Monday, July 17, 2017

Desperate Claremont Courier Intern Prepares Hit Piece On We the People Rising--WHY?!

For the past three weeks, I have been receiving emails from some intern named Marc Rod.

Who is this guy?

"Intern" Marc Rod

He is a reporting intern for this paper called “The Claremont Courier.”

Here is all the information you need about him …

Three times in a row, he contacted me, as he wanted to know about We the People Rising.

For those of you who have not followed me, I am a proud member of this diverse community of American loving patriots who support enforcement of our borders and a necessary crack-down on illegal immigration.

I first learned about We the People Rising when State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) shut all of them out of a public meeting in South Gate.

That is against the law, clearly! On top of that, even the liberal Los Angeles Times exposed this story! I briefly reached out to her Robin Hvidston, the executive director, then we connected in Huntington Park five months later to stop the appointment of two illegal aliens to two city commissions.

Hvidston has been the leader since We The People Rising came together back in 2010.

I explained this matter very respectfully to Marc Rod, and yet he continued to badger me—three times!—for a statement about We the People Rising.

That is so offensive. What is the matter with the newspaper industry these days?

What was really insulting to me? The Courier sent an intern to interview me. Really?

When the Los Angeles Times reached out to me through a reporter, she was a fully-invested reporter with the Los Angeles Times. True, I knew that the LA Times was trying to do a hit piece against me, but little did they realize that I was reporting on them, too!

And now the Claremont Courier—no doubt—wants to do a hit piece on We the People Rising.

Here’s what they wrote about me in January, earlier this year:

Many of those against the resolution were markedly combative when speaking to the council. Arthur Schaper, president of the Beach Cities Republicans, shouted into the microphone as he accused the city of multiple Brown Act violations for asking him what city he lived in. After he said someone tried to steal his phone, Mr. Schaper asserted that a sanctuary city would invite lawlessness to the city.

As he was leaving the dais, Mr. Schaper shouted to the jeering crowd, “God bless Donald Trump! Suck it up buttercups—you lost, he won.”

This is the saddest report I have read. When did I shout into the microphone? Never. I accused the city council of one Brown Act violation.

Don’t believe me? Check this great video recorded by Gary “Grindall61”:

The LA Times tried to smear me as a member of a hate group called “MassResistance.” They relied on the tired and now discredited Southern Poverty Law Center for this information, of course.

I am sure they will rely on the same sad reporting to do the same thing to We the People Rising.
I also have to ask … does anyone even read the Claremont Courier anymore?

An intern? That''s it?!

Just wondering.

Look out for a hit piece against We the People Rising some time in the near future, folks. As anyone can imagine, the media are so desperate to smear anyone who supports Donald Trump and opposes illegal immigration.

Or is a Republican.

I believe that for some reasons The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed We the People Rising as a nativist, extremist group. I bet that the Claremont Courier will try to play the same card.

What a crock.

Here's what We the People Rising looks like:

Notice that we are Americans of all backgrounds.

We are freedom loving patriots.

We are citizens who know our rights--and we are not afraid to exercise them.

So ...

What is it with the corrupt, liberal city of Claremont, anyway? Why do they have a problem with Robin Hvidston and We the People Rising?

What is the problem with this Intern? With the Claremont COurier? Are they so desperate for copy, yet they can't afford to hire good people to investigate?

Doesn’t this Rod guy respect that a woman is leading the fight against illegal immigration in the state of California?

All the news that fits ... their liberal agenda

I must say that I am really disappointed with the media lately. They are losing money, they are losing readership, and they are losing  market share. What does it all add up to? Why do they think that emailing someone repeatedly will lead to more answers or any kind of story?

Just so you know--you heard it from me first, that the Claremont Courier is going to publish some kid of hit piece against We the People Rising.

But this time, everyone will be prepared and will know the truth.

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