Sunday, August 19, 2018

BREAKING: Federal Judge Walks Back Pro-DACA Ruling

Here's some incredible news from last week which received very little press so far:

Yes, the same arrogant federal district judge who had arbitrarily demanded that President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security begin accepting DACA applications again, has backed off that demand.

The federal judge who had ordered the government to restart the Obama-era deportation amnesty in full has backed off his decision and said the government does not, after all, have to begin accepting brand new applications.

Judge John D. Bates acknowledged the legal mess that’s arisen around the program, called the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and said he didn’t want to make it worse, so he issued a partial stay of his own ruling.

How about that! The judge saw the light, or more likely he felt the heat, realizing that his capricious judgment would not only have been overruled, but perhaps would have embarrased him greatly in front of his judicial peers.

One thing that I have learned about judges, even the federal ones with lifetime tenure: they have to be overturned. They do not like developing a reputation in which their decisions are automatically doomed to failure and rejection. It just hurts their pride on so many levels, and these federal judges are full of pride.

That means that while “Dreamers” who already have had DACA protections can apply for renewals, no new applicants can seek to start the process.

So, the Trump Administration will not have to fight the foolish order which would have forced them to accept new applications. What a savings, but they still have to fight to ensure that current DACA recipients can no longer receive those permits.

And it gets better. This arrogant judge had to go back further on his own ruling!

Judge Bates also delayed part of his previous ruling that would have let those who can stay under DACA also apply for special protections known as advance parole — permission to travel outside the U.S. and then return — which can, in some cases, turn into a pathway to citizenship.


This is incredible. These same recipients have no guarantees of safe re-entry once they leave the country. They should take a one-way ticket back to their countries of origin, along with the parents how uncharitably brought them into the United States against their--and more importantly our--will.

Hundreds of DACA recipients had exploited that loophole under the Obama administration, but the Trump administration had shut it down.

Thank God for President Trump! One rule of law, and full enforcement of the rule of law is needed in this country.

The government had said that if DACA were completely restarted more than 100,000 new applications would be filed, as well as 30,000 requests for advance parole. That would overwhelm U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that handles the applications, Judge Bates ruled.

This federal judge is coming up with an excuse which will make him look good while making the Trump Administration look bad. "I am the good guy," the Judge Bates wants to signal to the public, "but because the Trump Administration's citizenship processing facilities and staffing are inadequate, I am going to undo my order."


The truth is that this federal judge, like the series of federal district judges who have waged unjust lawfare against President Trump's proper executive authority, had no right to reinstate an unconstitutional program, one which did not originate in Congress, nor did the program derive from any just powers assigned to the President by Congress.

DACA is a terrible fraud, a blight on modern United States legislative prudence, and something which President Trump had every right to rescind. The President engaged in an incredible series of media, policy, and political maneuvers to get what he wanted--enforcement of our laws--while taking advantage of the media to make himself appear reasonable and compromising on this issue.

The Democrats refused every single offer for amnesty, because President Trump would have received even more essential reforms, like ending chain migration, terminating the dangerous diversity visa lottery, and transferring all necessary funds to building the border wall.

He said he realized immigrants who were in the U.S. illegally were being denied rights he said they were entitled to, but said he feared the confusion that would result.

The confusion has already resulted, your DIS-honor, because of President Obama's lawlessness. President Trump and his staff are doing the right thing to demand full enforcement of our immigration laws and the deportation of all illegal aliens out of our country. He is trying to bring stability to this very confusing, chaotic situation, and you would have made it much worse.

For anyone reading this account, this judge's decision to roll back his own ruling is nothing short of incredible.

“Because that confusion would only be magnified if the court’s order regarding initial DACA applications were to take effect now and later be reversed on appeal, the court will grant a limited stay of its order and preserve the status quo pending appeal, as plaintiffs themselves suggest,” he said in a short opinion late Friday.

Immigrant-rights advocates, who had originally wanted a full restart, eventually changed their minds and agreed with the split ruling of no new DACA applications, but renewals could be processed.

Here's the problem. Even with all of these half-baked rulings, the injunction against DACA applications will continue. Other federal district courts, with real judges who interpret the law and respect the power of the executive, will continue to challenge this terrible program.

That decision was based on a legal gamble.

DACA cases are pending in three courts right now. Judge Bates‘ case is likely to be appealed to the circuit court in Washington, D.C., while circuit courts are already handling appeals of similar decisions from California and New York.'

The idea is that the appellate courts in these liberal jurisdictions will affirm the lawlessness. What the don't understand, however, is that Trump has continued to reshape the judiciary to respect the United States Constitution rather than progressive ideals.

Each of those lawsuits challenged the Trump administration’s decision last year to phase out DACA. The judges in those cases ruled that the Trump administration cut too many corners, and so the phaseout is illegal.

But another case in Texas involves a challenge to the original 2012 Obama administration decision to create DACA in the first place. If that judge were to rule against DACA it would create a messy situation where the program itself is illegal — but so is the phaseout.

