Wednesday, July 12, 2017

California RINO Minority Leader Chad Mayes: Democratic Pit Chihuahau, Union--Cap and Trade Whore

I don't want California's Republican Party to turn into Hawaii's, a shell of a group which turns into an overwhelming social club with no redeeming value whatsoever

That concern will fall away as soon as our leaders in Sacramento start doing what is best for the voters of the state of California rather than one is best for their jobs. I am so tired of Republican "leadership" in the state assembly and the state senate doing whatever the Democrats want, as though they are doing all of us a favor.

Look at what Chad Mayes and RINO leadership permitted on their Twitter feed:

Jon Fleischman exposed the consequences of the Republican minority leaders lining up behind a tax increase rather than standing by their word and for what is right.

Now we see yet another repeat of Republican "leaders" caving to tax increases at the expense of working Californians, especialy those in their district!

Check out what Grindall61 recorded on about the Cap and Trade tax scheme "deal":

And who is one of the clowns pushing this fraud?

Assembly minority leader Chad Mayes:

"Oh No! How did they find me?!"

And of course, he is besties with Speaker Anthony Rendon:

Instead of standing with the views and concerns of California residents, particularly the conservative, commonsense Inland Empire and Riverside area constituents, he tweeted this:

In 2016 he voted against legislation mandating that California slash its greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, as well as a companion measure authored by Democratic Assembly member Eduardo Garcia of Coachella. Mayes also opposed a 2015 bill raising the state’s renewable energy mandate to 50 percent by 2030.

Now, however, Mayes is pushing efforts to nudge new environmental policy in a way Republicans might find more palatable rather than just saying no.

“California has said, ‘We are going to engage in trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.’ That’s settled here,” Mayes told The Desert Sun’s Sammy Roth. “This is about policy. It’s about focusing on what the current policy is in California, and how to make the policy better.”

Now why would Mayes do a thing like that?

Big Labor is lining his pockets to push Cap and Trade taxes.

Why? Pensions!

This is outrageous!

This RINO leadership which has helped turned California into a deep blue state year after year.

The Republican Party of California needs to stand for something, or it will fall away as another nothing.

We need real leadership that will establish not extinguish our values.

Chad Mayes is not that man.

He needs to stop down as leader and retire early! With Republicans like Mayes, who needs Democrats??

Call him out on his treason!

His office number:

(916) 319-2042

(Hint: Some good news on the horizon--the Cap and Trade extension may be falling apart right before our very eyes. Check out this article from the Sacramento Bee)

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