Sunday, March 18, 2018

Quote from My Latest Townhall Article Goes Viral

Check this out:
I stand by this remark to the fullest.

We don't need more legislative jousting. We need executive power and enforcement of the law.

Let's get busy, AG Sessions!

Let's get to work, President Trump!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

President Trump and AG Sessions: Do Your Job!

Tom Hanks has a sense of humor, and he’s not that bad an actor. One of my favorite lines from him comes from the movie “Turner and Hooch.” Playing a police officer solving a contentious murder mystery, he struggles to raise a slobbery bloodhound that really pushes his limits. At one point, he shouts: “What do you want me to do? Make you a margarita?” A statement laced with humor and frustration, that’s how I feel right now about the Trump Administration and their stunning tardiness on cracking down on California’s latest illegal alien lawlessness.

In his unprecedented speech to the California Peace Officers' Association, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a lawsuit against the state of California for rampant violation of federal immigration laws. He cited three specific statutes that his administration was targeting an array of sanctuary state laws which have barred local and state law enforcement from sharing critical information about illegal alien criminals under lock and key.

Hey, thanks Jeff. Really. But it’s not making enough of a difference right now.

First of all, Libby Schaaf, the corrupt mayor of Oakland who cares more about coddling criminals than protecting law-abiding, taxpaying citizens, has doubled down and defended her obstruction of justice in informing a wide swatch of illegals in the Bay Area that ICE was coming. I am glad that he specifically called out Schaaf in front of the Sacramento area police officers association. “How dare you?”

But do we really expect these demonic Democrats to care? One has to wonder if Republican Congressmen in Ante-Bellum days asked Democrats the same question when they were defending slavery up to the civil war. The entire identity of the Democratic Party then was invested in protecting the denigration of black people for cheap labor and easy votes. Nothing has changed, except now Democrats want illegal aliens with their cheap labor and unlawful votes to keep them in power. Their whole life is based on lawless daring.

And it’s getting worse.

Jose Garcia-Zarate, the illegal alien who murdered—yes, murdered—Kate Steinle, acquitted by a jury of left-wing Millennials and Western guilt-tripped technocrats, has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for “vindictive prosecution.” The audacity! Prosecution will tend toward vindictiveness, I suppose, when a criminal repeatedly breaks into our country, violates warrants, steals a firearm from a federal official, then murders an innocent American in broad daylight. It reminds me of a proverb: “Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.” (Proverbs 30:20) Replace “adulterous woman with “illegal alien”, of course, although we could point to Libby Schaaf, who betrayed her oath and her constituents to protect criminals.

A lawsuit is nice, and a rousing speech is great, too, but their lawlessness has not ceased.
Not to be outdone by the corrupt mayor and the litigious illegal alien, California State Senate President Pro Tem (now Emeritus, but still a pain in the ass) Kevin De Leon—who is challenging Dianne Feinstein for US Senate—just appointed an illegal alien to a state commission. This illegal alien, Lizbeth Mateo, crowed about this appointment in two brazen, sickening tweets:

In #lawschool I often wondered if I was fit to b in #lawjournal, #mootcourt bc not many ppl w/ my same background did. I always went for it bc even if I felt inadequate I thought I could add something of value. I hope to do the same w/ @StudentAidCommission. #undocumentedunafraid

And then:

Thank you Sen. @kdeleon for appointing me to the CalSOAP Advisory Committee. I look forward to working w/ the rest of the committee & the Student Aid Commission in such important task - increase the accessibility of postsecondary education opportunities for low-income students.

 “Oh how sweet! Like at this young lady with a baby? She’s a hard-working immigrant taking a job that no American would take.” Whatever. This is all immoral, unconstitutional, desperate nonsense.
Here’s all that really matters: Lizzy broke into this country, stole an education from American students using our taxpayer dollars, and is now a lawyer. An illegal legal? Yes, that now exists in California. This is not the first illegal legal, either: Sergio Garcia actually filed a lawsuit which went all the way to the California State Supreme Court. Following their ruling, illegal alien Garcia was able to apply for a professional law license. How exactly can an illegal alien dispense legal advice? The best advice for him to give would be to himself, and to leave the country.