The program is illegal. The program is unconstitutional. DACA must go. No judge has a right to protect any order like this, and the President had every right, every necessity to end this terrible, unlawfull program. Seriously, what is going through some of the federal judges' minds? Did they not graduate from law school? Do they have any legal training whatsoever, or are they a bunch of recently-installed SJWs who came into the legal profession to change the world to their perverted, idealized liking?

The activists in the case before Judge Bates figured that they could undercut the anti-DACA Texas case by agreeing not to allow new DACA permits to be granted.

Final Reflection

One federal judge had to stay his own ruling. That almost never happens. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, that has never happened. The idea that these overly powerful judges would realize that they went too far, well that seems so far-fetched as to be unreal.

Yet here we are. This is great news for the rule of law and for the widespread citizenry who tired of the pandering and placating which has been done for illegal aliens, while the expected protections of the rule of law for citizens continue to be ignored.

The DACA program is facing legal challenges from every angle, and more conservative jurists at every level of the federal judiciary are bringing back constitutional governance again. This program is going to die a slow, lingering death, and DACA recipients are going to realize that there is less and less chance of their receiving any kind of amnesty, especially after the 2018 election, in which there is a strong likelihood of more Republicans in the United States Senate, and some reports indicating that the House will stay remain in Republican hands, albeit by a slimmer margin.

DACA is over, and even the federal activist judges realize that they cannot fix it.

This is YUGE VICTORY for our side!

How about we focus on putting American Dreamers first for a change, while we are at it?

Republicans Pay Attention, Go Constitutional-Nationalist with Trump

The Weekly Standard thought that they had published a perfect hit piece going after Marco Rubio for taking on more of President Trump's talking points and policy goals.

On the contrary, Rubio is getting in line with the political and moral proposals that will Make America Great Again and Keep America Great!

Meet the new Marco . . .

In June 2016, Marco Rubio changed his mind and announced that he would not be retiring from the Senate as he had planned. A major reason he was seeking a second term, Rubio said, was to help the Senate exercise what “could end up being its most important [role] in the years to come: the constitutional power to act as a check and balance on the excesses of a president”—whether that would be President Clinton or President Trump.

Yes indeed. If Rubio had not run for re-election, a Democrat would have very likely scooped up the US Senate seat, and we would be in an even worse position today than we are now. Can anyone imagine the United States Senate reduced to another 50-50 split just like in 2001?

Let's not forget that there are two waffly RINOs who have derailed crucial nominations and confirmations in the past.

After rattling off his concerns about Hillary Clinton, Rubio said: “The prospect of a Trump presidency is also worrisome to me. It is no secret that I have significant disagreements with Donald Trump. His positions on many key issues are still unknown. And some of his statements, especially about women and minorities, I find not just offensive but unacceptable. If he is elected, we will need senators willing to encourage him in the right direction, and if necessary, stand up to him. I’ve proven a willingness to do both.”

Rubio, like many politicos, needed to distance himself from President Trump for whatever reason. Not sure what to make of that, but at least Rubio won the seat and has voted to confirm President Trump's excellent nominees to the Supreme Court and other agencies.

Rubio then defeated a populist, Trumpian primary challenger that August by 54 percentage points. He went on to win by 8 points in the general election that November, while Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Florida by 1 point. Other conservative GOP senators outperformed Trump in the key battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. And Trump’s approval rating today is mired in the 40s despite a roaring economy. Yet the lesson of 2016 for many Republicans is that they need to be more like Trump.

What's happening much of the time is that legislative candidates, whether state or federal, will do better when they focus on serving, doing the best for their states and their constituents. That's what matters the most.

And yes, Republicans need to be more like Trump, in that they must embrace his pro-American, pro-worker, anti-globalist policies. They need to listen to the voters, not the donors. What is the problem with any of this?

One of those Republicans appears to be Marco Rubio. The Florida senator fully backs Trump’s trade war with China. “The most catastrophic thing that could happen is not a trade war, but that we lose one, or that we back down from one,” Rubio tells me in an interview.

Exactly. The tariff schemes forced on the United States need to go away, or the United States should fight back to protect our industries and workers. These are new concepts to me, in the sense that I had always believed that tariffs are bad, but doing nothing has not worked for us.

Earlier this summer, Rubio delivered a speech in Washington calling for a “new nationalism” in which he decried an “economic elitism that has replaced a commitment to the dignity of work with a blind faith in financial markets and that views America simply as an economy instead of a nation.”

That statement is one of the best I have heard, and coming out of the mouth of a former Presidential competitor, that is even better news. Indeed, a country is more than an economy. This should not be a noteworthy revelation. Even Milton Friedman declared that economic freedom is a necessary but not sufficient condition for freedom.

A free, constitutional republic is more than a corporate interest.

