a guiding mindset for many conservatives. After 8 years of Obama, we want our country back! We want Trump to Make America Great Again, and we want it done right away. Can you blame us?

In the furtherance of these goals, President Trump has every right to criticize his staff and his executive board. If he doesn’t like certain things that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing, he has a right to say so. Despite the growing fixation on the slowly boiling rift between the President and the Attorney General, Trump has also taunted US Senators for their hesitation to repeal Obamacare. Further reports indicate that Trump is actively searching for a primary challenger to Jeff Flake, the flimsy amnesty-pandering Never Trumper who still refuses to respect Trump.

I have no problem with these jabs. Let’s not forget that Trump has playfully threatened Health and Human Services Secretary about the imminent and necessary repeal of Obamacare. Again, I have no problem with these subtle jabs and threats.

However, I still think that the criticisms between the President and his Attorney General are somewhat disconcerting, and something to be taken seriously.

For me, though, I see no long-term reason to be upset with the Attorney General.

To be fair, I will outline my own frustrations with Sessions’ tenure as chief law enforcement officer:
1. He has committed to increasing civil asset forfeiture to counteract the violent yet pervasive drug trade. That is a big no-no for me. One of the landmark achievements of my state assemblyman last year, the first Republican elected to represent me in Sacramento, rested on his ability to shepherd through key legislation to reform and limit this legalized version of government theft.

Sorry, Jeff, but you are wrong on this one.

2. I also don’t believe that prosecuting marijuana use should be high on his list.
3. Nor do I agree that gay marriage is settled law, as he had stated during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Of course, the future on this will not be resolved by one attorney general or even within President Trump’s first term.
4. Yes, I do believe his recusal on Russia was a bad move, caving to media-hyped political pressures. I am so tired of hearing about Russia. This nonsensical dystopian fantasy is the only thing that keeps the Democratic Party viable to solicit donations—and even now it’s not working.
5. He needs to go after Crooked Hillary and Creepy Comey. What’s the hold-up?

Now let’s consider Sessions’ accomplishments:

1. He has expedited necessary rulings on President Trump’s travel ban. He has never hesitated to push for clarity on these matters as quickly as possible.
2. Under the Trump Administration and through Sessions’ prosecution, child molestation and human trafficking has been exposed and prosecuted at an unprecedented level. That is excellent, and the media carries more shame for not reporting on these staggering moral and legal victories.
3. Sessions has targeted MS-13 and other criminal international (as well as illegal) gangs. From Upstate New York to Southern California, the heinous, vile street gangs are feeling the heat like never before.
4. Sessions has renewed and ensured protections for our First Amendment rights, specifically religious liberties. This is huge, considering the unprecedented and unjust assault from President Obama.
5. Let’s not forget what we can be sure will not happen under Sessions, like the unjustified attacks on the Second Amendment, including the diminished prosecution of violent gun crimes.

I can best frame my response to the Sessions controversies through Rush Limbaugh’s recent assessment: “[Trump] thought Sessions was a bull-in-the-china-shop fighter like Trump is. It’s also a little bit discomforting, unseemly, for Trump to go after such a loyal supporter this way.”

Sessions is not a bull, but a Southern Gentleman. As a long-standing jurist, both as lawyer and a judicial nominee, Sessions by training will not engage in outspoken media frenzies. The same holds true for Trump’s other appointees. As for judging Trump’s frustrations as “unseemly”, I disagree. There is nothing wrong with faulting our closest friends and colleagues when they do not compete and commit to actions in the best interests of the country. Just because he was the first US Senator to endorse Trump does not make him immune from criticism or dismissal. For Trump to overlook Sessions’ failings, wouldn’t that be considered a political conflict of interest?

I love Jeff Sessions. He has been the most vocal and consistent champion of working Americans, and the most vocal, unswerving critic of massive legal immigration as well as a hardliner on illegal immigration. Most pundits focused on Arizona’s immigration laws from 2013. They neglect to reflect on Alabama’s, which were harsher and even more effective.