And of course, who can forget the two illegal aliens—Julian Zatarain and Francisco Medina—who are sitting on two city commissions to this day in Huntington Park, CA? For nearly two years, We the People Rising and other local activist groups pounded the Huntington Park city council for two years. We filed complaints with the LA County District Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and the US Attorney’s Office, California Central Division. When Trump came into office, we trusted that enforcement would be the rule, not the exception.

Yes, ICE raided the Bicycle Gardens Casino and has rounded up hundreds of California’s illegal aliens. Yet fellow residents still ask me when ICE will sweep their cities. “Where is ICE?” asked seasoned pro-enforcement activist Lupe Moreno asked earlier this year in the heart of Santa Ana, the same city where Congressman Lou Correa attempted to host an illegal alien town hall teaching illegals how to circumvent our immigration laws.

President Trump, what do you want me to do? Make you a margarita? Lawsuits are nice; cutting federal grant funding to outlaw cities is nice, too. We need arrests. We need perp walks. We need enforcement of the law.

I refuse to settle for “To Hell With California”. California is already a hell-hole of missed deadlines, bad priorities, and left-wing inanity. But it does not have to stay that way. You need to do your job, President and Attorney General!

PA-18 Special Election: What Happened?

Conor Lamb was not supposed to win the special election in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District.

The previous incumbent, Tim Murphy, won the seat without a Democratic challenge in 2016, just as US Senator Jeff Sessions had won re-election in 2014 without any Democratic challenger in turn.

Yet last week, another stirring, stunning, and now very disturbing upset exploded on the scene in the Keystone State.

This development should be shocking every policymaker and political wonk in the GOP.

Look at the final numbers:

This was a slim margin, even less than Doug Jones' victory over Judge Roy Moore.

Less than half of a percent, yet Conor Lamb won.

He ran as a Republican, essential, assuring that he will not vote for gun control. He advertised himself as pro-life and anti-Pelosi, too.

Trump won this district by double digits, though.

How can this be happening?!

Now, for some perspective ...

Tim Murphy ran unopposed, and yet of course he received a considerable voter tally:

Murphy won with nearly 300,000 votes, compared to the slightly more anemic special election turnout of 229,008 votes.

Republicans outspent Conor Lamb by an incredible amount. At least $5 million went into this race.

Saccone vs. Lamn

That's a lot of cash for a special election, and still the Republicans could not retain the seat.

Democrats are mobilized and motivated. They really hate the President. Add to this problem the epic number of Republican incumbents not running for re-election, and we are facing a perfect storm going into November 2018.

This is crazy, but this is happening. There is no running away from the fact.

Even with the tariffs, which are supposed to help Rust Belt country, President Trump's two campaigns in the region didn't help.

What happened?

Republicans did not turn out and vote!

Sources have indicated, both by word of mouth and in print, that Rick Saccone did not wrong a strong campaign. Pat Buchanan submitted that Saccone stopped talking about the tax reform bill, since the popularity of this legislation still does not resonate with the growing public. I guess that makes sense, especially if you don't have a job.

Working class Americans are getting back to work, but perhaps the economy is jumping into robust growth fast enough. For now, though, the devastating outcome in Pennsylvania comes down to a lukewarm Republican turnout, coupled with an enraged Democratic base ready to stop President Trump at any cost.

Add to that the fact that Conor Lamb pretty much ran as a Republican and worked a whole lot harder, distancing himself from Alzheimer's Nancy. The biggest factor right is an enthusiasm chasm among Republican voters. Former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has argued that because Republicans have not fulfilled many of the promises they campaigned on, their numbers are hurting, and the base is uninspired.