“I saw the devastating impact of this kind of thinking firsthand during my campaign for president,” Rubio told the Faith and Freedom Conference. “I saw it in the factory towns hollowed out by the companies who shipped those jobs overseas to turn a bigger profit—and where the dignity of work has been replaced by food stamps and disability checks and opioids.” You just might say that Rubio painted a picture of “American carnage,” to borrow a phrase from the Trump inaugural address.

Yes, and I am on the Trump train with Marco Rubio. Good for him. Of course, the Weekly Standard will go to every length possible to denounce anyone gets off the Bill Kristol-backed globalist plantation.

Whereas big tech companies were once featured in his speeches as examples of American innovation, Rubio now warns of a lack of corporate morality and patriotism: “When right and wrong is based entirely and solely on profitability, then there is nothing immoral about shipping jobs overseas or surrendering key American technology and innovation to China.” He singled out Google for refusing to work with the Department of Defense but contemplating a return to China.

Rubio had every right to slam Google for blowing off President Trump's request. Shame on them. I can't wait for the future to pass Google by!

Asked how Trump has changed the Republican party, for good or ill, Rubio has only positive things to say. “One of the things the president was able to do through his election is reconnect the Republican party to working Americans. It was probably a needed correction. It was the party that was heavily focused on the employer’s side, which is still very important, but not enough on the employee’s side,” Rubio tells me. “The early inklings of that were the Huckabee campaign and Santorum in 2012. All of them sort of nibbled at the edges of it. The president was able to truly embrace it, and I think that’s a very positive thing.”


Rubio now speaks with President Trump “I would say twice, three times a month.” He worked closely with Ivanka Trump on developing a paid-family-leave bill that would give Americans the option of taking some of their Social Security for family leave in exchange for delaying retirement by three to six months. “Ivanka views her role as sort of the host of a competition of ideas,” Rubio says. “She’s trying to encourage people to come forward, so we’re going to be the first entrant into this competition on the Republican side.” After Rubio unveiled his bill, Utah senator Mike Lee announced he intends to introduce his own paid-family-leave bill soon with Iowa senator Joni Ernst. Welcome to “Celebrity Apprentice: Paid Family Leave Edition.”

What's not too like? More elected officials in Washington DC want to work with the President and go along with his ideas that put American interests and American citizens first.

While Rubio called for a “new nationalism” in June, the speech focused heavily on the need to strengthen families and civil society. It was the kind of nationalism admired more by David Brooks than Steve Bannon. (“This is one of the best and most unifying Republican speeches in years,” the New York Times columnist tweeted.) Rubio steeped his new nationalism in the language of the Declaration of Independence. “Nothing is more American than the belief that all men are created equal. Nothing is more American than the belief that every human being is endowed by God with the inalienable right to life and liberty and to pursue happiness,” Rubio said. “This is the kind of new nationalism we need. And this is the kind of new nationalism we should insist new immigrants embrace.” After the speech, Rubio told me he doesn’t see a distinction between the kind of nationalism he was calling for and patriotism. He acknowledged the nationalist label is “often used to describe people who believe that they should only do things that are good for their country and at the expense of other countries” but said he rejects that view.


But let's not forget that the Weekly Standard is very, very angry with "Little Marco" going along with Trump.

Let's also not forget that fewer people are reading the Weekly Standard, and more likely than not the editors, including Bill Kristol but also Fred Barnes, are simply not interested in recognizing that their perverse push for their ivory tower conservatism simply isn't a winner with anyone!

Sad! SPLC Hate Machine Attacks MassResistance and Me

Wow, this was fun.

The Southern Poverty Law (actually Hate) Center had to hand out a $4 million settlement for calling a Muslim reformer an "anti-Muslim extremist."

Now they are back against deliberately lying about me and MassResistance.

This "white nationalism" card is about as hollow as it gets.

Do they really think that anyone is going to buy this garbage.

How many times has the press, the radio, television, and every other source in between captured me in the presence and in cooperation with men and women of different races, colors, creeds, and nationalities?

This race card thing is so played-out, it's amazing that anyone takes the race card seriously anymore.

August 16, 2018

The California chapter of anti-LGBT hate group MassResistance was formed in May 2016 by longtime anti-immigrant and nativist activist Arthur Schaper. Now it’s added a white nationalist to its ranks.

It was formed by me, in that I wanted to step up and help the pro-family movement fight back in California. We are fighting a really hard war right now, but we are working on it from every level.

MassResistance, the anti-LGBT hate group based in Massachusetts whose president, Brian Camenker, continually links homosexuality to pedophilia, violence and disease and links trans women to sexual predators, has been expanding its chapter base in recent years.

Yes, all of these statements are true. Sometimes, I have to wonder if the SPLC is covertly trying to help the pro-family cause. We are not ashamed to write the truth about homosexuality and transgenderism. Not one bit.

One of the most active chapters has been in California, run by perpetual right-wing activist Arthur Schaper, a columnist for and freelance writer based in Torrance, California. He splits his time between cheerleading for President Trump, protesting against immigrant protections and opposing LGBT people.