President Trump should temper his overt criticism. Let Sessions restore the rule of law and order. Let’s hope Sessions fights more and takes on the crime and corruption within the Deep State. If Sessions’ recusal hinders his ability to prosecute government crime and corruption, then he should step down for the greater good of the country.

Why the Hawaii GOP Swamp Just Got Deeper and More Corrupt

Shocked Shirlene Ostrov Supporters Abandon Hawaii GOP's Sinking Ship After Team Ostrov Circles the Wagons Around Disgraced Fritz Rohlfing

Aloha, Republicans:

HIRA has some painful breaking news to share -- eye popping news that you deserve to hear because you ought to know why our state party isn't more successful in Hawaii unseating crooked and incompetent Democrats.  Sadly, this breaking news clearly reveals that the swamp is NOT being drained by our party's new leaders.  Instead, the swamp has gotten deeper.
Below are two shocking reasons we've learned which explain why supporters of state chair Shirlene Ostrov have begunabandoning the ship in recent weeks.  In fact, volunteers and donors have reached out to HIRA in recent weeks, including members of Ostrov's liberal organization the Oahu League of RINO Women:  "You guys at HIRA were exactly right.  Nothing has changed.  In fact, it's gotten worse under Ostrov.  She's controlled by Hellreich and Saiki, just like HIRA warned us.  Now I'm outa here!"

