Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In Veritas, Winning! CNN Ratings Plummet

A common Latin phrase In Vino Veritas spells out how getting people drunk and uninhibited enables seekers to get the truth out of otherwise recalcitrant sources.

I would change this phrase to "In Veritas, Winning!"

Project Veritas has provided so much truth about CNN. Even better, they didn't need to get anyone drunk to expose the fraudulent foundation of the cable network. Then again, the press is drunk with power and inordinate influence, and now they are exposed!

"Thou art filled with shame for glory: drink thou also, and let thy foreskin be uncovered: the cup of the LORD'S right hand shall be turned unto thee, and shameful spewing shall be on thy glory." (Habakkuk 2:16)

I just love what is happening to the corrupt, illiberal media.

They have no business engaging in business or holding a position of trust in our culture. The press has become so sclerotic, out of touch, overrun with disgraceful bias.

Does anyone even read the newspapers anymore?

Check out this powerful interview, in which Kellyanne Conway took down Chris Cuomo without breaking a sweat:

After Project Veritas exposed the arrogant, misleading reporters of CNN, check out what is happening now:

Project Veritas


Project Veritas’s investigation has exposed the truth about CNN, and now the American people are expressing their disgust at CNN -- by changing the channel.

As of last week, CNN plummeted all the way down to 10th Place in the primetime cable ratings.

CNN’s primetime programming hasn’t just been beaten by cable news competitors Fox News and MSNBC -- they’ve even been beaten by reruns of decades-old shows like Yogi BearFull House, and Friends.

CNN’s ratings collapse is a clear warning to the rest of the mainstream media: if you continue to report lies, if you continue to deceive the American public, and if you continue to push a “narrative” rather than the truth -- the American people will take their business elsewhere.

And Project Veritas isn’t just targeting CNN with our investigation: we’re targeting every mainstream media outlet that has abandoned their responsibility to report the truth. And believe me: this fight is only getting started.

Thanks again for your help, and thank you for standing with Project Veritas.

In truth,


P.S. Project Veritas is working hard to expose the entire mainstream media for their lies, deceptions, and fake news. But we can’t do it without your continued help and support.

Will you help Project Veritas continue to take on the mainstream media by helping fund our investigation in the weeks ahead?

Pitch in just $26 or more right away to Project Veritas now:

I love that word "Veritas"--Truth.

Truth is a rare commodity in the press these days. Conway slammed Cuomo and his Clinton News Network crew for pushing the Russia narrative over and over.

I am so grateful for the work of Project Veritas. Please help their efforts! Let's watch them take down the corrupt mainstream media in other corporations, too!

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