Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Estrella TV es Las Noticias Corruptas con "Not So" Godinez

The Spanish Media hit a new low, and in Torrance CA of all places.

Another reason for me to be proud of my city of Torrance.

The news "reporter" Alberto Godinez insisted on pushing another crappy "anti-immigrant" narrative.

It was pretty sad. 

He even claimed on live TV that Torrance had decided not to be a sanctuary city.

Torrance never was, and there was no discussion about whether Torrance would actually be a sanctuary city.

Residents of the city and individuals who support enforcement of our immigration laws had attended the meeting in order to show our appreciation to the city of Torrance because they officially oppose SB 54!

Check out how We the People exposed in this video:

Check out the heading for this video on Estrella:

Les comparto esto nota porque el gruposupremacista blanco Quisieron intimidarme y decirme cómo hacer mi trabajo y eso no se lo permito a ningún PAYASO (por no decir la otra palabra)


I share this note because the white gruposupremacista [sic] wanted to intimidate me and tell me how to do my job and that will not allow any clown (not to say the other word)

Let me tell you what nonsense this is. "White supremacists?" Notice the spelling error because he could not even separate the terms.

This man is a total liar. He called Elsa Aldeguer a "White Supremacist."" The woman was bornin El Salvador! She is as "brown" as it gets, if one looks only at skin color, which is precisely what Godinez was doing.

"Intimidated"? More like we found him to be quiet entertaining--but a liar nonetheless.

Elsa Aldeguer, in the middle!
Latina for Trump!
Once again, I applaud Elsa for the courage of her convictions to call out the corrupt Spanish language press!


  1. what a punch of pendejos with press passes! LOL

  2. Citizens won today? LOL You are as mediocre and as deplorable as your Cheetos president.

  3. At least the "reporter" on Telemundo 52 didn't call you guys white's too bad Univision couldn't make it! Keep giving them hell Arthur!