Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jimmy Gomez Goes to Washington ... Finally!

California's politics has become so fraught and left-wing. The Top Two primary has turned California from a light blue to a navy blue hue.

What a joke. What a sham of government.

Now, voters in California have to choose between "dirty" and "filthy", and that's it.

When does the hurting stop for voters? When does the pain and the gouging end for taxpayers?

When will our children, the future of this country, and the present-day parents trying to make California a good place for their kids and their future?

What a sad state California is in--and has become.

Jimmy Gomez won his general election bid in early June.

But only now has he been sworn into Congress?

Check out his first floor speech below:

Check out his comments about his first floor speech below:

Wow! Gomez is the first Democrat elected to Congress since Trump became President.

That is a rare distinction, since the Democratic Party is hemorrhaging for votes, and can't seem to win.

Also, Gomez taking over the 34th Congressional District is no novel achievement, since the Downtown LA district is so woefully Democratic. Besides, two Democrats made into the Top Two, so it wasn't like there was any chance of a Republican upset.


But really, why did it take Jimmy so long to get to Washington?

Because the California Democratic Party caucus in the state assembly needs every vote -- and they have just lost one vote--just when other Democrats are unwilling to vote for a Cap and Trade tax increase and extension.

Let's just hope that the Governor of California takes as long -- if not longer -- to call a special election to fill the seat.

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