Saturday, July 15, 2017

Chad Mayes' New Name: Abel Maldonado Part II

Who is Chad Mayes?

He is the kiss-up, kick-down Republican minority leader in the California state assembly.

He's also a RINO who has refused to take the hard votes on key issues and does whatever the consultants and lobbyists tell him to.

He is more interested in being nice and getting along, rather than fighting back and making sure that the state legislature goes along with the basic needs and concerns of the California public.

We are paying high sales taxes, gas taxes, and the legislature just pushed all of that up a notch.

Our roads are in complete disrepair, too.

The infrastructure is crumbling all around us, and the only people who can claim to be living it up are the wealthy Hollywood elites and their Silicon Valley golf partners.

What gives? Since when did the Golden State turn into the state where "He who has the gold makes the rules"? We all know who has the gold in California, too, do we not?

1. Public sector unions.
2. Big Business
3. Big Amnesty
4. Big Bureaucracy--hence the growing number of welfare cases that are eating away at the budget while tearing down whatever was left of our education and civil, civic governance.

Instead of fighting against the Sacramento swamp, Republican minority members--particularly the leaders--are more interested in getting comfy with the swamp and getting rich with it!

Chad Mayes is one more swamp creature.

He wants to make "deals" with Govenror Brown and the Assembly Democrats to save Cap and Trade.

I say "Bust a cap on Cap and Trade."

This is a tax and credit scheme to drive businesses out of business and out of California, all of it based o the argument that there is too much carbon dioxide in the air. We have to stop the cows from farting and the humans from breathing, essentially. The whole scam comes into play through a third-party credit seller, who profits handsomely while farmers and small businesses must pay big money for carbon credits to ... emit carbon.

See the problem?

Mayes claims that a deal to ensure Cap and Trade but all for clear controls on how the money is spent will ensure that Governor Brown doesn't push other onerous regulations on working Californians. This threat is a ruse at best, and it's time for Republicans to stop following for it.

No more tax hikes. No more spending increases. No more of Sacramento bowing down to the Big Green God of Climate Change.

So far, Mayes is having the most horrible time of his political career. He wants to sell out, but his constituents, and even the California Republican Party, are pushing back, saying no.

The last thing that we need is another set of Republicans who find ways to "compromise" and raise taxes. Who was the last notorious Republican to compromise in such a fashion?

My name is Abel, but you should call me Cain.
Let's go talk in this field over here ...

Former State Senator Abel Maldonado.

He was the wobbler-moderate who would go along with bad budgets which included tax and spending increases. He flexed considerable power in this small regard. But it hurt him in the long run. First. he lost an election bid for Lieutenant Governor -- and he had already been appointed to the  position by Governor Schwarza-housekeeper. He ran for Congress in 2012 against Lois Capps and lost.

Then he ran for Governor, starting his bid in 2013, only to kill the bid in January of 2014. I still remember receiving that last email from Abel and contacting Chairman Brulte to see if it was true.

Abel, Abel--you were supposed to be your brother's keeper. Instead, like Cain deceiving and killing his own blood, Abel put his needs ahead of the California Republican Party and the entire state.

Now we have nice-and-easy Chad Mayes seeking to do the same. This is untenable. It's time for Republicans, whether leaders or followers, in the state  legislature to stand up and fight or get lost. If any Republicans go along with this abortive Cap and Crap compromise, then Republican really do deserve to become a permanent minority in Sacramento.

Make sure to give Chad Mayes as much hell as you can.

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Here is his Facebook Page. Click here.

Enough is enough! Republican or Democrat, the last thing that we need is another tax, another payout, another bailout, another set of compromises which hurt working Californians all while the legislators and staffers live high off the hog--which we are paying for.

Give him a call, too!


  1. I called Chad Mayes Sacrament's office and told them that I wanted Chad to vote "NO" on cap and trade. Lady said she would tell Chad about my call ( SURE ). A "YES" vote on cap and trade by Chad deserves starting a RECALL on Chad. Take no prisoners.

  2. How does our state become the laughing stock of the nation? Simple, install brain dead demo-creeps into office decade after decade!! The state is broke and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy but nobody wants to talk about that!!