A large swath of voters are contented enough with Trump, too. Sadly, success can be quite an impediment to ongoing political victory going forward. Perhaps Trump's talk about granting amnesty to three times the number of illegals beyond DACA has startled some of his most ardent supporters too. It would be a real shame for the country to vote for divided government just because. 

They love what Trump is doing, but find too many of them not only distancing themselves from the President, but actually frustrating his agenda, which is so, so true. If Republicans don't accomplish key policy goals in the next six months, and Democrats maintain their anti-Trump momentum among the hardened, outraged grassroots, Republicans in the House can look forward to minority status post November 2018.

Anti-White Persecution in South Africa: Where's the Outrage?

Last year, I learned that South African farmers are under attack. They are being persecuted in the most horrific manner, and the international press doesn't care. One man was demonstrating in favor of President Trump with the rest of LA County for Trump and the United Patriot National Front, headed by Antonio Foreman. The problem that so many (mostly young) people have is that this push for diversity and racial harmony and tolerance has turned into anti-white, anti-male sentiment. Any discussion of the Enlightenment culture and Judeo-Christian values is now met with the baseless, fatuous, and ultimately fascist charge that it's a form of "white supremacy."

This thinking is heinous, racist, and shameful.

Yes, all lives matter, including white South Africans
Now attacks are ramping up against white farmers in South Africa, or more specifically the South Africans of European descent. The notion of "white" is too simplistic, and dishonors the amazing culture vibrancy and diversity within Europe and throughout the Norther Mediterranean region.

White lives matter, too, yet where is the outrage from the collective anti-racists who stand up for minorities? The regressive left and their accommodating academic institutions automatically charge that protecting white lives amounts to racism. That is evil, that is wrong, and no one should tolerate it. I have been refreshed and relieved by friends of mine of different ethnic backgrounds who declare: "I love my white friends!" Laughing out loud, I am so glad to see men and women of one color reaching out and defending people of different colors.

For the record, men and women of European backgrounds have color in their skin, too. A black professor with Chinese ancestry taught me that: Dr. Piper Mandy of Cal State Long Beach. I still remember her engaging talk with the entire sophomore class of Torrance High School in 1997, and she smashed all kinds of anti-European stereotypes. She had no problem calling herself black, too!

But back to the rising anti-white sentiment overwhelming South Africa.

This devastating racism must be exposed and confronted.

It has manifested itself in some pretty sick and pitiful ways before. An arrogant academic depending on a Rhodes Scholarship went out of his way to smear and shame a white waitress, saying that he would only provide her a tip when she "went back to her own land."

She's a waitress from South Africa. That country is her land, and she has no need nor reason to leave. What shameful bigotry.

Here's a section from the full report (in the center-left Guardian, no less):

As the Mail reported on Saturday, this young woman — serving in a restaurant in the Western Cape — was reduced to tears when Qwabe and his dining companion wrote on the bill that they would give her a tip only ‘when you return the land’.

He presumably meant this white South African and all others of her kin should give up their homes and leave the country, since at a governmental level it is already under the control of the African National Congress.

Unsurprisingly, the waitress at the Obz Cafe was shaken by this, a fact that amused Mr Qwabe. He wrote on Facebook that he had been ‘unable to stop smiling because something so black and wonderful had happened . . . she sees the note and starts shaking. She leaves us and bursts into typical white tears’.

He went on to say that a white male waiter approached the table to ‘annoy us more with his own white tears telling us that he finds our act racist’.

Good for him. It's welcome news that white people in South Africa are not putting up with that rampant, racist nonsense.

Of course, The Guardian remains center-left, and justify the black racism:

Of course, the treatment of blacks in apartheid South Africa was altogether different to the childish vindictiveness of this Rhodes Scholar. Qwabe’s parents would not even have been allowed to sit down in the same restaurant as white South Africans a generation ago.

The victims of a remorseless system of segregation, which banned personal relationships (above all, marriage) between races, they had no vote and no chance.