"Immigrant protections". More fake news, in that the site refuses to distinguish between those who enter the country legally, and those who break into our country illegally. Those individuals are illegal aliens, they are criminals, and not immigrants in the proper sense.

I do not believe in providing protections to illegal aliens. I believe that they need to return to their home countries and enter legally.

In July, Schaper led his MassResistance chapter to a Dixon, California, city council meeting to show support for the city’s vice mayor, who advocated for July to be considered “Straight Pride American Month” as a counter to June being, as he referred to it, “LGBTQF-WTF month.” At the meeting, a woman sitting with MassResistance reportedly shouted at a 14-year-old girl, who is gay, when the girl began to cry. “Fake tears!” the woman shouted.

Again, would someone please tell me what I have done wrong? Would someone tell me where the fault or offense lies?

In a letter to the editor defending the Dixon vice mayor a few days before the meeting, Schaper claimed:

“homosexual behaviors and transgenderism [sic] are not normal albeit eccentric behaviors, but destructive and immoral practices which harm children, destroy families, and undermine a sound and cohesive culture.”

YES. Thank you for sharing these remarks, SPLC! I stand by every remarks which I have shared.

California-based white nationalist and self-proclaimed “traditionalist” Kenny Strawn took notice of Schaper’s activities and announced in a July 30 YouTube video that he had joined the California chapter of MassResistance, claiming Schaper as a good friend. Furthermore, Strawn said, his own views align with those of Camenker, in that homosexuality should never have been normalized and that abortion is murder.

Homosexuality should not be normalized. Abortion is murder.

The SPLC Hate Machine desperation grows deeper.

They want to smear me as a white nationalist, but not only is there no evidence, but I ended up exposing the left-wing elements that pretend to be right-wing.

Schaper has crossed paths with white nationalists before

Schaper, who has said financial support from MassResistance helps fund his activism, has engaged with other white nationalists beyond Strawn. He  appeared recently on the web-based radio show The Red Elephants, which bills itself as “conservative” but has promoted white nationalist videos and interviewed prominent white nationalist Jared Taylor, who runs the hate group American Renaissance (AmRen).

They are not conservative. You will notice that SPLC doesn't include the links to the debates. Why? Because it completely undermines the narrative they are trying to create, i.e. that I believe in any kind of racial supremacy.

Schaper, who has written for The Red Elephants website, debated white nationalist Nick Fuentes on the show in March. Fuentes is a podcaster who has made racist and antisemitic remarks. He spoke, reportedly after Jared Taylor, at the 2018 white nationalist AmRen gathering in Tennessee, but he has denied he’s a white nationalist because he says it’s a term leftists use.

I submitted one article a long time ago blasting Congresswoman Judy Chu for hosting a town hall in another district besides her own. It was pretty sickening, I must say, and I offered to submit an article to the Red Elephants. I had no idea that they were committed to anti-Jew, anti-Zionist policies in those days.

I didn't know they adhered to racist, racialist narratives either. This is very sad. I have since then told them to take down my article from their site, but if they choose not to, it won't matter.

No weapon formed ...

Schaper also debated James Allsup in May. Allsup, who won an uncontested GOP primary in Washington state, is slated to begin a term in December as a precinct committee officer in Whitman County. He attended the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally in August 2017 and participated in the Tiki torch march that included the chant “Jews will not replace us.” Allsup also addressed an alt-right rally in Washington, D.C., in June 2017 that included white nationalist speakers Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer.

So, this guilt by association through debate is just about all they have left. I denounced Allsup's racialist views as well as his approval for collectivist policies. SPLC is looking at another lawsuit, no doubt.

Schaper is also part of the nativist extremist group We The People Rising, and has been disavowed by the local Republican party, according to the L.A. Times, for his actions, which often involve disrupting city council meetings in so-called sanctuary cities and shouting down Democratic politicians.

I am a proud member of We the People Rising. Nativist" doesn't make sense, though. We have immigrants in our team, including Jesse Suave from Mexico and Jerry Thomas of the Philippines. There is nothing wrong with any citizenry in their own countries demanding the rule of law and the safeguarding of their nation's security and sovereignty.

No one has a right to table or destroy that. Will the SPLC condemn the presidents of Mexico for putting their citizens first?

In 2017, Schaper and fellow anti-immigrant activists shouted down a Riverside speech by Senate leader Kevin de Léon with screams of “anchor baby.” Schaper has also protested outside Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters’ office with a sign telling her to “go to hell.” The local GOP pulled the charter of the Beach Cities Republicans, of which Schaper was elected to a second term as the group’s president in fall 2016, saying that Schaper’s “inappropriate activities” (disrupting meetings and intimidating local officials) were the major reason for its actions, according to the L.A. Times.

I never said "anchor baby." I do have a wonderful sign telling Maxine Waters to "Go to Hell":

Schaper has also referred to sanctuary supporters as “brown Nazis” and in April went to various town meetings in California in communities considering opposing the state’s sanctuary stance, according to the Orange County Register, which also noted that at these meetings, undocumented immigrants were referred to as “disease carriers” and murderers and rapists while antisemitic remarks were also made.