Yep, there are some reallystrange happenings atHawaii GOP headquarters.  Without further ado, HIRA is obligated to share with you what we've learned -- the TWO GIANT REASONS Ostrov supporters are abandoning ship and causing Republicans to openly wish they hadn'taccepted free airfare and free convention registration from Ostrov campaign honcho Mark Blackburn to attend last Spring's Kauai state convention at no cost . . . with Ostrov supporters openly wishing they could take back their votes.
Reason #1 - Despite Ostrov telling gullible delegates that the failed leadership of Fritz Rohlfing would be history if she got elected at the state convention, Ostrov has decided to keep Fritz Rohlfing on the party's powerful Executive Committee as an executive officer of the Hawaii GOP for at least 2 more years, maybe longer.
Try to imagine how disgusted you'd feel if Donald Trump's election and inauguration were followed by an announcement that President Trump would be pardoning Hillary Clinton and appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.   You'd be justified in feeling prettyterrible.  With that in mind, sit down right now for this news because the most shocking leak from GOP headquarters makes it abundantly clear that Shirlene Ostrov will stab her most loyal supporters in the back:
In a shocking decision by Team Ostrov which epitomizes 'two steps backward',Republicans will now have to endure TWO MORE YEARS of Fritz Rohlfing running things at the HawaiiGOP.  You read that right.  Instead of Rohlfing being 'shown the door' after two of the worst years of party 'leadership' in recent memory, Team Ostrov decided it wants to keep Fritz Rohlfing around through at least May 2019 if not longer.  Yes, we're referring to the same Fritz Rohlfing who ran the party's 2015-2016 campaign into the ground and lost multiple elected Republicans at the ballot box and due to defections.  Yes, the same Fritz Rohlfing who left the party in even worse financial shape than he found it.  Yes, the same Fritz Rohlfing whose mismanagement and violations of rules and deficit spending and misuse of funds and phony accounting and fiscal irresponsibility and violations of party budgetare now legendary.  That Fritz Rohlfing.
Wait, WHAT?!?  Shirlene Ostrov's 'rise from obscurity' candidacy was supposed to be a total reaction against the corrupt, do-nothing tenure of state chair Fritz Rohlfing and his corrupt, do-nothing buddies.  Remember how Ostrov's campaign told us that Rohlfing had screwed the party and that the election of party officers at the Kauai State Convention two months ago was going to be a referendum on Rohlfing's failures and malfeasance?  Remember all that?  And do you remember how Rohlfing dropped out of the race for state chair after realizing he had no chance of getting re-elected; throwing his support instead behind fellow churchmember and surprise candidate Andria "Where are you now?" Tupola as his chosen successor?  Remember all that?
Well, despite what Ostrov told gullible convention delegates throughout her campaign, it turns out that the political neophyte is just finewith Fritz Rohlfing after all -- especially as demonstrated by the sneaky way she chose to keep Rohlfing around.  Here are a few details.
Several weeks ago, a concerned, longtime party member and past GOP state senate candidate on Kauai named Dave Hamman filed a powerful and thoughtful complaint against Rohlfing -- an official complaint which documented some of Rohlfing's years of inexcusable and "blatant malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance" -- a strong case that should have led to his immediate ouster as a party officer.  In response, Team Ostrov decided to ignore all the evidence and circle the wagons around Rohlfing instead; allowing Rohlfing to exploit a little-known provision in party rules which allows him to serve for at least two years on the extremely powerful Executive Committee of the Hawaii GOP as "immediate past chairman".  [And if Ostrov gets re-elected in 2019, Rohfing would be able to stay in party leadership for an additional two years through 2021.]
How did this happen
, you might ask?   Well, one of Ostrov's first decisions as the new state chair was to quietlyreappoint one of Fritz Rohlfing's corrupt and loyal sycophants,Andrew Walden, to continuefor another two years as chairman of the state GOP's Rules Committee.  You might remember HIRA's stunning report about Walden andRohlfing plotting and scheming together last summer to extend Rohlfing's term as state chair through May 2018 (an entire extra year in officethrough a sneaky change to party rules** -- asleazy maneuver soundly defeated by delegates at the 2016 state convention by an overwhelming margin of 4 to 1.   [**Ostrov was reportedly very impressed with Walden's sleazy RINO power tactics.]
Well, this same Andrew Walden has been known for doing the bidding of party RINO's like Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki for years, as their stooge on various party committees.  And with Ostrov's hush-hush reappointment of Rohlfing's puppet, one of Walden's first decisions a few weeks ago was to protect Fritz Rohlfing from any official complaints which could have led to Rohlfing's ouster from the state party's Executive Committee.  Ostrov's appointee Walden refused to even schedule a hearing on the complaint,refused to afford the complainant due processrefused to let the complainant testify or argue case or even answer questions before either the state committee or the rules committee, and refused to even allow Hamman to be there.  Ostrov simply let Walden quietly dismiss the case against Rohlfing.  No wonder the complaint and the 'ruling' have been kept secret from party members.  This is an absolute outrage!  Ostrov and her supporters previously blamed for every problem now facing the Hawaii GOP on her immediate predecessor.  Now she's protecting him and giving him more time and power to destroy our party.