So I don’t blame Qwabe for his feelings of hatred for whites, even if it was cruel of him to take them out on a blameless young woman in a position of servant rather than master.

It's time for men and women of all backgrounds to stand up to racism of all kinds, even against white people. Racism is racism. Need I write more? Just because black people under Apartheid suffered terribly under previous racism white regimes, that does not justify shaming all white people for the crimes of those leaders.

Let's talk about black privilege for a change, shall we? Mr. Qwabe is receiving a Rhodes Scholarship, and has the opportunity (and impunity) to do well.

Another academic played the race card and "white privilege" card, too:

Check out this story on this terrible tragedy:

Jobs for white people were also becoming harder to obtain, she said, with affirmative action favouring black people — a point she didn’t necessarily disagree with.

However, she pointed out many would leave the country taking expertise in areas such as farming with them.

First of all, notice how essentially racist "affirmative action" has become, and this disgusting display is not an isolated problem. In the United States, affirmative action was initially intended to ensure that no person was denied an opportunity for a job simply because of race. Then it turned into an undue benefit for individuals of a "minority" race

The white guilt is astounding. There is no justification for racism ... ever. The white farmers in South Africa do not deserve to be treated with such horrendous dishonor. This is evil, black supremacy which teaches that some people are "more equal" than others.

The rampant abuses against white farmers is no game.

You have to read the passage to believe it:

SOUTH Africa’s parliament has voted in favour of a motion that will begin the process of amending the country’s Constitution to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation.

The motion was brought by Julius Malema, leader of the radical Marxist opposition party the Economic Freedom Fighters, and passed overwhelmingly by 241 votes to 83 against. The only parties who did not support the motion were the Democratic Alliance, Freedom Front Plus, Cope and the African Christian Democratic Party.

It was amended but supported by the ruling African National Congress and new president Cyril Ramaphosa, who made land expropriation a key pillar of his policy platform after taking over from ousted PM Jacob Zuma earlier this month.

This is rampant wickedness. This is worse than a spirit of lawlessness. This is a form of state-sponsored domestic terrorism. What happened to the rule of law in this country? Since when did anybody get the notion that theft or confiscation of anything was acceptable?

This must a dream, but in reality it's an in-print, flesh and blood nightmare.

Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota said there was a “danger that those who think equality in our lifetime equates that we must dominate whites”, News24 reported.

"Animal Farm" has gone from parable to real-life horror movie. Instead of pigs and two-legged beasts with wings, we have a black majority now persecuting a white minority: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."


The shocking abuses perpetrated against South African whites cannot go ignored.

Afrikaners (White farmer descended from Dutch settlers)
have been murdered in alarming numbers.
Click here for more information.

What's worse, South Africa is not the first African country to discriminate against white farmers so viciously:

Earlier this month, Louis Meintjes, president of the farmers’ group the Transvaal Agricultural Union, warned the country risked going down the same route as Zimbabwe, which plunged into famine after a government-sanctioned purge of white farmers in the 2000s.

Racism is folly on many levels, but many researchers neglect the economic costs of confiscation, theft, and government-sponsored criminality. These perverse acts harm everyone. So far, the Australian government has offered to fast-track VISAs for South African farmers. As expected, charges of racism abound. Such hypocrisy must be exposed.

Where is the outrage from the rest of the Western World? The entire world?! When will we put aside the skin-color guilt and entitlement mentalities? This is a story which must be told, and the international communities around the world should soundly condemn these actions and sanction the South African government. The anti-white destruction is current and devastating. It is wrong, and we just cannot have this!

