Sunday, July 9, 2017

Only One "GOP" Governor Opposes Current O-Care Repeal Efforts

I saw the following headlines, and I grew concerned.

What is going on here?

Then I looked at the article.

We are reading about one governor, who is pretty much a RINO to begin with.

And he is putting pressure on the most endangered GOP incumbent in the US Senate conference for Election 2018: Dean Heller.

Here's the full accont:

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — The pressure is on Republican senators — from congressional leaders, conservative groups and impatient GOP voters — to fulfill a seven-year-old promise to scrap much of Democrat Barack Obama's health care law.

Yes, indeed. McConnell won and held onto his majorities because of the promise to repeal Obamacare. He promised to repeal the whole monstrosity "root and branch."

Now, he seems content to trim the edges and streamline the foliage instead.

But back home, Republican governors who have experienced some of the upside of the law are warning their GOP senators to first, do no harm.

What upsides? In Ohio, Kasich has banked everything on keeping Obamacare since that is his political legacy in his home state. In the last month, the Ohio state legislature, which is overwhelmingly Republican, sought to override vetoes on their latest budget, which freezes spending and enrollment for the state exchanges.

The Republicans and party leaders in Ohio want to scrap Obamacare. They want to go back to market reforms!

For these governors, the issue is less about delivering a triumph to President Donald Trump and more about not blowing a hole in state budgets and maintaining health care coverage for constituents. In the critical next few weeks, some governors are uniquely positioned to press home-state Republican senators who could deny Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the votes he needs to pass a Republican health care bill.

"We are the voice of reality," Nevada GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval told The Associated Press.

What a crock! Sandoval betrayed the Republicans in the state legislature last year. He pushed through massive tax increases, relying on Democratic votes in both houses to do so. Republicans had gained a GOP trifecta in Carson City for the first time in decades. Instead of capitalizing on it for the good of all Nevadans they betrayed their principles and their base.

Unbelievable. Sandoval is a RINO.

Sandoval said he has been in regular contact with Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller to discuss the ramifications of the evolving GOP plan. Heller, who faces a tough re-election next year, has joined Sandoval in opposing the current measure.

Heller might want to consider retirement if he continues to kick the grassroots and the taxpayers in the teeth.

For wary Republicans, the main concerns about the GOP plan are rolling back premium subsidies that help people buy private insurance policies and phasing out the expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state insurance program for the poor, disabled and many nursing home patients.

When will the responsible, freedom-loving Americans in the room stand up and shout "Enough" in the state legislature? We need to get Americans off this creepy idea that Medicare, Medicaid, and government subsidies are acceptable. This is all wrong.

All wrong!

The headline suggests that GOP Governors--plural--are resisting full repeal.

Only one is mentioned in this article, and he is not worth considering in the first place.

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