Never mind that the complaint was addressed to Ostrov.  She kicked the whole matter to her new RINO stooge Walden to make the irrefutable complaint quietly go away.  Yes, Ostrov could have gotten rid of Rohlfing --she was given TONS of justification.  Fritz Rohlfing, the proven party destroyer, broke party rules left and right.  But new chair Ostrov's first decision reappointing Rohlfing's own crony to rule on this solid case sealed the deal.  The foregone outcome came as no surprise to the very few people inside the party who know about this.  And now you know.
As word spreads with each passing day, Ostrov's backstabbing of her supporters appears to be too much to take for many of them.  As news gets out about Team Ostrov's embrace of Fritz Rohlfing, donations to the party continue to decline.  Stay tuned for a shocking report from HIRA later this week showing that Ostrov has dug an even deeper hole in the past two months than Rohlfing did in two years.  Maybe that's why the backstabbing of Ostrov's supporters doesn't end there . . . which brings us to Reason No. 2 why folks are abandoning the ship:  Ostrov appears to be protecting Rohlfing by refusing to release the results of an emergency audit of party finances undertaken two months ago.
Reason #2 - Ostrov appears to be HIDING something BIG, as she and her team still refuse to release the results of an internal financial audit -- AND Ostrov is now MORE than a month LATE issuing her annual state party budget for approval.
Call it a coverup to protect fellow RINO Fritz Rohlfing.  Call it stonewalling.  Or call it incompetence.  Either way, Ostrov refuses to release the results of an emergency financial audit which has beenmore than two months in the works.  Look, it's not some giant audit of the federal government or a forensic audit of some massive company or mammoth organization or even an audit of an agency like HART.  It's just the minor matter of looking under the hood of our teeny little Hawaii Republican Party.  C'mon, how long does itreally take to review a few checking account statements and the huge stack of unpaid bills on Ostrov's desk?  This audit should only take two weeks tops, not two-plus months with no end in sight. Something's really fishy.
However, since taking over the top leadership spots at the HawaiiGOP in mid-May, Team Ostrov (really Team Hellreich/Saiki) has been unwilling to tell fellow party leaders, let alone party members,how deep the financial hole got dug by Ostrov's fellow party officer Fritz Rohlfing . . . or how much deeper Team Ostrov has made that same hole.  Ostrov keeps putting off sharing the revelations.  In fact, her team appears to be so determined to keep this financial scandal and the corruption a secret that they are nowbreaking the rules themselves by refusing to present a budget for approval, now more than a month overdue.  So much for Ostrov's empty promises of being 'different' and promising not to "be above the rules" as expressed on her campaign website.
Ostrov's circling of the wagons around Fritz Rohlfing make her actions even more suspect.  The audit of Rohlfing's many violations of the last two annual budgets, his unauthorized spending and many other irregularities are not being revealed or even being pursued for recovery.  Instead, in the very sleazy turn of events revealed above, Ostrov is keeping fellow RINO Fritz Rohlfing on the executive committee for another two years where he can provide the controlling RINO's with one more vote in favor of silence and inaction.  Shocking right?  Ostrov actually wants Rohlfing to help her lead the party for two more years.  That's not the draining of the swamp you were promised, is it?
Instead, in another blow to the promise of following rules, Ostrov's unelected finance chair and self-proclaimed bigshot Mark Blackburn (some guy who nobody has ever heard of before in political circles
just declared in anewsletter to party members that a small cabal will make all the decisions about how money will be spent, how much, and on what candidates they decide to target.  Never mind that such a decision requires formal review and official approval of the entire statewide party organ known as the 'State Committee' which hasseveral dozen voting members.  Ostrov's appointee says that RINO party officers Pat Saiki and Lorraine Shin will "target our financial goals".  So, before anyone has even seen a draft budget, Blackburn has unilaterally announced that two or three people will decide how money gets spent, which candidates get targeted or "chosen", and which "pressing issues" are the most important to spend money on.
This Obama-like power grab suggests that neither Ostrov, Blackburn, Saiki, or Shin have read the party's rules (state and/or countynor even care about rules in the way Ostrov pretended to during her misleading campaign for state chair.  Factor in the reality that this handful of committed liberals and RINO's have usurped the authority of the state committee to make decisions about money, candidates and issues to the exclusion of others reveals that Ostrov is really Rohlfing 2.0.
Integrity matters.  Ostrov promised transparency.  We're not getting it.  Ostrov promised to bring in big money.  We're not seeing it.  She promised to follow the rules.  Nope, she's not.  Shepromised to lead a party which stands for something and fight the Democrats.  But she's gone a completely different directionThat's why her supporters are abandoning ship.
There's also a steep price to be paid for doing nothing to fight Democrats and the liberal agenda.  That price will be a drop indonations, a drop in volunteers, a drop in candidates, and a drop in votes.
Nope, the swamp isn't being drained at all.  It's getting deeperand dirtier.  And the revelations above are just early signs of more RINO shenanigans to come should Saiki and Hellreich continue to control the Hawaii GOP through their puppet state chair Shirlene Ostrov and her left-leaning leadership team.
Now, if you think that folks have begun abandoning the GOP under Ostrov for the powerful reasons above, wait until you read the forthcoming, earthshattering report from HIRA's national director (and former GOP state chairman) Willes Lee about the dismal state of party finances.  These RINO's really lied to put Ostrov in power.  Auwe!!

Member, Hawaii Republican Party (HRP)
President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

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