Petition: Fight Loony California and Their Lawless Sanctuary State

Arthur Christopher, the “loony Left” in California has gone way too far.
Ultra-liberal Governor Jerry Brown has turned the whole state – one of the largest in America – into one huge “sanctuary” that protects illegal immigrants who come here to commit crimes.
And in Oakland, the radical left-wing mayor tipped off illegal immigrants living there, alerting them of an impending immigration raid and warning them not to open their doors.
This is CRAZY.
Laws in the United States of America are supposed to protect the law-abiding CITIZENS of the United States of America. President Trump agrees! And he wants to crack down on lawless “sanctuary cities,” but he needs your help to pressure Congress! Help us push back against loony (and dangerous) California liberalism with your urgent gift of $15, $30, or $50.
After eight years of “Open Borders Obama” in office, the sad fact is there are criminals within the border of our country, committing their violent deeds with no fear of deportation thanks to “sanctuary” policies embraced by radical liberalsPlease help us end the madness and crack down on “Sanctuary Cities!”
In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

Letter to the Editor: The President Has Waited Too Long

Hello, my name is Jeff Beck (although not “the” Jeff Beck) and I live in San Dimas, CA. I just read your article demanding that President Donald Trump and AG Sessions do their jobs where it comes to illegal immigration, especially in California. I was wondering if there is a petition or some other specific way in which I can add my voice to this call? I’m wondering if these men don’t realize that this is THE issue that put them where they currently are? 

Doesn’t the President realize that he’s already waited too long and we are starting to get really, really upset about it? These foreign and hostile invaders are overrunning our borders with the help of internal traitors and we are being slaughtered! I am not fully plugged in as it were, and ignorant as to the mechanisms available to me toward doing something. If you don’t have the time to respond, I fully understand and will simply continue looking on my own. Thank you for supplying your contact information on, and also thank you for the thoughtful and infuriating (in a good way) articles. God bless.

Jeff Beck

Wisdom: Chris McDaniel Drops Primary Bid, Runs for Open Seat Following Cochran Resignation

The day that President Trump urged Danny Tarkanian to abandon his primary bid against US Senator Dean Heller, I then tweeted to Chris McDaniel of Mississippi that he needed to give up his fight against Roger Wicker and run for Cochran's soon-to-be vacated US Senate seat.

He finally announced that that is precisely what he plans to do. I hope that Governor Phil Bryant will comply with the will of the grassroots and tea party efforts of Mississippi voters and just appointed McDaniel to the seat and let him compete to keep the seat in November.

I have to admit that McDaniel's embittered attacks against Roger Wicker were simply unjustified. Frankly, there is very little in Wicker's record to suggest that he is some kind of gutless liberal.

It's simply not there. It is best to have fewer primary challengers and get more Republicans elected to the US Senate this year. The fight has only gotten fiercer, and the last thing that we need is more infighting that will not help the long-term cause.

Besides, it looked to me that the consulting and campaign firms behind McDaniel's efforts were all-too reminiscent of Judge Roy Moore's efforts

Check out McDaniel's wise and welcome announcement, and let's all wish him the best for his fight for the US Senate:


Last week Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran announced he’s retiring from the U.S. Senate on April 1 -- creating an open seat for U.S. Senate.  

Arthur, this is the exact same seat I ran for in 2014 where I received the most votes -- 49.5% -- during the first round of primary voting, triggering a heated run-off against McConnell-backed Thad Cochran.

As you may remember, during the run-off, Mitch McConnell and the GOP elites smeared, attacked and dragged me through the mud in a desperate attempt to protect establishment darling Thad Cochran -- even promising to expand the welfare state in exchange for Democrat votes.

Unfortunately, the establishment’s multi-million-dollar attack ads and underhanded tactics were too much for conservatives to overcome.