They are Brown nazis. They embrace racist, racialist, segregationist and socialist policies. Notice also the linguistic sleight of hand employed in the paragraph: "[U]ndocumented immigrants were referred to as "disease carriers" (many are) and murderers and rapists (illegal aliens do commit a disproportionate number of these crimes).

As for the anti-Semitic remarks, I have never heard anyone making those remarks, nor have I ever said such things. Another lie.

Bottom line

MassResistance is no stranger to controversy or trolling tactics in its confrontational style of activism. But in the past, it has remained focused solely on anti-LGBT issues. With its California chapter leadership engaging in anti-immigrant protests and with a white nationalist in its ranks who in the past has attempted to organize an anti-sharia protest, it remains to be seen what direction the group will go.

At least the SPLC is starting to realized that MassResistance is not just a positive force, but a force to be reckoned with. They can't deal with the fact that they are no longer winning the media or the culture wars any longer.

They already had to pay out a massive settlement for defaming a Muslim. They are going to be facing more massive lawsuits very soon for smearing men and women of faith and conscience simply because they believe that natural marriage, life, and freedom matter.

In the meantime, let's celebrate that even when evil people seek to do evil things to others, their efforts fail:

The Truth About Alt-Righters: Anti-American Left-Wing Frauds

There has been some confusion about all the different people, places, things, movements, etc associated with President.

I didn't know what to think of some of the movements that I saw on YouTube, and some of the alternative media that I found seemed worth looking into.

The confusion sprang from the two fold argument that people like Vince James, Nick Fuentes, James Allsup, and other sources claim when they say that they are pro-American, or that they are American First.

Then you hear some disturbing ideas from these individuals.

They believe that black people should live Africa, Asian people should live in Asia, and that white people should be able to live in Europe and America.

Let me break down what I learned more specifically.

Let's start with the debate that I had with James Allsup:

First of all, he made a snide aside that people were worried or scared by the idea of "socialism."

It is a terrifying ideology when put into practice. Men and women of any stature or substance should fight as hard as they can for freedom, for free markets, enterprise, and people.

Socialism is a bad end. Redistribution of wealth is theft, a great evil in any society, in any culture.

The biggest fraud came across when Allsup claims that Democrats do a good job of running different states.

I burst out laughing when I heard that. It took me a few minutes to calm down, that statement was so ridiculous.

Wherever the Democratic Party has taken hold, including its perverse investment in racism, identity politics, and centralized control of the government, there has been nothing but decay, destruction, and death left in its wake.

When Allsup said that Democratic-controlled states were well-run, this was my answer:

But wait ... why would they be claiming this in the first place?

Then there was the Nick Fuentes debate.

It was really hard to understand what was going on. I was trying to this kid's debate points seriously, but they really weren't serious.

Someone had told me that this debate would pretty much degenerate into a name-calling shouting match.

That is pretty much what happened.

Then I reviewed some of the comments which he had made.

This guy really isn't right-wing or America First.

1. Fuentes said he would rather live in a fascist state.
2. He declared that a woman is worth half of a man.
3. He questioned the Holocaust, which is his right, but then he complains that he is not a white nationalist or a neo-Nazi or anything like that (yet he sure talks like one ...)
4. Then they went off on their anti-Semitic rants against me at the end of the "Debate".

These guys are not America First.

They are America Last, and they are Iran First, or rather Palestinian Terrorism first, or Ayatollahs first.

Look, they are entitled to their opinions, but the fact that they reject the equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their skin color, the fact that they are committed to some kind of "white nationalism" rather than American exceptionalism, and the fact that they have rejected a number of the United States' founding principles, both in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, pretty much goes to show that they are not America First.

They are America Last, and any line of argument, radio shows, or anything in between that suggests otherwise is a total left-wing, collectivist fraud.

The JQ comes back.

Why not Just Quit these alt-right (left-wing) frauds?

The Truth About Nick Fuentes: Left-Wing, Anti-American Fraud

I am merely isolating this part of my previous article for emphasis' sake.

Fuentes attended the "United the Right" Charlottesville

Then there was the Nick Fuentes debate.

It was really hard to understand what was going on. I was trying to this kid's debate points seriously, but they really weren't serious.

Or rather ... this guy really isn't right-wing or America First.

1. Fuentes said he would rather live in a fascist state.
2. He declared that a woman is worth half of a man.
3. He questioned the Holocaust, which is his right, but then he complains that he is not a white nationalist or a neo-Nazi or anything like that (yet he sure talks like one ...)
4. Then they went off on their anti-Semitic rants against me at the end of the "Debate".

These guys are not America First.

They are America Last, and they are Iran First, or rather Palestinian Terrorism first, or Ayatollahs first.

Look, they are entitled to their opinions, but the fact that they reject the equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their skin color, the fact that they are committed to some kind of "white nationalism" rather than American exceptionalism, and the fact that they have rejected a number of the United States' founding principles, both in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, pretty much goes to show that they are not America First.

