Monday, July 24, 2017

Recall Rocky the RINO!

Assm. Rocky Chavez is finally being recalled!   His vote last week for the Democrats’ massive tax increase in the Cap & Trade scam bill was the final straw for conservatives and patriots in the 76th Assembly District (Coastal North SD County).   Let’s Drain the Sacramento Swamp!  

Time to replace Assemblyman Rocky Chavez with a true America First conservative in North San Diego County!  We know of several good potential candidates to take that seat in a recall election.  Where are the other 6 recalls that need to take place in CA for the other 6 RINO traitors?  Anyone?  Remember, silence is consent!

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Assemblyman Rocky Chávez Breaks His Promise To Taxpayers

Brian Brady July 17, 2017 Brian Brady 10 Comments

California’s Cap and Trade extension passed today with Republican support:  

“The extension was part of a three-bill package, which passed. One measure aims to improve local air quality, and helped bring some Democrats on board with the cap-and-trade deal. Republicans, however, favored a third bill that may give them more of a say in how to spend the money collected through cap and trade.

“Brown sounded an apocalyptic tone in a rare personal appeal before a Senate committee last week, telling lawmakers that failing to pass the extension would lead to fires, disease and mass migration, not to mention higher costs for food and gasoline.

“Republicans likened the bill to a tax that will hit Californians at the gas pump and the grocery store. The nonpartisan legislative analyst said last year that the existing cap and trade program accounted for an 11-cent-per-gallon increase in gasoline prices. The office has not analyzed the extension proposal.”

Assemblyman Rocky Chávez was an important vote for Governor Brown’s pet project. He explained his support away with a logical fallacy:

“You know, global warming has become a partisan issue,” Chavez said.  As a Republican who believes in science, I don’t have that hurdle to overcome.”

His fallacious explanation however, doesn’t negate the fact that Chávez violated the Taxpayer Promise he signed, in 2012 to get elected to the Assembly.  The Cap and Trade extension imposes an even greater tax on the poorest of Californians at the pump. Thus, Chávez broke the promise by voting to raise taxes.  

He just can’t be trusted to keep his promises.

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