And on election night, thanks to 40,000 Democrats showing up to vote in a GOP primary, Cochran and the establishment came out on top by a mere 6,000 votes.
But Arthur, I put the establishment on notice that this fight wasn’t over.
And I meant it. 
That’s why, after much thought, discussion and prayer, I’ve declared myself a candidate for U.S. Senate in the open seat being vacated by Thad Cochran on April 1.
It's the seat we rightfully won in 2014!
Of course, it’s no secret that the Mississippi Republican establishment has been coordinating with Mitch McConnell to do everything in their power to keep me from getting elected to the United States Senate. 
In fact, rumors are circulating that Mitch McConnell and powerful establishment forces are scrambling to find a hand-picked crony to appoint to Thad Cochran’s seat until the November 6 Special Election.
And according to one news report, sources inside the Governor’s office said they’re working hard to appoint a “Republican who can beat McDaniel” and stop conservatives in the November 6 special election.
That’s why the upcoming March 31 End of Quarter deadline is so important – and why I’m asking for your immediate financial support.
You see, at midnight on March 31, each campaign must file a report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) showing contributions and expenditures to date.  
A few days later those reports are made publicly available on the FEC’s website. 
And Arthur, McConnell and his gaggle of establishment cronies are planning to dig through my report, hoping to find signs of weakness they can use to parrot the lie that conservatives have given up the fight and surrendered.
I need your immediate help to shock and disappoint the RINOS in the worst possible way.
Arthur, all eyes are on my campaign.
And not just in Mississippi. 
This race is about much more than Mississippi.  
OUR CAMPAIGN IS THE FRONTLINE of the war taking place between grassroots conservatives and Mitch McConnell’s GOP elite.
And if I turn in a strong report on March 31, it’ll send shivers down the spine of McConnell and his cronies and embolden conservatives across the country to stand up and fight to take our country back.
But Arthur, the strength of my report depends on the help and support of patriots like you.
I know it's a lot. 
But the March 31 End of Quarter FEC deadline is the first -- and most important -- fundraising deadline of our campaign.
I need you in my corner.
So please, Arthur, give as much as you can!
Thank you in advance for your support.

Chris McDaniel

Corrupt, Liberal Media Hits Unemployment Line in 2018 (Bitchez!)

The winning never ends for conservatives who are fed up with our rights, points of view, and the general media perception being so mercilessly shamed and exploited.

Check out what John Nolte shared in his latest column:

By the time President Trump’s presidency is over, one of the biggest pieces of fake news we will look back on is when we were told by the media that Trump was good for the media business. According to what is happening in a place called the real world, the truth is that business for the media is horrible.

This is really something. CNN had followed the corrupt anti-Trump model for clickbait and ongoing visits and video views. Now the general public is bored with the excessive interest in President Trump's prior private life. People are tuning out and turning to other news sources.

We will start with the Denver Postwhich announced Thursday that, between April 9 and July 1, 30 jobs will be cut from its newsroom. That is a massive 30 percent cut of its current staff of 100 journalists.  Just 10 years ago according to the far-left Washington Post, the Denver Post employed 600 journalists. That is close to a 90 percent reduction in only a decade.

You have to see this photo to enjoy the schadenfreude!
Notice the cursing, the swearing, the outrage, the overwhelming hatred.


Just a few hours later we learned that another wave of surprise layoffs hit the Chicago Tribune. Fourteen newsroom staffers were let go in that publication’s second round of layoffs in less than six months. Back in October more than a dozen were let go. Roger Federer reports that “Further cuts are expected as the newspaper prepares to leave Tribune Tower for smaller space at Prudential Plaza.”

Ha Ha! A similar move to smaller headquarters has taken place in my home city of Torrance, CA, as the original Daily Breeze headquarters had to sell their iconic blue building along Torrance and Palos Verdes Drive and move into some available office space off of Torrance and Hawthorne Blvd.

Last month, the San Jose Mercury News was hit with another round of terminations, as many as 27 staffers were either laid off or bought out.

Ouch! Notice how the liberal press is getting pressed the most in uber-liberal California. They deserve it for all the years of covering for an enabling liberal, progressive, and outright left-wing politicians pushing their self-enriching agenda at the expense of everyone else. They wanted to push a progressive paradise? Now it's turn into a dystopia of tarnished legacies and unemployment.

In late January, the East Bay Times wiped out a quarter of its editorial staff through layoffs and buy outs — a total of 28 staffers.