A supporter made this for me.
Fuentes blocked the guy who made this

They are America Last, and any line of argument, radio shows, or anything in between that suggests otherwise is a total left-wing, collectivist fraud.

Hatred of Jews? Left-wing.

Hatred of Israel and opposition to recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Left-wing.

A commitment to racial segregation and ultimately separation? Left-wing.

Most importantly, however, when anyone claims that they would rather live in a fascist state than in a constitutional republic, there you have another left-winger, and someone who is as antithetical to the American experiment, to American exceptionalism.

Besides, fascism is a left-wing ideology.

Sorry, Nick. You are a fraud.

So here is the JQ once again ...

Why not Just Quit Nick Fuentes?

Bibi has a point here


Here's more (with more information to come):

VICE Exposes Gay Cuck Spartan As Sellout FBI Plant ( Major Payback Followed)

Vice News (For what it's worth) put together a video montage, expose, whatever of John Turano, It's pretty stunning what they got out of it, assuming that what they are reporting is true.

Here's the video.

Here's background.

Turano, aka Based Spartan Man (before he sold out) showed up on May Day 2017, too, dressed up in his crazy Spartan gear.

John Turano, aka Gay Cuck Spartan, was a media whore, for lack of a better word. In 2017, he jumped into the national, and apparently international, limelight when he was fighting, kicking, punching and throwing trash cans at the Battle of Berkeley last March, last April, last whenever.

Then came the Sharia Law protests, and he was protesting with Antifa, with the social justice warriors who wanted open borders, Muslim refugees, and lots of fighting against the established order of things.

From that moment on, everyone called him "cuck" or cuck Spartan. He likes smearing people as "gay", and he frequently yells at people with other epithets like "bitch."

So I call him Gay Cuck Spartan.

This thug got into fights with lots of people among the different patriots in Los Angeles County. He wanted to be the center of attention, nothing more. I remember in mid-2017 he came to a Cudahy City Council meeting wearing a marijuana shirt. It was covered all over in marijuana leaves.

He then walked up to me and flipped me off.

A month later, Cuck Spartan showed up and started harassing John Willis and me. He was yelling at us, subtly trying to start a fight. John and I walked quietly to our cars, but Cuck Spartan stood in front of the gate to delay our departure from the Cudahy City Hall.

This guy was looking for different ways to start a fight. He wanted to get into media attention, again, or at least that's what it seemed.

The next major confrontation occured at Cal State Fullerton during the Milo Halloween Event. I confronted him to give him a hard time, to mock him for attacking me and others at other events. He pushed me aside then walked away. It became really clear that the man (if he can be called a man) was deranged when he interrupted me and others who were talking about current events and issues. Lots of people could see that Cuck Spartan was unhinged and completely out of line. He wanted a fight, and I refused to give it to him, since that would have ruined the outreach which all of us were trying to do with the college students at Cal State Fullerton.

The rest of the crowd was on my side, and they pushed away the bigot.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of this crazed half-man's temper tantrums. He came up to all of us in Huntington Park the next Tuesday. He attacked me and others in the parking lot outside the Huntington Park City Hall. He hit my hand twice and pushed my camera. Right behind him was Naui, the Brown Supremacist. He was looking to create trouble, so he apparently he had invited Gay Cuck Spartan to stir up trouble with the rest of We the People Rising.

John Willis and I had tried walking away, ignoring this guy, but that had not worked. A fight was not going to be productive, especially because Naui wanted to record it and share it with everyone on his (now defunct) channel. I then realized "OK, let's see what the police have to say about this?" I then walked to the Huntington Park Police Station to report the crime, an assault specifically.

Cuck Spartan really panicked at that point. He walked away from us, jumped in his car and sped off. People who were following him on Facebook Live told him to get out of there, since he was facing big trouble. That was an interesting evening, to say the least, and I thank God for his wisdom to handle the situation. Doing nothing had not worked, and getting into fight was not going to work. What was Cuck Spartan looking for? Attention, right? So I gave it to him, including the police department.

How about that? For thirty minutes, I gave a full testimony and a crime report to the police officer on site. I explained what happened, but he told me candidly that what had happened to me was not going to be the first priority for the police department. I understood, since Huntington Park has its own crime waves (anyone surprised?).

The police department did take the case seriously. I met with a sergeant at the Huntington Park Police Department. I identified Turano in a police photo line-up. He walked me through the videos which I had recorded. They even informed me that Turano reached out to the Huntington Park police department, indicating that he wanted to work with them.

How about that?

One thing is for sure: we spooked the guy finally not to mess with us.

The next month, Gay Cuck Spartan showed up at the Pro-Israel counterprotests outside the West Los Angeles federal building on the corners of Veteran and Wilshire Blvd. A lot of people were really unhappy to see him there. They wanted him to take off, but like everyone else Turano has a First Amendment Right to speak out in the public square.

