Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ted Cruz: Time to End Sanctuary Cities

Fellow Conservative Patriot,

It’s been almost two years since Kate Steinle was murdered on a San Francisco pier – allegedly by an illegal alien who had just been released from a local jail.
While Ms. Steinle’s life was cut short by her murderer (she was just 32) on July 1, 2015, the crime was set in motion weeks earlier, when San Francisco became a “sanctuary city” and issued a memo that eliminated communication about illegal aliens with federal authorities.
That’s why I am leading the charge in the Senate to crack down on “sanctuary cities.”

American laws should protect American citizens, NOT violent predators who have no right to be in the USA!
The problem is there are too many radical mayors (not just in San Francisco, but also New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and literally dozens more from coast to coast!) who are beholden to left-wing interest groups, do NOT respect American sovereignty.
They are ordering their police departments NOT to turn over illegal aliens to federal authorities.
How many more innocent people will be robbed, assaulted or even killed before “sanctuary city” mayors wake up? 
Enough is enough!  The American people need to rise up, put a stop to this kind of lawlessness and deal with the crime wave that began when President Obama swung open our borders to millions of illegals from Mexico, El Salvador and points beyond.
For Liberty,
Ted Cruz 

P.S. I am doing everything I can in the Senate to crack down on “sanctuary cities.”  But I am only one senator.  And frankly, this problem can’t be solved in Washington. It needs to be solved in the very cities across our country where violent illegal aliens are being protected from deportation by out-of-control mayors.
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