The funny thing about this move is that editorials are the only way that writers get any kind of funding and viewer traffic. No one else is going to read anything but sensationalized pablum.

We also learned in January that a total of five publications owned by Southern California News Group will face “significant layoffs,” including the OC Register and Los Angeles Daily News.
On our cable dials, while Fox News and MSNBC are open about their respective biases and thrive, the far-left CNN is not only collapsing in the ratings but dealing with some massive layoffs of its own. Over the past few years, CNN, which continues its ludicrous pose as an objective news organization,  has been in a credibility death spiral, and that is finally starting to take a real toll on the anti-Trump cable channel.

This is the best news yet. I can't want to see CNN become DOA.

None of this should be surprising.  Americans are losing faith in the media, and for good reason. The belligerent biases, the unrelenting fake news. As an example, just look at the past 18 hours. Both ProPublica and the New York Times have been caught spreading fake news about Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick to run the CIA, and the Washington media falsely reported that Trump had fired his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster.

For the record, I am more than happy to see McMaster get the blaster. He refuses to call Islam what it is, and that is wrong.

Alternately, this same media missed completely the biggest political story of the last 60 days — Trump replacing his secretary of state with his CIA director and choosing a woman to lead the spy agency, a historic first.

The press simply cannot stand the facts of the Trump Administration. The President has nominated, appointed, and promoted a number of women in his cabinet. However, the corrupt, anti-Trump ene-media are more interested in pushing a narrative of sexual harassment and abuse, particularly over the inconsequential and dubious reports about Trump's dalliances with porn star Stormy Daniels.

Our media is shockingly useless, constantly playing catch up with actual news while obsessing over rumor and innuendo.

The lies, damned lied, and blatant distortions of the press are coming home to roost. Their diligent, unrelenting bias has hurt their brand and their consumer base. Jerry Zucker is losing subscribers and interest by the day, and layoffs are following. I was in Arizona taking a break at the local McDonald's, and the restaurant was blaring CNN's non-stop coverage of the Pennsylvanian special election and the porn star's specious stories. It's sad.

Consider the fact that the media that protected Bill Clinton — a man who as president committed perjury to cover up his sexual affair with a young intern, an affair conducted just a few rooms away from his wife and daughter in the  Oval Office — is now obsessed over a porn star’s story that she might have had a consensual affair with Trump more than a decade ago.

One decade ago, and total obsession to boot. What a waste of media space. It's pretty sad to see how bitter and useless CNN--The Clinton News Network--has become. No one wants to watch them anymore as their Nielsen ratings continue to plummet.

But there's more:

When women credibly accused Clinton of rape, groping, and harassment, our media joined the White House in destroying them as liars. But this same media hoping to turn a 12-year-old consensual relationship into a national scandal.

Americans are tired of the media lying to them, misleading them, lecturing them… Today, there are plenty of alternative sources of news. No one needs to put up with what is called the MSM anymore.

What a wonderful day in the Republic!

Which reminds me…

To protect Barack Obama’s anemic economic “recovery,” our media tried to convince us that unemployment  in the Obama era, was really “funemployment.” When the working class, those our elitist media despise, lose their jobs to illegal immigrants, unfair trade deals, and oppressive and unnecessary environmental regulations, the media have dismissively suggested that they all catch up with the times and learn computer code.

Not only that, but the liberal, elitist--and racist--political and media class told the working poor and middle-income unemployed to spend time pursuing other hobbies and interests because they did not have a job. What fun, right?

Wrong, and now they arrogant media elites and their reporting enablers can go through the same tumults which they had forced on the working communities in our country.

So let me be the first to wish all of these “journalists” a Happy Funemployment and wish them luck all the luck in the world with their new careers as computer coders.

Final Reflection

Such turnabout is fair play for the liberal press. They wanted to push a faulty, false narrative with their progressive, leftist agenda. No one wants to read the press' libera, regressive atenda.

Now they are going out of business.

As John Nolte would say: "Enjoy the funemployment, Bitchez!"