His comments were really inappropriate. He made general denouncements of the police department. He shouted curse words at people. Then as he and his daughter left the area, a young pro-Palestinian lady with her little sister confronted him. "Did you call my little sister an f--king terrorist?" She shouted at Turano.

Foolishly, Gay Cuck responded: "She looked like one."

Here's the video segment on Twitter:

Twitter did its thing after that. Turano and his daughter Bianca got doxxed all over the Internet.

I had written "Payback is a Cuck" to showcase the epic shame which they ended up suffering for their antics. Of course, this one episode is a massive symptom of their by-and-large abusive behavior toward others.

Other people had doxxed Cuck Spartan for me, too, after he had assaulted me in the Huntington Park parking lot the night before.

Now I can proceed to the Vice Video segment and share more of what I have learned since then.

John Turano is definitely a messed-up case. I could tell that he suffered a lot of abuse as a child. No question about it. He had served time in prison after getting bounced around in juvenile halls and detention facilities.

I sympathize with the tough times that people have suffered through, but they do not get to ruin our adulthood just because they had a bad childhood.

Vice showcased Turano not because they really care about the guy. They put all this attention on him because they want to shame and smear Trump supporters, nothing more. Of course, no one wants to point out that he shouted demeaning remarks at Trump supporters, including Jolene Moss. Vice is not interesting in pointing out that Turano's crazed, imbecilic rants are not typical among Trump supporters, either.

Some other things that I had learned about Turano:

1. He is a registered Democrat.
2. He has "white pride" tattooed onto his skin.
3. He was an informant for the FBI. Yes, that's what VICE reported.

Check out the screen shots:

Now, we can all take this with a grain of salt, too. Is it really possible, is it even remotely believable that the Federal Bureau of Investigation would approach this guy to be an informant?

I guess anything is possible, and it would make sense that he was throwing up a bunch of fights and taunting to go after us.

But he barking up a bunch of wrong trees, that's for sure. If the FBI and he wanted to find hate groups, they need to look to the Left, to the different sides of the racist divide.

Nothing more.

And here's the best part, or rather the part which exposes the full brunt of consequences which have fallen upon the Turanos:

4. Bianca Turano was kicked out of her Masters in Social Work program for her father's words toward the young Palestinian and her sister.

There was a price paid, and he caused his daughter to pay heavily for it.,

I have often quoted that verse in Isaiah:

And this promise has continued to play out for me every time.

Gay Cuck Spartan harassed me, and he paid the price.

Senate Conservatives Fund: Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House

Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House

Fellow Conservative:

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Will you join the fight for courageous conservative leadership?


Jim Jordan has a long record of fighting for our principles. Whether it's questioning Hillary Clinton on Benghazi or picking apart the FBI's surveillance abuses, he's tough, disciplined, and highly effective.

If House Republicans have the courage to pick Jim Jordan as their next leader, it will lead to better policies and more political support.

Please help us defeat the Washington establishment by supporting Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.

Sign the petition and make your voice heard. It's time for strong leadership in Congress that will truly drain the swamp!

Thank you for your support.


Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Action

P.S. Please forward this email to your family and friends so they can support Jim Jordan for Speaker and help us take America back!
Sign The Petition

Saturday, August 18, 2018

48th Assembly District RINOs Caught Cavorting with the Enemy

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County has fallen to another low ebb. It's bad enough that the executive committee for the county purges conservative groups, trying to remove their charters and their influence (it doesn't work).

The conservatives, the men and women of conviction and conscience, refuse to be quiet. We refuse to settle for failure. We want chaotic victory, not controlled failure,

But look what the 48th Assembly District Republican Central Committee settled for:

Central Committees exist to do three things:

1. Raise money
2. Register voters
3. Get candidates to run for office in the district.

The 48th GOP Central Committee failed so badly, that they didn't get any Republican, not even a write-in, to challenge illegal alien Blanca Rubio.

The Republicans wanted to sit down and dine with the enemy rather than fight her evil policies.

What has become of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County?

In fact, that is precisely what I wrote to the Chairwoman!

Mrs. Shade:

Have you lost your minds?

Making nice is not the answer.

Confronting corruption and doubling down on the truth -- that is the answer.

I cannot believe how low LA County GOP has sunk.

Voters and residents in that region are going to hear about this.

This is a full on betrayal and a violation of By-Laws, rules of decorum, just about any sense of dignity or wisdom!

I received this from one of Rubio's constituents:
Twitter: Facebook: Patreon: Bitch...

Yes, it was a secret meeting. Can you believe this?! The Central Committee decided to make nice and do nothing rather than double down and demand real leadership to fight this corrupt illegal alien communist!

When I shared this information with the Republican Party leadership in the state of California, and a few others in blind carbon copy, I received a heated, hateful call and then an email from Judi Neal of the Mountain View Republican Club.

She was faulting me for simply revealing something that had been shared publicly with other members of We the People Rising.

I couldn't believe this!

Here's the email:

If you had something to say Lois you should have confronted her first. How dare you jeopardize their standing in RPLAC. You over stepped your authority Arthur. 

