Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Daily Breeze Major Fail: 5 Year Old Yodeling for 80 years?

The Daily Breeze is in such desperate decline, it almost feels as though I am reading the newspaper prepared by high school students who only started working on it the day before deadline.
There was a sweet story on the front page about an old yodeler named Velma Mosch.

Take a closer look at the caption on the right underneath the picture:

"Carson resident Velma Von Mosch, 5, has bee signing and yodeling, over 80 years."

So, Velma is 5 years old, but she's bee yodeling for 80 years?

How is that even possible?!

Of, course it's a glaring typo on the front of the dying Daily Breeze.

Pretty funny, and pretty sad, too!

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