If they are censored because of your going off deep end once again, I will never forgive you. That will be the last time I include you anything our groups are doing.

You should have discussed with her privately. 

I’m done with you and your craziness. Please remove me from anything you are doing in the future and delete my phone and email. 

Judi Neal

UGH. So this is what it comes down to. The Old Guard wants to stand by their friends instead of stepping up the fight and denouncing this corruption.

Gary Gileno had different ideas, and I am glad for that:

Here's the full statement in the Facebook post:

The 48th Assembly District Republican Central Committee had an event where they hosted a Democrat politician who admittedly snuck into our country and was even deported. To some Republicans this is fine, my behavior learning about the revelations is the problem for them. This video illustrates why the Republican party in California is dead and has even been surpassed by no party preference in registration numbers. People are sick of these phony Republicans who live to make compromises with the Democrats. It's time to sack up and say NO!
NO! Banning the Bible
NO! Teaching kids how to have anal sex in school
NO! 55 gallon water rationing
NO! Sanctuary State
NO! Putting people in jail for having a straw
NO! Turning Violent Felonies into Non-Violent Misdemeanors
NO! Mandatory Vaccinations (SB277)
NO! Legalizing the transmission of HIV
NO! Allowing Illegal aliens to work in the government
NO! Putting foreign nationals ahead of Americans
NO! Single payer healthcare that will bankrupt the state
NO! Healthcare for illegal aliens
NO! Free College Tuition for illegal aliens while Americans go into massive debt.
NO! Cutting gasoline sales and production by 50%
NO! Forcing me on a bicycle/bus/train
NO! Putting a box in my car to tax/track me by the mile.
NO! Stripping local control from cities so the state can mandate high density wherever it pleases.
NO! Allowing centers where people can shoot up.
NO! Cap and Trade
NO! Gas Tax Increases
NO! Highest State Taxes in the Nation
Do you get the point yet phony Republicans? These people are destroying our state and yet you want to work with them. These people are the enemy and they would have us all killed the first chance they got.
More people would join our party/not leave if they saw people actually saying NO to this crap instead of looking for ways to make it not suck as much.

I get how Gary feels. I am so tired of being shamed for opposing all this perverse corruption. Yet it seems that so many people have just rolled over and expected this crap. That is wrong, and we are not going to have it!

Where in the South Bay is 350 Joe, the Big Green Ho?

Last year, conservatives and other commonsense residents in the South Bay began fighting back against the Big Green Agenda that was eating away at city coffers and tying up city council meetings, particularly agendas.

Who was the Big Green Mafia Don behind this push?

Joe Galliani, aka 350 Joe, whom I also love to call The Big Green HO.

How much will you pay me?

He was pimping himself out big time for this climate alarmism agenda for the last four years, going out of his way to make the world a greener place.

Greener for himself, certainly, with a six-figure salary for himself leading the the Big Green Boondoggle which would oversee.

Hermosa Beach looked like the city that was going to topple into this wasteful program the fastest.

But Tracy Hopkins was fighting back every step of the way. She refused to let this communistic agenda creep its way into the city.

Redondo Beach was looking into the same program, and in March 2017, the city council seemed determined at all costs to push it.

Then some strange things started happening all over the region.

The CCA program met a number of brick walls. The programs were too costly. It was unthinkable that anyone would want to throw so much money at all of this.

In Torrance, a majority of the city councilmembers went along with seeking some kind of report on the program. In Redondo Beach, Councilwoman Laura Emdee said that she would approve a program of some kind, or at least an investigation into the program, provided that other projects were taken care of first. She asked for that amendment in the motion and direction to staff, and as a result, she still voted no on the item.

My name is Joe,
The Big Green HO!

Way to go, Laura!

In Hermosa Beach, the residents pushed back very hard against expansive government programs of all kinds. The lack of transparency on a number of issues was very disconcerting to many people. I have been steadily amazed at how active and involved Hermosa Beach residents have become in the city, regardless of their political affiliation.

350 Joe lucked out in all of these cities. Torrance's investigation into Community Choice Aggregation has been shelved. I don't believe that any working majority on the city council will vote to move that bloated bureaucratic boondoggle any further.

So, it looks like 350 Joe's Big Green Dreams are going down into absolutely defeat!

Poor baby! (NOT!)

This is a big victory. It shows that politics is about more than joining a political party. It's about motivating people and using power for good. It's about standing up for what is right and getting more people on board to work with you and help achieve those goals.

Joe Galliani was not just arrogant, but he had convinced other people to justify and prop up his arrogance. It was quite sad to see so many people fawning over this guy, like he was some kind of big green secular saint, when he was just another swamp-creature crony.

What do you mean?
This is my happy face.

One source has informed me that Galliani has gone on "hiatus." Would that be somewhere outside of the state of California? One can only hope.

For the time being, it's good to know that 350 Joe, the Big Green Ho is gone from the scene. Let's just hope he takes a hint and never comes back!